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Xeno Redbringer [ready] 3181409_1363640752746.98res_450_262 Xeno Redbringer [ready] A3aa96e19ed6137e18b94973eb994b9e

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ***
Agility - ***
Toughness -***
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Xeno (pronounced Zee-no) Redbringer
Alias(es): Freak, Alien, monster.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: October 9th
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 50kg
Hair: White, No seriously, like, pure white
Eyes: Black scalera with Golden iris'

General Appearance: Xeno, a tall young man of the palest of complexions. Like paper white pale. His pure white hair color and strange, slightly disturbing, eyes set him apart from most people. He often wears a white hoodie with black markings on the right side of the hood, which is longer than the left side so it covers his right side of his face. If, for some reason, somebody coaxed him out of his hoodie, or spied on him showering, they would find a very handsome body with a single scar. An X-shaped scar over his heart. It's been noticed that his strange eyes seem to glow eerily in the darkness.

Personality: Xeno as a young boy experienced a lot of hate, mostly because of his bizarre appearance. He experienced little love from his parents, who in fact openly despised him on multiple occasions. Because of this Xeno finds it hard to admit to a person he likes them, or even approach a person at all. Not for lack of trying however. He is genuinely a nice person, with a good, normal sense of humor. His appearance always puts a spanner in the works, so to speak, making most people avoid or hate him. He has an idea of love however and feels that it should be cherished forever. This is the reason he fights, to protect the feeling of belonging. And should he happen to fall in love himself? Oh well...

In battle his personality changes dramatically however, switching to a sadistic bordering on insane personality. Even he doesn't know the reason for this, as outside of battle he knows he cares for people and his surroundings, whilst in battle he fights for the thrill of fighting. For Xeno, engaging in battle is like switching his MORAL switch to off mode and setting him loose on somebody. Once a battle is over his personality also swaps back into his nice, friendly one.


  • Friendly people: For Xeno, friendly people are often few and far between, and the ones he meets must be cherished and protected.
  • Magical power: Feeling the power flow through his veins is incredible for Xeno. Like it or not, he was a magic addict, if that makes sense?
  • Other mages magic: Xeno has had a fascination with different magics for a while now and has learnt much about the common ones.


  • His battle personality: In battle, Xeno can catch glimpses of his actions and is surprised he only has one scar. Why is he such a beserker in battle?
  • Ignorance: Having been a victim for a while now, Xeno can't stand seeing someone else suffering like he mostly did.
  • Shadow heart: A guild that makes excuses for hurting people. That really pisses Xeno off for some reason.


  • The broken, the beaten and the damned: Xeno wants to help people that suffer like he did. Nobody should have to go through the hatred of the people ever again in his mind.
  • Fairy tail: For the guild that accepted him despite all of his faults, Xeno would gladly die. To keep all of it's members safe he would sell his soul to the devil.


  • Hatred: The hatred of the human race is a strong and terrifying thing. He knows the only way to combat hatred though, is with love.
  • Rejection: all people fear rejection, but for somebody so different and so hated it's worse than death.

Occupation: Guild Mage

  • Father (Paul Redbringer): Deceased
  • Mother (Janette Redbringer): Deceased
  • Grandfather (Leon Redbringer): Deceased

Medical Conditions: The aforementioned split personality disorder.
Pets: A hawk that delivers letters and newspapers to him at the guild hall.
Hometown: The fairy tail guild hall or Hargeon town.

  • Murderer: He hasn't told anybody that he was the one that slaughtered his entire family.
  • Closet pervert: Xeno will never admit it, but behind his kind personality he is a massive pervert.

Xeno was born the son to the newlyweds Paul and Janette Redbringer of the wealthy Redbringer family. The two had been excited to hear that they were having a male heir, hoping to train their baby boy in all kinds of political warfare and sneakiness. So imagine their surprise when their baby came out looking like he had been bleached. Their "Perfect" heir was a monster in their eyes, so they would just be rid of him and have another child, right?

Wrong. It turned out Paul had some....problems, that would get in the way of any heir producing going on. So they were stuck with a monster for an heir. So they let human nature run its course, they hated him. They did anything they could to break his spirits from an early age, ranging from refusing to teach him anything to refusing to make physical contact with him. They even named him Xeno to spite him, with Xeno meaning foreigners or outsider. It was what they saw him as, what the whole family, servants and all saw him as.

Barring one. His grandfather, Leon, saw him as just another abandoned child and raised him as a father should, with care and attention. Leon taught Xeno to read and wright, to fight, to forgive. He taught Xeno never to stoop to the level of those who secluded him. All the while though, the two were being targeted for something big. It had been noticed that Xeno's magic levels were ridiculously high, bordering on A-class mage levels already, at the age of 7.

When he reached 15, he and his grandfather were targeted by the entire Redbringer family, Xeno's parents included. They had come to wipe Xeno out, believing him to be a demon of some kind, posing as their child. Leon fought valiantly to protect the both of them, being both a master swordsman and a great fire mage, wielding the purple flare. But in the end, Leon was only one man and fell to the onslaught of Redbringer servants. Watching his only friend and true family member killed in front of him broke something inside of Xeno in that moment. He broke, they died. One servant stalked towards him, intent on carving out his heart, everything went black.

He had unlocked his magic in the assassination attempt, his godlike reserves not so much flowing outwards as exploding outwards. He released a blast of magic so intense, so powerful, that it vaporized those closest to him, burning the rest and destroying the entire Redbringer estate. He slaughtered all of them in an insane glee. His usual happy personality seemingly disintegrating by the second. He saved his parents for last, if barely, and reduced them to nothingness in each others arms.

The Redbringer incident had been major news for sometime, since the war had only just ended. Xeno had gotten away unnoticed, nobody needed to know he was the last Redbringer. He had made his way to the recuperating fairy tail at the urging of anyone willing to speak to him. He had spilt most of his story to the fairy tail guild master, leaving out only the brutal murder part of his story. He had expected to be turned away, only to find the guild welcome him with open arms.

He spent a while helping them recover before leaving to gain control over his stupidly high magic reserves, only to come back to find a guild under siege. Without thinking he rushed into the fray. Only to find the attackers gone. Well, at least he could help with repairs, right?

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Right side of his face, red. (Note: almost always covered by his hood.
Magic: Pure power magic.
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Technically, Pure power magic isn't a magic at all. Rather, Xeno's reserves are so high he cannot learn a magic type and control it. Instead he releases pure waves of magical power, or molds it into a beam. He can control magic at it's purest form but cannot change it into an elemental form. His magic is used for mainly attacking or creating a shield of pure magic. His magic shows up as a crimson color instead of the normal blue.
Strengths: Pure magical energy has none of the weaknesses elemental magics have, like fire being weak to water and so on. It is also highly destructive, in a good way. The ultimate sword, capable of many different destructive things such as wide waves to small condensed beams. Xeno has worked hard to gain enough control to even condense his energy into a beam and is working on making it solid. It is theoretically possible to create items out of pure energy, but he has nowhere near enough control yet.
Weaknesses: While pure magic has no weaknesses, it also has no strengths either. It isn't stronger against fire like water is, nor is it easy to control. Wide arching waves of destructive goodness are easy to release, but small beams take some kind of concentration. There is also a limit to the amount of magic a body can handle. Just because you have godlike magic reserves doesn't mean your body can handle it. At large amounts of energy Xeno's body starts breaking down, unable to keep up with the pressure exerted on it.

RP Sample:
Xeno grunted as a wolf sunk its fangs into his arm. He had been up on this mountain, training for almost a year now in isolation. Not that he minded this time though because it was self imposed. He sent a wave of magic into the wolf and was rewarded with the sight of it's body being broken down from the inside. He shook his arm, feeling for breaks in the bone. None so far, that was good.

He spun to his left and swung his fist, coating it with magic to strengthen in. He launched another wolf off of the mountain and leapt into the air, raising his hands above his head and then swinging them down, sending a wide arc of power at the pack that had assaulted him in his camp. Most of them were blown away but some remained, snarling at him. He winced as something hit him in the back, sending him towards the snowy ground. How he wished he could fly at times like this.

He turned his gaze upwards to see the wolves retreating. Odd. He thought, Something must have spooked them. And spook them it did. There was a deafening screech and then some kind of growl. He turned to see some kind of horned creature with five angel wings. It was vaguely humanoid, so it was a demon. "This is not my day" He sighed before throwing his hands up in front of him, catching the fist of the creature. He cackled as his grip tightened, his magical energy swirling around his hand as he shattered the beasts fist.

It let out a loud cry, which was silenced by a thin wave of magical energy sliding cleanly through it's neck. Xeno giggled slightly before coming to, seeing the decapitated corpse in front of him.

He sighed, still so much work to do.

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Xeno Redbringer
Xeno Redbringer
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Xeno Redbringer [ready] Empty Re: Xeno Redbringer [ready]

Post by PatriotArrow on Fri Oct 17, 2014 5:19 pm

Everything looks good to go. Welcome to FTR!

As two quick side notes:

1. I'm going to have to change your name to match your character's, which will change your account login information. I'll wait until I hear from you to do it though so you don't get locked out accidentally.

2. Even though the app claims he has A-rank level potential, it should be noted that he'll be restricted to D-rank level power until he gets there.

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