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Post by Nero Yamazaki on Tue Oct 21, 2014 2:29 pm

Sooo, Nero's Inventory even though it's not too much right now:

A deck of Joker Cards that he uses

Deck of Cards in Category Order:

3 Defensive Cards

  • Shadow Spell Chain x2
  • Shift x1
  • Substitution x1

6 Offensive Cards

  • Impact: Joker's Finale x1
  • Firaga [Insert Weapon/Action here] x5
  • Lionet Explosion [Offensive Trap Card] x3
  • Thundaga Rain x5
  • Earth Shaker x5
  • Abysmal Blast x3

4 Summon Cards

  • God Rank: Divine Ragnarok Dragon of the Acolyte's x1
  • Gold Rank: Hellfire Dragon of the Acolyte's x1
  • Silver Rank: Ice Dragon of the Acolyte's x2
  • Silver Rank: Acolyte- Maiden of White Light x2

3 Support Cards

  • Card Dimension x1
  • Multiply x1
  • Rusk Recklessly x2

3 Item/Equip Cards

  • Steel Fist Draco-Knuckle x2
  • Steel Fist Draco-Grieves x2
  • White Dragon Blade of the Acolyte's x1
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