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Walter DeGrall

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[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - **
Agility - ***
Toughness - **
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - ****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Walter DeGrall
Alias(es): None yet
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: October 1st
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5”9’
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Emerald Eyes

General Appearance: Walter is a skinny twig of a man with hardly any muscle on his body. He is, by nature, a book worm, and it shows. In addition he likes to wear brighter colors and white. He does, however, have a darker jacket that he wears when he’s out and about, even on warmer days. Blue or black jeans are always present, along with either black shoes or, when on a longer mission, black boots. His hair is always loose and unkempt, which is a stark and drastic change compared to how organized he usually is. He can almost always be seen with random books that have caught his attention, which can give him a rather laid back appearance.

Personality: A beacon of hope in a dark and cold world. That’s what Walter likes to see himself as. He saves people with knowledge, bandages, and often times just a little magic. He always puts others first, even when it’s harmful to him, and is often very dedicated when he sets out to do something. He has a strong sense of justice, but feels it isn’t his place to condemn people. His job and joy in life is healing.

He is a very patient person. He has seen heartache and been witness to how death changes people, not always for the better. If it wasn’t his fault, he is a stalwart wall, able to withstand almost any emotions. He prides himself on being a calm voice of reason in what’s often otherwise rough storms. Loyalty is an important trait he not only displays, but expects from those around him.

That’s not to say he’s without his negatives. He’s often so focused on others that he loses track of himself. Without realizing it, he may have gone an entire day without eating, sleep might become lacking, and the only way to let out stress is with some self medicating with alcohol. That’s not to say he’s an alcoholic, but he does use it when he can’t let off steam.

Life: Walter loves all life, even bugs. He places a great value on life, and strives to make sure it can thrive wherever he goes. Human life is doubly important, because living people can make choices and help other people more than he can sometimes.

Knowledge: Walter loves learning. Most of the time, he fills this capacity with books. But getting to talk to older, knowledgeable people is also a great way to learn things. And he’s always up for learning the odd tidbits even if they’re never useful.

Coffee: Black, with sugar, or some strange flavor of coffee. He’s an addict to coffee thanks to his long hours taking care of patients. He can function without a morning cup of coffee, but he prefers not to. He also drinks it when he’s stressed, though he knows it has the opposite of the desired effect.

Violence: Walter understands that violence is sometimes required to keep the peace. However, he detests it. And he hates those that revel in it. People who enjoy fighting hurt people, often killing them, or hurting them beyond healing. It’s a despicable act to destroy the living so needlessly.

Sports: He’s not physically active, despite being a council paladin. He spends his time trying to improve his ability to save people. So for him, anything sporty like is a waste of time that he could have spent bettering himself.

Sour food: Something about it just doesn’t sit right with him. It’s not something he’s ever liked, nor does he feel like he’ll ever ‘acquire’ a taste for sour foods.

Healing the world: It is Walter’s truest desire to change the world. Right now it’s a dark place where everyone hates everyone else and there is no peace. But he wants to change that. He seeks to heal the world of the wounds that drive it to turn on itself, so that there are fewer people hurt.

To live a higher life: Growing up poor, Walter always felt like he missed out. Making some semblance of wealth and having a home of his own, maybe even with a family, is a long term dream he hopes to accomplish. If nothing else, he dreams big.

Death: Not his own, but other people. He’s afraid that the people he tries to heal will die on the table or in his arms. Even more terrifying to him is if they’re someone close to him. He’s afraid he won’t be good enough, and that constantly drives him.

His Father: Long dead, his father’s legacy haunts him. His father betrayed the council to Valland and was subsequently executed. However, the dishonor his family suffered weighs on his mind. And he’s afraid people will not only find out, but judge him for it.
Occupation: Council Squire, training to be a Paladin
Father: Henry DeGrall - Deceased
Mother: Laura DeGrall
Medical Conditions: Walter is a healthy young man.
Pets: None
Hometown Era
Walter’s father in general is a secret he doesn’t talk about. As explained in his fears, he doesn’t want to be judged as a traitor and untrustworthy because of his father.

His stress drinking is also a secret. It’s technically illegal at his age, but he needs an outlet when things get too much.

Walter was born into a rather well to do family. It was that peaceful time before the war, and his family had a long history of serving in the magic council in one capacity or another. So he grew up immersed in family history, stories of good deeds and people helped.

His life was fairly normal as far as things in life. No diseases, no sudden drastic change. He grew up, learning how to live life the entire time. He was, however, an only child. He was constantly told how he was lucky to have been born, since his mother appeared to be infertile.

Life changed when the war came crashing down. He was 13 when it started, and his father was one of the first to make their way to the front line. He didn’t hear much from his father after that. It was a year later when he heard about his father. It turned out he’d turned traitor and helped Valland invade deeper into Fiore.

He became confused, and more than a little lost. He had loved his father, and said father was executed according to the letter they got. On top of that, with him gone, their tie to the family was cut off. Blaming Walter’s mother, they were quickly without a home. For the next year he spent it working little odd jobs and soul searching.

When the war ended, and people were stuck with the aftermath, he finally realized what he needed, and wanted, to do. He wanted to fix it all… fix what his father had done. To fix it all so people didn’t have to end up like him. So he began studying medicine from what books survived the war. A year later he enrolled in the now reformed council as a medic.

He was dedicated to his studies, and was quickly a rising star among the recruits for that reason. To prepare for a possible second invasion, the council started taking recruits out for field training. Volunteer medics were few and far between, so Walter began getting a lot of field training.

On one mission, things changed. He was out in the field with his trainee squad when the crusaders struck. Members of his group were part of the Crusaders, and turned on those that wouldn’t join them. Wounded, but not dead, Walter got away and patched himself up. There was a two month window where he hid, healing people where he could and running when he was found. Eventually he ran into other Loyalists and was taken to their camp.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council - Paladin Loyalist
Guild Tattoo: Chest, over his heart.
Magic: Heaven’s Light
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Heaven’s Light, as the name implies, is a light based magic. However, Walter has taken a vow never to hurt a living being with it. In exchange for this vow, his supportive and healing capabilities are very strong. Using this magic, he can heal broken bones, mend deep gashes, and suppress or even cure diseases. He can defend attacks, and boost not only his own, but other people’s attributes. This magic also allows him to, at higher ranks, to fly and to take on wounds other people have.

Strengths: Heaven’s Light allows Walter’s allies to push themselves beyond their normal limits. A fallen ally on the battlefield can be mended and get back into the fight. A struggling ally can get a burst of strength to overpower their opponent. Shields can block oncoming attack. It also has some utility, giving him flexibility in a tough situation. He's also able to see beyond people's skin and see how they're doing in a vague sense by looking at their aura.

Weaknesses: Absolutely no offensive capability makes Walter extremely vulnerable if he’s targeted in combat. Dodging and blocking only gets you so far when you can’t strike back. Additionally, healing actually takes time. It’s not some instantaneous patch job. He can maintain temporary patches on a person, or dull pain. But at the end of the day he’ll have to spend minutes, or even hours healing people. And sustaining power on other people is rather draining. To top that off, at higher levels, while he can instantly transfer wounds, that means he’s taking on their pain, their wounds, and can subsequently incapacitate himself.

RP Sample:
A sigh escaped the lips of a tired man, leaning on a tree. A half empty mug of coffee sat next to his sleepy form. It was early morning, and he’d just woken up after getting only a few hours of sleep. His body protested, demanding more sleep. Instead, he grabbed the mug and took a large sip of the lukewarm, bitter liquid.

Setting it back down, his mind flashed back to the previous night. There was no saving some of those men and women that were now covered in the tent. His magic wasn’t strong enough to fix the internal organs. He still blamed himself though. Had he not saved more lives than he lost, he might be more in the dumps.

Getting thank yous as he walked out of the tent was probably the main thing. He wasn’t in it for gratitude, but gratitude from the people he saved did wonders for his spirits. It was a verbal and physical manifestation of what he’d saved. That positive, good spirited nature of humanity. He pushed himself up and stretched with a yawn. Wounds and illness didn’t rest, and so neither would he. He grabbed up his mug and tucked his book against his side.

Username: Maxus

Face Claim: Shiranui Kazuki Starry☆Sky~

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