Lissandra Chikaru [Finished]

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Lissandra Chikaru [Finished]

Post by Lissandra Chikaru on Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:02 pm

Lissandra Chikaru

Power *
Agility **
Toughness *****
Intelligence **
Willpower *****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Lissandra Chikaru
Alias(es): Lissa
Gender: Female
Age: 21 years
Birthday: 28.09
Sexuality: Somewhat bisexual.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 122 lbs
Hair: Blond or light gold.
Eyes: Light red.

General Appearance: Lissandra is a slim girl with long blonde hair. Lissandra is fitter and healthier than ever in her life, although she almost looks a bit weak but is a bit tougher than most people might expect on first sight. Her blonde hair is usually a bit messy and she ties her hair into two smaller bangs with thin black pieces of cloth.  She often wears a simple turquoise dress, a pair of black gloves, simple turquoise feminine shoes and long black socks. Lissandra wears no jewelry or any type of accessories other than her gloves. Her skin still shows very light blue marks at spots where her skin had been damaged by magic in the past, but they are often very hard to spot and most people only notice them if they know what they are looking for, especially her back has lots of these scars that look a bit like she was hit by lightning.

Personality: On the surface Lissandra seems like a very average girl as none of her traits stand out in a simple conversation to a stranger. She isn’t overly extroverted and keeps conversations to strangers to a functional minimum unless they have in interest to prolong it and she is genuinely curious to know more about the person in front of her. During an extended conversation though it becomes rather obvious that she is rather clumsy with people as she lacks the experience and simple knowledge of what is considered to be polite or adequate and also generally suffers to name certain feelings or fully understand what they mean yet. It is certainly different from person to person if this kind of behavior is considered annoying or cute. Lissandra´s facial expressions often don’t match how she really feels and if she had a real weakness that she wasn’t too proud of herself it would probably be that she quickly falls back to simple lies if a situation asks too much of her, while she usually doesn’t mean to be rude if people notice those lies. She usually tries to be helpful and considered of other people, although she is nowhere near as selfless as some other guild members as she is pretty new to the family of Fairy Tail and is most likely still more selfish or focused on her own goals than some other members.
On the inside Lissandra is almost a completely different person that is still heavily traumatized from her past and a lot of memories that she tends to ignore rather than trying to cope with them. Lissandra is still very dependent on the people around her as she had lived most of her life around people who took care of her in almost every way. She seems to struggle with the sudden freedom she was pushed into and often times is too afraid to do things that are unknown to her or most of the time simply overlooking opportunities. Lissandra can become pretty aggressive or violent if she gets pressured into situations that are uncomfortable to her and very easily loses control or scope of her actions and words directed at people or objects. Lissandra has a hard time explaining those moments and often feels that she is more of a danger to other people than a friend. Lissandra has deep trust issues and while she might easily make very basic friendships she has hard time to convert these into really deep relationships as she sometimes wrongfully expects that people might stab her in the back once she opens up or are just not interested.
Likes: Lissandra enjoys stories or legends of all kinds and just reads a lot if she gets the opportunity to do so.  She isn’t very picky with what she gets as she was never used to too much choice and enjoys everything she gets her hands on even if it might be full of clichés or horribly predictable. Lissandra has a deep love for the Grand Magic Games as it is one of the few very positive memories of her childhood. She just enjoys the display of magic or different guilds clashing to become the number one and take the title of the strongest guild in Fiore. Those friendly skirmishes just deeply fascinated her, although back then she had no hope of ever participating in the event since it was thought that she just couldn’t wield any type of simple magic. Lissandra also enjoys all kinds of food and isn’t hesitant to try new stuff, since for a long time she didn’t have much variation in her diet, which didn’t have much taste to begin with.
Dislikes: Lissandra hates people that try to pressure her or just don’t know the meaning of the word 'no' or 'distance' as she can’t really handle people that are very persistent. She is also not very fond of Dark Guilds in anyway as she has experienced how powerful magic can be if it is used for evil and how it can even harm people that were nowhere near powerful to decide their own fate at this point. She also hates it when people keep grudges and can’t just talk about why they are angry. Lissandra dislikes too critical people that can’t be happy no matter how much they get or always have something to argue about. She isn’t really interested in fashion or jewelry.
Motivations: One of Lissandra’s biggest motivations is to participate in the Grand Magic Games at some point in her life and not just be a spectator. Maybe even win them with her guild. She generally strives to become more powerful so she can at some point in her life find the wizards that were responsible for what happened to her parents and what they did to her tobring them to justice at all costs. Lissandra wants to fully unravel what happened in her past and why she was suddenly left behind or what the wizards maybe learned from their experiments, even how this wizard acquired the resources to sustain such a facility in the first place and if it had other prisoners like her that were submitted to similar experiments.
Fears: Lissandra fears that she might again lose control over her magic and probably even hurt people around her if she can’t properly keep it in check. She is also hesitant to meet the wizard that killed her parents again, even if she wants to take revenge, Lissandra fears that she is either still too weak or that she might not get want she want from it and she will probably never fully get over what happened to her. She also fears that she might uncover secrets that would put her into even greater danger or would put pressure on the guild and therefore affect other people’s lives in a negative way, maybe even cause harm to them, which is what she wants to avoid at all costs. Lissandra fears that she might never repay the people that were kind to her and even fail or just disappoint them.
Occupation: Fairy Tail Guild Mage
Family: Lissandra’s only family was killed when she was young. She never had any siblings. It is very possible that some of her more distant relatives like uncles or aunts are still alive and well, but she hasn’t heard of any of them in over 10 years and has a hard time even remembering their names.
Medical Conditions: Lissandra’s medical condition has been mostly stable in the last weeks as she seemed to slowly recover from past tribulations. Lissandra however is still nowhere near being emotionally stable and has a lot of things that she isn’t completely ready to cope with yet. She suffers from partial memory loss on certain occasions, especially if she either snaps under pressure or falls back into flashback. If she regains some of these memories she usually has a hard time to distinguish if they are just nightmares or really happened.
Pets: She doesn’t own any pets and for now has no real interest to own something she had to take great care for in the near future as Lissandra is busy dealing with other things.
Hometown: For the time being she considers Magnolia her home as it is the place where she feels most comfortable and safe. She still has a deep connection to Crocus, although she has no real home left there anymore.
Secrets: Lissandra has nightmares pretty much every day sometimes or flashbacks when she is awake. She tries to hide them behind excuses as they can be quite different in intensity, ranging from just trembling like she was cold to being very apathetic almost seeming somewhat disconnected from the world like she was daydreaming or in deep thoughts. She lies on a regular base when people ask her about her past or her family, making up stuff on the fly that sometimes contradicts each other, excusing it with a poor memory or just being clumsy in her choice of words.

Lissandra was born into a family that didn’t spur to many magic users in the past generations and the potential to even control magic seemed to have vanished three or four generations ago as no great wizards had ever been born into her family. Lissandra’s parents owned a small bakery in Crocus or more specific in the area close to the Coloseum in which the Grand  Magic Games are held. In her young years Lissandra didn’t seem to show any potential to wield or control magic and seemed to be of best health. Lissandra was the only child in her family and had no brothers or sisters.
Around the age of five or six years Lissandra slowly seemed to get sicker and weaker every day, although her body seemed to be fine it was obvious that something put her body through great stress. Normal doctors were clueless and unable to explain what caused the little girl this much harm since she didn’t show any of the usual symptoms like fever, sneezing or indicators that her immune system was busy fighting a virus or bacteria of any kind. The doctors disregarded the possibility that it might have something to do with magic, since Lissandra’s magical energy would have been far above average of what was common in the family to even remotely cause some of these effects. Almost a year Lissandra was submitted to different tonics or medicaments to raise her vitality or cure her condition. Only some of them showed limited success for a very short period with their strengthening properties, but nothing seemed to cure her condition that seemed to be getting worse every day. It was at this time that some veins under her skin seemed to glow light blue before the skin tore open at these places, leaving minor yet painful wounds.
Lissandra was taken to some different doctors that finally diagnosed the cause of her troubles and pains. Lissandra’s magical potential seemed far greater than the almost non-existent potential of her parents, but unlike other wizards she seemed to be lacking the natural way or reflex to control it. While her body could cope with the effects of this phenomena at a very young age, it seemed that the growing level of unbound magic energy inside her began to attack her body and harming it from the inside, raising the stress on her body to heal itself until it hit the point where it could no longer keep up, while her power naturally increased as she got older. It was obvious that Lissandra would die if she didn’t found a way to control the magic inside her. She was submitted to a special teacher that tried to teach her how to use magic, but the at this point Lissandra was so weak and plagued with aggravating pains that she just didn’t found a way a control it at such a young age. Lissandra’s condition caught the eyes of many doctors or researchers, but none of them were able to help her, until one approached the family that wanted to take Lissandra to a special lab somewhere outside the city. Being hopeless and out of options Lissandra’s parents accepted the offer and took her to a facility somewhere far off every known path. It was at this point that the wizard revealed his real intentions. His interest wasn’t to heal Lissandra, but rather to research her condition and just use her as very unique guinea pig. When Lissandra’s parents refused to submit her daughter to those barbaric and probably more painful and frightening experiments and rather have her die a peaceful death at home if her condition got to worse, the wizard had both of them killed right in front of her eyes in a horrible fashion since they were nowhere near able to defend themselves against the powerful wizard. Lissandra was brought into a cell, which would become her home for the next years. Still traumatized from the death of her parents and the loss of the only persons she really knew Lissandra`s life took a turn for the worse as she was submitted to various inhuman experiments just to research her unique condition. Most of them were usually painful as the researches tried to amplify the magical power inside her, force-fed her full and empty Lacrima,tried to someone drain the energy inside her to use it in some way or to turn her into a magical bomb. It was obviously torture and because Lissandra was still very weak she had no way to fight back, while her caretakers made sure to push her into submission. Lissandra was still too young to fully understand why she was so unique or why she had to suffer through this that seemed to be focused to either turn her or her condition into a weapon. Lissandra was methodically kept alive so the researches could gather as much data as they could from her while slowly escalating those experiments over almost 13 years. Escaping was simply impossible because of her condition that made her whole life very dependent on others as had to rest a lot to even be able to move a bit or do other things. Until one day she came closer to death than she even wished and even her treatments had a hard time to keep her alive. On the next day though her cell door was wide open as she woke up without any explanation and almost with her last breath Lissandra found the station completely empty and even partly destroyed with some of her “caretakers” lifeless bodies scattered around on the floor, who had been murdered in a very violent way. Lissandra decided to drag herself out of the facility, but collapsed as she felt her magical energy violently rampaging inside her and without the usual medicine and magic that would sustain her, she knew that she would either die or have to control it in some way. Remembering the times where she had watched the Grand Magic Games with her parents and the stories she came by in her cell she began to understand that she had to give her magic a form or an identity to control the energy that tore her body apart, but it wasn’t the first time she had tried to do that. In an act of desperation since no of her other ideas seemed to work she accepted that her magic might not have an identity and that she had to somehow find a way the feeling, reflex or whatever it was that she was missing. Under great pain she desperately tamed the magic inside her. Still suffering from horrendous wounds her eyes became heavy as she saw a pair of feet approaching her before she feel unconscious.
Almost a week later she awoke again in a warm and welcoming room. It seemed that the master of Fairy Tail, Ranor Taiga, had found her on his way back from a meeting and had taken her to Magnolia to take care of her wounds. Lissandra having lost her home for the second time decided to stay and join Fairy Tail as a magician to repay her debt and to finally start an independent life for the first time.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: On the left side of her neck.

Magic: Shapeless Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster-type magic
Description: Shapeless Magic is a very unique form of magic that has no real identity to it and there for isn’t part of any element like fire or water. It has a light blue, almost turquoise color that is pretty similar to the color of a simple Lacrima, used for a street post or a fire place. Shapeless Magic is most similar to a very caster heavy Maker magic, like Ice Make Magic, and mostly resolves around creating objects of magical energy that is very similar to how magical energy is stored in Lacrima. Spells of this type of magic usually consist of magical missiles, beams, seals to guide or bundle the flow of magical energy, simple chains, weapons, orbs or blocks. The control of the flow is of utmost important to this magic since, unbound or uncontrolled magical energy can behave pretty violent or unpredictable and even harm the wielder if it explodes to close to her. Dragon Slayers usually get the same sickness if they consume shapeless magic as if they would consume a Lacrima of an undefined type of magical energy. It is unknown how Shapeless Magic reacts to certain special magical resistances. The magic usually combines gestures and simple words to activate certain spells, although the wielder usually has the freedom to create different patterns of flow to alter spells or create new ones. Shapeless Magic is mostly a destructive magic and only has few supportive tools.
Strengths: The biggest strength of Shapeless Magic is that is has no clear identity and has no element attached to it. This means that it is usually unaffected by environmental conditions like heat and for example a cube of Shapeless Magic cannot be burned by a normal fire. It is there unaffected by certain properties of those elemental types of magic. The power of Shapeless Magic is very closely bound to the magical energy of the wielder as it usually converts energy in a one to one ratio and there for grows with the level of magical power that the wielder can bring up. A natural feel for the flow of magic and concentration are key elements that can increase the power of Shapeless Magic in the same way as it can decrease it if said focus or sense is currently not available. It seems that Shapeless Magic naturally evolves with its wielder and is bound to their limits to some degree. Shapeless Magic can empower Lacrima that have run out of magic and has a high synergy with those blue stones.
Weaknesses: Shapeless Magic’s biggest strength is also one of its biggest weaknesses. Since it has no element to it, Shapeless Magic is unable to recreate elemental properties or magic. This means that the wielder is unable to cast flames in any shape or form or copy the heat that naturally comes with those flames. On a similar note the wielder might be able to create a fluid substance of magical energy, but unlike water it wouldn’t be able to conduct electricity, make clothes wet or offer a certain protection to being torched by flames. While Shapeless Magic might be unaffected by normal fire or water it still clashes with magically created elements or in fact the very magical energy that those flames are made of. Missiles of Shapeless Magic can there for be blocked by for example fire wall created with Fire Make Magic. A curios element of Shapeless Magic is that is always clashes with the magical power of said elemental objects. While a huge snowball might pass through a wall of fire if it isn’t completely melted in the process, Shapeless Magic is unable to do this, unless the power of a missile punches a hole into fiery wall simple because it overpowers the wall at this certain point. Shapeless Magic is definitely not very friendly to its user and requires concentration to use or the magical energy could hurt its wielder if it explodes or in other ways gets set loose or unbound. It is very hard to cloak Shapeless Magic, this means that people with a certain feeling for magic can easily detect the wielder even at greater distance or through a wall, although those people usually just feel an unspecific source of magic running around or just being present.

RP Sample:
[Post describes the moment, when Lissandra awakes and finds the door of her cell wide open.]

Lissandra’s eyes felt heavy when she slowly opened them after just falling unconscious again or rather falling asleep without really noticing it. It was a situation she was too familiar with ever since she had become so weak that she slept most of the day, because the strain on her body was too much for her to handle and her strength was barely enough to carry her through the experiments and hours of being awake, while always suffering from pains that were either lasting for hours or came in short and intensive bursts. Lissandra rolled to the side and pushed her body up a bit slowly examining her surroundings, not that they were any different than over 10 years ago, when she was thrown in here for the first time. In her dizzy state she almost didn’t notice that the door was wide open, but she neither saw a wizard in her room nor could she hear one outside. Did they really forget to lock her door or were they just taunting Lissandra because she was nowhere near strong enough to escape this facility and reach the next town? She would probably die in the days after her escape since the magic and the medicaments she was treated with was what kept her alive in the first place. Lissandra slowly pushed herself out of the bed and stumbled over to the open door while pressing her hand against the wall to support her stand a bit.  It was quiet to quiet for a normal day as she looked down hallway which was empty although she noticed something in the shadows at the end of the corridor. Her vision was still a little bit blurry so Lissandra got closer to further inspect it. She fell to her knees in shock as she noticed that she was looking at the feet of a dead wizard with a huge wound in his chest, which had ended his life in a very bloody fashion. As Lissandra looked around the corner she noticed more bodies and also significant damage to the hallway as she could see the sun shining through the cracks in the wall. Whatever happened here had been horrible, although somehow Lissandra had been spared, almost forgotten it seemed. It was strange that she suddenly felt like crying and a few tears ran down her cheek. She hated those people so why did she feel sorry or even sad? She hated this place so why was she angry to seen it torn up like this? Maybe it was just the feeling of being left behind or not being cared for. Lissandra began to slowly realize that there was a real chance she could join those unfortunate wizards and became desperate following her first instinct to run even if she really couldn’t go very fast. Her heart was already racing when she stepped outside the building for the first time in over 10 years almost falling down the few stairs left into the sand-like dirt that surrounded the facility. Lissandra collapsed as she had already reached her limit and wondered if after all these years, if this would be how she would die. Maybe just maybe joining her parents fate wasn’t too bad...

Username: Kanra
Face Claim: Tina Sprout - Black Bullet
Lissandra Chikaru
Fairy Tail D
Fairy Tail D

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Re: Lissandra Chikaru [Finished]

Post by PatriotArrow on Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:26 pm

Approved! In the future, try to add a bit of spacing in so it's a bit easier on the eyes. I like all the work you put into this though!

Happy RP'ing and welcome to Fairy Tail!


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