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Cerys Whitman XrXwX2N

Power - ****
Agility - ****
Toughness - **
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Cerys Whitman
Alias(es): Hell Butterfly
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: April 4th
Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 134 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Baby blue

General Appearance: Standing at five feet nine inches, Cerys is a tall young woman with fair skin and short, neat black hair. She’s relatively skinny, but has an athletic build. Her eyes are a bright, almost baby blue, though when she is using her magic they turn to a crimson color instead. When accessing the higher levels of her magic, the whites of her eyes seem to turn black.

Cerys doesn’t like wearing long pants, instead electing for shorts (Especially denim ones) when she can, or less commonly, a dress or skirt. She also favors t-shirts, often dark ones. She is almost always seen wearing a jacket, and owns both a blue one, and a short-sleeved green jacket.

When using her magic, Cerys’ magic often forms what seem to be butterfly-like wings on her back, of a color and look that many swear could be blood.


Friendly - Cerys is actually quite friendly if one takes the time to talk to her. She’s not the most talkative person, but she’ll rarely refuse to talk to someone, especially members of her own guild.

Confident - Where many people might be cocky, Cerys is firmly grounded in the ‘confident’ category. She’ll rarely brag, but she definitely believes in her own abilities. That said, if she feels she is outmatched, she’ll either retreat or change her strategy until she has a way to defeat her opponent.

Secretive - Cerys is a friendly woman, but she’s not an open book. She refuses to speak about her magic, as well as much of her past. Those who know her might find things out over time, but she doesn’t exactly advertise why she has such sinister magic.

Protective - Cerys’s friends and guildmates are incredibly important to her. She would do anything to make sure they were safe from those who would harm them, no matter how risky.

Athletic - Cerys has a rather athletic lifestyle. She knows a wizard should rely on more than her magic, and strives to be able to take care of herself and others even without having to use her magic. Plus, sitting still isn’t her style. She might be smart, but she’s hardly a bookish type.

Intelligent - Cerys is a talented strategist and well-learned for someone her age. While she is still considered relatively young, she has spent whatever time she could spare learning about the world around her, both the obvious, and that which is hidden from mortal eyes.

Gambler - Cerys isn’t much of a gambler in a life or death situation (most of the time), but she is when there’s money involved. She can’t help but take a bet in the hopes that she’ll earn some nice jewels to line her pockets.


Blood - This is an unusual like, sure, but Cerys knows the power hidden within one’s life force, and enjoys the strength it brings.

Caves - Cerys enjoys exploring caves and cave-like areas. Something about the unknown draws her in, and she enjoys finding what she can inside, even if it’s just tunnels.

Gambling - Cerys loves gambling when lives aren’t on the line. She has had a history with gambling establishments in the past, and despite losing her jewels more than once, has a hard time not going back to them.


Meat - Cerys isn’t a fan of meat. She’ll eat eggs and the like to keep her protein up, but meats themselves generally stay away from her diet. This might seem weird considering her obsession with blood, but she doesn’t like the taste of meat very much.

Ignorance - Not so much in general like some people. Cerys dislikes when people don’t understand her magic and make assumptions. She is in perfect control, as far as she’s concerned.

Sleep - Cerys doesn’t sleep well. She has become accustomed to very little sleep, and it’s hardly noticeable unless one knows what to look for, but she has dreams that would make a grown man cry, and as a result doesn’t exactly rush to bed each night.


Strength - Cerys desires power. She doesn’t wish to have power over others, but she does desire to have the power to keep people safe or to punish those who would harm those she cares about.

Finding Love - Cerys is a romantic young woman at heart. She isn’t very good at handling relationships, however, and as a result hasn’t been very lucky in that department.


Losing Control - Cerys’s magic is fraught with risks by its very nature. For all the power blood magic brings, it has considerable weaknesses, including less endurance than some.

Open Doors - At night, Cerys makes sure every door around her is closed, as well as every drawer and cabinet. Ever since she was a child she has felt like she was being watched by creatures in the shadows, and leaving doors and drawers open only makes it easier.

Occupation: Guild Ace
Family: Cerys’s family is quite large, with her being the second youngest of seven girls. Her father, Richard, raised them all himself after their mom died in childbirth with her younger sister.
Medical Conditions: It isn’t exactly a medical condition, but the blood loss resulting from using her magic tends to make her feel weak after tough or protracted battles. She also seems
Pets: A raven known as Shadow
Hometown: Hargeon Town
Secrets: Cerys inherited a rare and nearly extinct magic that lets her access the hidden potential in her own blood. This ability is taken directly from lineage that could be traced to a fallen angel thousands of years ago, and only one person every few generations inherits such terrible and powerful abilities. Nearly everything revolving around her magic is a secret. She’s proud of the magic itself, but not necessarily the cost it has.


Early Life:
Cerys’s childhood was never boring. She lived along with her father and six sisters, most of which were less tomboyish than her. The four youngest girls shared a room, and she became both close to them, and used to the company of others. Cerys herself was always quite helpful, taking care of her younger sister and helping her father with chores, wishing to help relieve his stress.

Late Childhood:
Cerys’s later childhood only helped to reveal her father’s lack of knowledge about young girls. Though she was hardly an expert about growing female children, herself, Cerys did her best to help him, even going out of her way to read and learn things to help her give her father the help he needed, especially since her oldest sisters were teens already.

One day, while she was studying in the Fiore Library, she discovered a strange tome that looked older than the others in an old, unpopular section of the library. The tome itself contained strange and possibly forbidden secrets. The book ate away at her when she wasn’t trying to memorize it, compelling her to learn more and more about the magic within. It was almost as if the magic itself was trying to entice her, and since no one else knew, there was no one to stop her.

When she finished the tome, she found that she could no longer locate it. She was instead visited by a strange figure in the private corner of the library. Upon seeing him, she was driven to a strange frenzy, attacking him on sight with her newfound knowledge powering the magic she had within. The figure seemed to approve. Not only that, he promised to help her curb the strange new desires she had for his blood. in exchange, he would owe her a favor in the future. He didn’t name the favor, and young Cerys didn’t have a choice.

Shortly after, Cerys joined Blue Pegasus, signing up in order to help master her magic in a place that was safer than being so close to her sisters and father.

Guild Life:
It was lonely at Blue Pegasus. Cerys didn’t even have a roommate for a long time, and she was so very used to being surrounded by girls, specifically ones she was related to. Of course, without the distractions of siblings to take care of, Cerys needed a new goal, which became taking care of her new guildmates once she was strong enough. Though many found her disturbing (her magic wasn’t exactly befitting of a stereotypically ‘fancy’ guild), those who got to know her eventually saw how helpful and protective she was, and the girl gained in popularity and strength quickly.

During her time in the guild, Cerys found that her magic carried even more risks than she had ever imagined. The darkness in her blood hungered for more power, and there was a strange rush she felt when she gained blood from others. Simply by being in contact with blood from other sources, she was able to heal and gain even greater power.

When she was struggling to contain her power again, Cerys was approached by the same mysterious figure. He charged her with a job, one that involved the deaths of several figures whose names were contained on a mysterious scroll she was handed. With little choice and a growing sense of hunger, Cerys obeyed... or rather, she almost did. The blood mage tracked down the first man, discovering he had a wife and kids. Despite being nearly a monster and barely in control at that point, she managed to fight off the urge, instead turning on the mysterious figure who had followed her there. She attacked him, and he retreated. Despite scaring the man half to death, Cerys regained control with the last of her willpower. She has since decided she can control the urges, but they are most certainly there, clouding her thoughts with occasional desires.

The Ace of Blue Pegasus:
With the risks inherent in the world now, Jora and the current ace of Blue Pegasus approached the girl, knowing someone with magic and resolve that would keep Jora’s children safe. Cerys gladly accepted, thanking the pair and promising to do her best. Though she is new, she takes her job seriously, searching for a way to keep both her guild, and their new allies, the Council Loyalists, safe, as well as protecting those who she finds to be in danger along the way.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Blue Pegasus
Guild Tattoo: Jade, on the right side of her stomach, just above her pants line.

Magic: Black Blood Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: With the power of Black Blood magic, Cerys gains incredible power at the cost of her own life essence. With it, she can create powerful offensive effects in order to overwhelm her opponents. Her blood magic uses her own blood, but also has the power to make use of the blood of others, especially when it comes to restoring her own health.
Strengths: Black Blood magic is extremely powerful, with its wielders able to create effects that deal damage at both close and long range. Cerys herself is quite talented at close-range attacks, using them to devastating effect in combat. That said, she is hardly deficient in the realm of ranged attacks either. Additionally, Cerys is able to heal her own wounds, though only by absorbing the blood of others. Cerys’s powers are truly terrible to behold, if you’re on the wrong side of course.
Weaknesses: For all its power, Cerys’s magic isn’t without its drawbacks. Cerys’s abilities generally cost her in her own blood, which can quickly tire her out from the weakness that comes with blood loss, unless she absorbs the blood of someone or something else to help offset it. In addition, Blood magic’s defense relies almost entirely in one’s self-buffs, rather than actual defensive measures. The greatest defense is a good offense with this magic, and if something can’t be deflected or overpowered, it’s best not to be hit at all.

RP Sample:
There was something odd about this girl, that much was for sure. The cowering shopkeeper looked from his place behind his stall, unsure which person he should be scared of more: The Council member who had threatened to take his livelihood from him and his family if he didn’t cooperate, or the young woman with blood-red wings and inky black eyes who claimed to be protecting the man.

“You and your guild are traitors to Fiore!” the councilman shouted. “You will all pay, but for now, just arresting you will do.” He drew his pistol, taking aim at the woman who had introduced herself as Cerys. She only glared until he fired. Then, a crimson blade moved up, deflecting the bullet to her left as she moved forward. The dagger slammed into the Crusader Paladin, who cried out in pain as she pulled it out and kicked him away. The blood that spilled on her glowed with magic before disappearing. “You aren’t arresting anyone today. I suggest you leave, or that you take the time to write a letter to your loved ones. I can’t say I care which.”

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Face Claim: Kirishama Touka (Tokyo Ghoul)
Cerys Whitman
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Indeed I doth declareth thee approved. Thou mighst begin on the morrow. *Aways* Cerys Whitman 3308478446

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