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Post by Cerys Whitman on Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:43 pm

Magic: Explosion Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Explosion magic is actually a very simple form of magic at its core. With it, the user can cause things to, well, explode just as the name suggests. Users can add weight to their every punch with this magic, or even combine it with other spells to create interesting and powerful effects.
Strengths: The strengths of Explosion magic are mostly obvious. After all, when one is fighting, a well-placed explosion can certainly clear a room quickly. There are other, less subtle effects explosion magic has as well. For instance, It can be combined with other magic to create powerful effects a magic type might have been unable to do before. In Cerys’s case, the explosions can augment her blood magic in addition to giving her additional melee and ranged capabilities.
Weaknesses: Explosions don’t exactly discriminate. When using explosion magic, the user has to be careful not to catch their allies, innocents, or even themselves with a detonation. It can be used in more fine bursts, yes, but such explosions are usually smaller and more focused, rather than the devastating effects caused by much more flashy uses. Explosion magic has no ability to directly defend, and almost no ability to augment anything more than the damage its user can do. As a result, its users are often on the offensive in combat.

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