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Post by Yuuko Gozen on Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:49 am

Magic: Demon Hunter

Caster or Holder: Holder

Description: Demon hunter magic is a special magic created by Yuuko Gozen specifically to aid her in her crusade against the dark guilds and all that they stand for. The magic originates from the holder item which is a ring located on Yuuko's right finger. Upon activation of the magic, Yuuko's body becomes clad in warm light which goes to form a visible though translucent armor design. In Yuuko's right hand a spear as long as she is tall (5'7") will form from both the ring and the same warm light that makes up her armor and the final touch being tendrils of pure, bright white fire extending from her back, four on each side to look as if wings.

This form provides two benefits to Yuuko. First her movement speed and agility are increased, allowing her to get up close and fight effectively. The second benefit is it gives access to a offense oriented spells such as focused beams of white flame for Yuuko to use in combat. This style of magic provides no defensive benefit nor does it have any defensive spells in it's arsenal, meaning she'll have to rely on her agility and water make for any defensive maneuvers.

The base element is fire, all the 'warm light' is simply white fire or "Holy fire" as Yuuko would refer to it.

Strengths: The strengths of this magic are rather obvious in that it is a highly destructive and offense oriented magic along with having a fairly nice intimidation factor with the Aesthetic. Although the offensive 'stat' boost from the magic is nice the real power house are the fire spells which are white in color due to the intense heat, which Yuuko refers to as "Holy flame." These spells are very often area of effect in nature and can be rather destructive (The attacks generally take the form of focused beams of fire). However because of the pure offensive nature of the magic, it has 0 defensive ability and a few nasty restrictions as well.

Weaknesses: The first weakness lays within the fact this entire magic is essentially a giant release of energy: It tires the user out extremely fast, to the point that once the spell fizzles out or Yuuko is forced to stop using it, chances are she is going to pass out on the spot or very soon after. It's physically draining to the extreme and her main magic alone is already fairly draining on the body.

The second weakness is of course the normal holder magic weakness in that if the weapon is taken from her during the spell or the ring is removed before hand, then she loses all access to the spells and abilities granted by this magic. The third weakness is that it simply has no defensive properties as well and can be dangerous to Yuuko's allies due to the AoE nature

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Post by PatriotArrow on Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:56 am


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