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Tatsuma's secondary magic, Void Empty Tatsuma's secondary magic, Void

Post by Tatsuma on Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:41 am

Magic: Void Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Void magic is a type of magic practiced once and only once by a being known as Emma-o whom some believe to be the god of the underworld. This magic is rare and can only be used by one who's soul has gone through the thousand hells and managed to make it out intact... or mostly intact. It is, at the same time, equal parts everything and nothing. A bottomless void which can never be filled and yet at the same time it originates from the source of everyone's inevitable end. The user of this type of spell casting is able to summon weapons with blades that exist as only a dimensional rift between this world and the underworld, place themselves on the barrier between this world and the underworld, summon forth energies from the thousand hells, and deny the existence of change to the being using it. The user exists fluidly between two worlds and conjures and transmutes the energies from this world and themselves to this world.

Strengths: Void magic pulls from the power of 1000+ sources in the individual areas of Jigoku (the underworld). For example the hell of boiling oil can be channeled to summon a wave of boiling oil, or the hell of a thousand cuts can be channeled to create a small storm of cold wind with cutting shards of obsidian. It is versatile and can even be used to forge (hell forge) weapons or windows can be opened to create various effects. Having already experienced death, a practitioner of this magic is very well aware of the consequences of their previous failure and are gifted with instincts that allow them to use the magic subconsciously as they try to remember what it is they learned in Jigoku.

Weaknesses: Void magic applies only to the user. Healing spells will "heal" them, but are unusable on anyone else who hasn't died (so only on void magic users). The fact that the user is opening portals to various planes of the underworld and that the user and the underworld didn't exactly part on friendly terms means that a void user is not immune to his own abilities. Normally this isn't a problem, but when using anything area of effect they must be sure to avoid being in the line of fire of their own spells. Also despite channeling the thousand hells, the user may not summon creatures or oni from there, and while this may not sound like a weakness, many of the creatures in those hells are responsible for the maintenance of such an environment. If it isn't maintained certain abilities can run rampant and the range of their influence may hit more than their intended target. Finally, void mages must contend with an inner shadow or "P'yo" that will try to cause them to do evil. In good individuals this void is little more than an annoyance, but for those who were more evil when they died it's a battle of wills.

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Tatsuma's secondary magic, Void Empty Re: Tatsuma's secondary magic, Void

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