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Naz Blackwood

   Naz Blackwood 3986019-3829395-sasuke-uchiha-7

   Power -****
   Agility -**
   Toughness -***
   Intelligence -***
   Willpower -***

   [Basic Information]
   Full Name: Naz Blackwood
   Alias(es): N/A
   Gender: Male
   Age: 18
   Birthday: 4th August
   Sexuality: Straight

   Height: 5 Foot 9 Inches
   Weight: 10 Stone
   Hair: Black
   Eyes: Red

   General Appearance: Naz is a fair skinned young male with a soft complection and jet black hair that is mostly messy and unkept with two bangs either side of his face that frame it. His body is toned but slim with definition on his chest and arms from years of hard work and personal upkeep, this is also shown in his clothing as he wears a high collared off white top that is zipped up and sometimes hides his mouth not allowing people to see if he is smiling or not, on his lower half he wears a pair of baggy black shorts with elasticated bottoms that sit at his ankles with a faded purple cloak that hangs around his waist. His eyes are a terrifying red with what appears to be a star for pupils, which links in with his magic.

   Personality: Naz is a strong willed and at times headstrong young man, he will happily take orders and follow them to the letter but if he believes a mission or choice is one that will lead to disaster he will stand against it no matter whom gave the order. He often loves to relax by playing guitar or sitting in trees ( has has a weird connection to nature), he loves to play jokes often with them not being all too funny to anyone except himself and more than often it will end in some form of tussle or brawl. In general Naz is very relaxed and easy going, often quiet and keeping to himself excluding when he has a drink then he will be dancing on tables and hitting on the nearest lady (With poor results.) He is suspicious of people who doesn't know and will often give them the 3rd degree to make sure they are friend or foe. However once someone has Naz as their ally he will move heaven and earth to protect them and will not back down. Naz is a likable person and often his attitude to his friends is stronger than any other emotion, as he is tied very strongly to his emotions he doesn't let them show too often as he prefers to be the cool and collected guy over the hot head who wants to start a fight for the hell of it. (Although it does happen). Now, Naz's temper os something that everyone should look out for, although he will take a good deal of drama and aggravation he does have a short temper once it is trod on and he will lose it often ending with flipped tables and punching walls or asking to step outside for a 'friendly chat'. Naz is not really a ladies man as he doesn't show much interest when around the guild purely out of shyness and his beliefs in being a gentleman, however once he has a few drinks he warms up to the ladies in an attempt to be suave he will either embarrass himself or his friends in the process.

Naz is a strategist, he won't often run headlong into battle without thinking out some form of attack plan. He is happy to take point and lead the assault or too take a back seat and do the brunt of the heavy work. He loves to brawl and if someone gives him a good enough reason to fight then he will do so without holding back. This however can he his downfall as he does not know the boundaries of his own strength and can misjudge how much power he puts into an attack. Naz also does not fighting women and if he is faced with an opponent who he believes to be weaker he would rather leave the scene than condone to a battle that in the end no one wins. Naz does not mind fighting in a team or on his own as he enjoys the capabilities that a team has over being solo but should he encounter a foe 1 on 1 he will stand his ground to the bitter end.


Cookies - Naz has a small addiction to cookies and if he's offered one he resorts back to a child or a puppy. He also says that the woman he will one day marry will make the best cookies he's ever tasted.

Music - Naz is a keen guitar player and will often play his guitar whilst sitting in a tree somewhere, although he doesn't often play it in front of others.

Star Gazing: A past time that has gone on since his birth, his love for the stars gave birth to his magic after all!


   Spiders- He hates them. If you bring one near him, he will WILL trample it until there is nothing left but squished mess.

   Liars- Naz hates being lied too, even if it's over something like who ate the last cookie? If he is lied too you are one step closer to losing his friendship.

   Dark Guilds- He despises them with all of his heart, the way that they condone their actions and the lengths that they will go to to harm others builds such anger in Naz it scares even him.


   Protecting his friends - Protecting his friends is one of the biggest motivations he has, he wants to see his friends grow and to be who they want to be so he will protect them so that they can live their lives as they choose.

Becoming an Ace - It has always been his dream to fight as the best, to be the top and fight for what is right, but to claim the position of Ace would be a pinacle in his lifetime.


   Losing His Friends - He fears losing his friends more than anything, be it by death or worse by becoming a dark mage, he refuses to let a friend go down a dark path.

   Demons - Naz heard of these horrifying creatures and the power they possess. He certainly doesn't want to run into one anytime soon.

   Occupation: Fairy Tail Mage

Father - Niktor Blackwood
Mother - Ura Blackwood

   Medical Conditions: None.
   Pets: None.
   Hometown: Magnolia.
   Secrets: Most of his past he does not wish to speak about unless to someone who he deems worthy of such a secret.


Naziel grew up as an only child in a loving family in a small farm outside of Magnolia. His parents Niktor and Ura were upstanding citizens and often you would seem them all well dressed and Niktor sporting the trenchcoat his son so clearly adores. On his 6th birthday he was amazed when he ran down to the woodland near his home that in the clearing rested a huge lake, spanning some 100 feet across its depths had not been explored. Naziel plodded down and would throw pebbles into the water enjoying the scene of the ripples dance upon the surface as well as the reflection of the stars that lit up his whole world. For years he would sit next to the lake and watch the stars wishing that he could hold one, to feel that shining light in his hands, until that day finally came. It was a warm june night as he lay watching the stars, admiring their dances in the sky when he saw a light become brighter and brighter, his eyes opened wide in shock as the falling object lit the area in a bathing white light before it crashed into the lake in front of him.  He could not believe a star had fallen and before he could even think he dived into the water swimming down to the depths until he saw that white star sitting amongst the sand at the bottom of the lake, he gripped it in his hand as he swam to the surface and sat hor hours gazing at it in wonder, he clutched it in his hands and with a smile made his wish; "I wish that I could be amongst the stars with magic!" With this thought in his head the star shone so bright the whole woodland was alight and then it struck him, a power he had never felt before as the star granted his wish, his heavenly- Body magic was born.

For years Naz snuck out of his house too build upon the magic he adored, staring onwards to the stars looking for new techniques and spells and soon found an arsenal of new light for Fiore. Naziel was trained vigorously, never letting up until he mastered what he was taught. With his magic he lived contently with his parents waiting for the day he could venture out to join a guild. Even though he yearned to join a guild his entirety was spent in the woods forging his magic so Naz did not learn how to interact well with other human beings and decided to keep his magic a secret for his own protection until the time was right.

Fate would turn ill for Naz soon after him turning 15 when his parents were murdered during a cattle raid, as his parents locked him in a downstairs cupboard to keep him safe, members of an unknown guild broke in and murdered his parents in cold blood. The shock and horror of witnessing the death of his parents left him feeling cold and lost, eventually he broke himself free and was left will little options, in fear he grabbed his fathers trench coat, a bag of food and walked into the night leaving all he held dear behind him. He went to find consolation in the stars at his lake, the place he felt so at home but even there he cried until his eyes stang and his chest burned from the screams that eminated from it. He felt utterly lost and completely hopeless. Gradually he found some solitude living on the streets of Magnolia for 2 years fighting against unruly gangs and thugs helping around town to make scraps of money to buy food and clothing but he was never permitted to use his magic.

He traveled trying to find others like himself who had no home, had lost everything and needed to find out who they were meant to be but yet he was turned away time and time again because of his eyes and the secrecy of his past. In time this caused him constant agony but he only found people that were scared of this boy who spoke little merely by trying to shake hands as he failed to control the power he was forced to keep hidden. It was shortly after that he fell in love with a beautiful young girl named Mia. He met her whilst wandering the streets keeping a close eye on a gang of youths who were known for attacking weary travellers. As his eyes followed the group he found himself gazing at the most beautiful young woman he had ever seen. Tall with dark brown hair, fair complexion and slim body, to this there was no wonder the gang were looking upon her with hungry eyes. As she moved down an alleyway to connect to another street they attacked. In his desperate attempt to protect this girl he sprung from an above series of steps and crashed into the gang, with purely his physical ability he fought hard, with bare knuckle and everything his body would muster until they eventually fled. Naz turned and glanced at the shocked tearful face as his eyes darkened and he fell. Shortly after he awoke in a small cottage room with hanging pictures of a man and woman and the mysterious, beautiful girl he would soon find out to be Mia. After their brief and shy acquaintance she tended to his wounds and shortly after in appreciation of saving their daughter, Mia's parents gave him work as a laborer on their farm to which he reluctantly accepted. He would spend his afternoons talking to Mia whilst they ate lunch together, laughing and talking about the world and his dream to one day become a powerful mage to one of the great light guilds, to protect people as he was unable to protect his parents and his wish to join a guild. For this was one of many dreams he needed to see through.

Several months passed as Naz and Mia would spend evenings together walking the fields basking in the moonlight, the light gleaming from the stars and enhancing his dark red eyes. The day came finally that he asked for Mia's hand in marriage after a walk in the moonlight he knelt to one knee and confessed his adoration and love to her, with this she agreed to be his bride, they returned to the farm house and after some deliberation with her parents they gave their consent and the pair were engaged at just 18 years of age. With the money he had managed to save from his hard work on the farm he returned one day from the Magonlia market with a solid silver ring, which he presented to her shortly afterwards.

Unfortunately she became very ill from a virus that had been passed down through her family and after months of agonizing attempts to help her she passed away over night. The grief that Naz felt was truly devastating and tore him down to his very core, he spoke small words at her funeral and decided that he should leave town to follow his dream. To forget all of the pain that had cast upon him and be the man he was meant to be. To let the Stars blaze on the earth once more.

   [Guild & Magic]

   Guild: Fairy Tail
   Guild Tattoo: Upon his left collarbone.

   Magic: Heavenly-Body Magic
   Caster or Holder: Caster
   Description: The properties of Heavenly Body Magic rely primarily on astronomical objects like meteors[1] or the generation and manipulation of the energy of stars from their own body. The caster can create powerful light blasts or beams of high destructive power, reminiscent of starlight, at their opponents. This light is not the only substance used, however. The caster is also capable of using the power of gravity against the opponent for destructive usage; the strength can be comparable to the effects caused by a black hole. The use of such Magic can be used to enhance the caster's own skills drastically for various purposes, such as shrouding them in Magic that can increase their speed significantly.
   Strengths: This magic contains aspects that people have not seen before, in ways it is a lost or unknown magic very similar to that of Dragon Slayers, as it is capable of twisting gravity to pin opponents, propell themselves forward with blistering speed and reign overwhelming power from countless stars it is an unpredicatlbe and powerful magic. Due to its vast potential it is also a magic that has not limits in respects of where this magic could go to, with the power over the stars and constellations anything is possible and any opponent would be well advised to steer clear.
   Weaknesses: This magic is in one word dangerous. Its vast power and unpredicatability are what make is not only mystifying but also terrifying in power, with the ability to force black holes, fire stars and change gravity this magic is not something to be taken lightly and certainly would be highly destructive in the wrong hands. Due to the rarity of this magic any side effects to it are unknown with no known cures or afflictions that could potentially come with this magic.

RP Sample:
Naz walked into the town of Magnolia, it was like coming back home of sorts. It felt strange and alien to him, he had missed these streets and the calls of this town, the ringing of the bells from the Cathedral but the nostalgia of being there with his mother sent a painful vibration through his body as he kept his eyes low, burying his mouth into his high collared top. It was almost like a safety net to him now, like a a safe place inside himself that he didn't have to show his emotion or the pain that flowed through his body at the rememberance of his deceased parents. He let out a soft sight as he came up to what looked like his target.

It was huge, a beacon of hope in Fiore that had been reknown for its strength in friendship and dedication to the light of the land. Fairy Tail. He had heard countless tales in his travels of Ranor and the members of Fairy Tail that often left the place in more of a crator than when they went in! He couldn't help but smile at the thought of these people, maybe this was what he needed? Perhjaps he had to return to the place where all the pain had started to finally find the home he needed to be at peace with himself at last and begin his lifes work as a Mage.

   Username: Nazzy

   Face Claim: Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto Shippuden
Naz Blackwood
Naz Blackwood
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Naz Blackwood Empty Re: Naz Blackwood

Post by PatriotArrow on Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:09 pm

I changed your picture to a diff Sasuke one because the other was broken, so you know.

quick note - I like your magic and how it's worded since it makes it sound rather impressive. Just remember to be fair with it. He's still on par with others of his rank overall. ;3

You're nice and approved though, so congrats!

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