A Fairy Tail Meet and Greet

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A Fairy Tail Meet and Greet

Post by Tye Gildart on Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:56 pm

There were plenty of new members of the guild who were still trying to get to know the other members.Which brought him to arrange this little meet it would be great for other new guys or gals like himself. He was excited to properly meet and introduce himself to the others. Especially during times like this, the guild needed to be closer than ever if they were going to persevere through these dark times.

In the center of the guild hall was a small stage enough for two or three people to stand on at a time.Above the stage hovered a wide multicolored banner made from magic.The banner read "Welcome newest members of Fairy Tail!".Tye had help from a few of the senior members with the sign, but he pushed a few tables together to make the stage.All in all he thought he did a good job. Tye just hoped the others would like it.

Once everything was ready to go he stood on the stage and waited for people to show up.As people began to show up he smiled and waved.By now the room was filled(Hopefully q,q) and he was ready to begin."Hello, wonderful people of Fairy Tail! Its nice to meet you all. I'm one of the new members. Tye Gildart, is my name...I've been here about a year or so and i'm still getting used to getting my face punched in during the brawls.Heheh."As he introduced himself he paced the small stage in a small circle so everyone could see him, opposed to staring in one direction.

Then he decided to share his style of magic.Tye had yet to make contact with another dragon slayer in the guild so far."The magic i hold is the power of the dragon Oxalol, a water dragon.Making me a water dragon slayer.I like to swim, like i really like to swim...Yeah, so anyone have any comments or wanna get up here and share?"Then there was an awkwardly silence as he stood in the middle of the stage waiting with a goofy grin on his face.[/color]
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