Son of the swimming dragon

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Son of the swimming dragon

Post by Tye Gildart on Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:21 pm

Tye Gildart

Current Mage Class Rank - D
Power - ****
Agility - *****
Toughness - ****
Intelligence - **
Willpower -***

the basics:

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Tye Gildart
Alias: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty
Birthday: October 16
Sexuality: Straight
Height: Five foot eight (5'8)
Weight: 135lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

General Appearance:
Tye isn't the biggest kid on the playground but isn't the scrawniest  either.Swimming gives him a perfect workout to tone his muscular body,and he can swim for hour without getting tired.When his shirt is off you can see a large scar on his left shoulder where he was bite by a shark.Most of the time he is seen wearing an all white hoodie with the outer lining of the hoodie checkered black and white.His shirt is black and his jeans are white held up by a black belt.The shoes he wears are running shoes and they match his hoodie checkered black and white in color and pattern.His swimming trunks are skin tight, black, with two purple streaks.

Personality: Tye is a very outgoing and cheery guy.He loves to have fun with other people even they're not in his guild. He tries to make friends with people as much as possible.He's not really one to end up on someones bucket list and tries not to be.Insults directed at him doesn't affect him at all, its just insults toward his family that make him angry.Other than that most things won't upset him.Nine times out of ten you would find him smiling and laughing about something.He likes to win and sees losing as a learning experience for the future.

Though he is still a relatively new member of Fairy Tail, he tries to be a lttle protective over some of the members especially those younger than himself.Watching one of the members being bullied won't fly when he's around.If he sees someone in a gloomy or sad mood he'll try his hardest to cheer them up.He isn't much of a liar , but if he tends to be honest, unless it has to do with someone telling him a secret which he can't pass on.Tye is confident in his skills in anything, he won't back down from a fight or a challenge even if the odds are against him.

Likes: Being a water dragon slayer and all of coarse he likes water drinking it, eating it ,you name it he loves water. Along with his love for water he likes to swim.He's been eating fish ever since he could remember and just can't get enough of it.

Dislikes: Showing or talking about his adoptive father Oxalol or his Fairy Tail family in a disrespectful way is a no no.Tye has no love for extremely cold weather.He isn't too fond of electricity either one of waters enemies.

Motivations: Tye wants to have a long swim and conversation with Oxalol, he misses the dragon who raised him and looks forward to seeing him again.
World peace - He thinks it would be nice if the world was peaceful for a long time.

Fears: Sharks - A shark gave him his scar and has been terrified of them ever since.
Not being able to swim - Its something he's been doing all his life for him to stop for more than a week would mentally drain him until he swam again.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Mother: Marla Smith (Assumed to be dead)
Father: Phillip Smith (Assumed to be dead)
Adoptive Father: Oxalol (Where abouts unknown)
Siblings:All Fairy Tail wizards!
Medical Conditions: Healthy as a Vulcan.
Pets: Has a green dog but doesn't take him out of the house much.(he doesn't want for him to get hurt)
Hometown: Magnolia city
Secrets: He'd probably give anything to see Oxalol again even with the help of some sort of forbidden magic.He wouldn't tell anyone this though :o!


Tye Gildart formerly know as Todd Smith, son of Marla and Phillip Smith, born on October 16. Both his parents were fishermen, most of their time was spent out on the ocean, along with Tye.He was no older than a year old when his parents took him on a fishing trip/job.They very wealthy and needed to take this job so they could live of the money they would make for a few months.His parents were supposed to take a trip to a specifically dangerous territory known for its dangerous surprise storms. From the information they had there weren't supposed to be any storm to come while they were there.

A few days or so after they reached their destination, they were deep within the dangerous waters.In the night while they were sleeping the boat was hit with a storm.His parent rose from their sleep, strapped Tye down in the hold, then attempted to get the boat out of harms way.The boat was tossed onto a seemingly uninhabited island.Its still unclear whether his parents made if off the boat and survived the storm or not.The cries of a baby could be heard by the dragon Oxalol, whom claimed the island as his own.The harsh stormy weather that surrounded the island hid his presences very well.

Oxalol noticed that there were no adults around that could take care of the boy, and took Tye in as his own child.The dragon was still new to being a parent and this was the first time he had "friendly" contact with a human.So, the dragon decided he should teach the boy what he knew best.Before he could even walk he was taught how to swim and catch fish.When Tye was about four Oxalol gave him a new name (because he didn't know his real one).After he named him taught him how to speak english.

Tye was attacked by a shark giving him a scar surrounding his left shoulder.He was trying to get away when he bit on his left shoulder by the shark, thankfully he was saved by Oxalol whom chased the shark away.Thats when Oxalol decided to begin his teachings in water dragon slayer magic.It was so Tye could defend himself better.Tye got off to a rocky start with the lost magic, but as he got alittle older he got the hang of it.Then one morning when he was eleven, Tye woke up and Oxalol was gone.He waited on the island for a month for Oxalol's return, but he never showed up.He decided he couldn't live on the island alone forever.

He didn't have alot of supplies or anything to take with him so he just took nothing.He thought if Oxalol came back he'd want everything to be just as he left it.Tye swam away from the island to the main lands.For a few years he took odd jobs to make money.The jobs he were taking weren't really paying the bills and he was still very poor.Then he read in a magazine about becoming a guild wizard.With the magic Oxalol taught him he knew he'd the perfect job for him.Though he didn't really know which guild was right for him so he became a mage for hire.At the age of Nineteen he finally decided which guild he wanted to join, Fairy Tail.


Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: On the left side of his neck, in the color of dark blue.


Magic: Water Dragon Slayer
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Water dragon slayer,a lost magic taught to Tye by the water dragon Oxalol.Like the other dragon slayers he is able to consume the element of the dragon whom taught him the lost magic, whether it be normal or magic infused.With the use of his magic he is able to swim farther, faster and longer than the average person could. He has no gills but is still able to hold his breath for an extraordinary amount of time.

Strengths: The element of his dragon slayer type can be found quite easily, but can only be used for nourishment purposes and not as stamina recovery.Though is unaffected by water based magic spells and can eat them to regain stamina and magic.The use of his slayer magic can be used in many ways in combat.His magic can be use offensively, defensively, and supportive.Offensively, he can generate highly pressurized waves and streams of water toward an enemy. On the defensive side he can create walls of dense water to block or repel attacks from himself or his allies.With the use of his slayer magic he can support his team with a thick mist that can be used for cover, to regroup, flee, or a surprise attack.

Weaknesses: Much like the Sky dragon slayer his element too can be polluted.Whether it be by poison, industrial waste, garbage, ect. Once the harmful material is consumed it could cause great harm and or render his or his magic useless until he has recovered.The severity of this weakness is solely dependant on the harmful substance. Another weakness for his magic would be lightning and electricity. Water is proven to be very ineffective against any and all electric based attacks.

Spell List:

Spell name:Water Dragon Slayer Ability - Eat Water
Element: Water
Rank: N/A
Effect: The dragonslayer may eat his element and gain nourishment as if eating regular food. This does not apply to their own spells. In addition, they may eat a spell of their element used on them up to a rank equal to their own. Higher level spells cannot be eaten. The ability cannot be used while still regaining stamina from another spell. In addition, the character is immune to the effects of their element from any natural source. Higher level spells of their element may still affect the dragon slayer at half of the normal power and cannot be eaten. the character is only effected by their element's ability from spells that are at least two ranks higher.

Water Dragons Roar:
Element: Water
Current Rank: D
Effect: The famous Dragon roar! Like other dragon slayers he has his own version of the dragons roar.His shoots out a large wave of water from his mouth.Though at its current rank and his skill it's not as destructive in power, but is still very harmful to most. It is one of the most powerful spells a dragon slayer could learn.

Water Wall:
Element: Water
Current Rank: D
Effect: From either his mouth or using both his hands he can create a wall of water in an attempt to defend against another spell.The water is shot at the ground the quickly rises to cover a target. At its current rank it can completely cover himself or a single ally.Lighting attacks will disperse the spell upon contact or depending on the spell and rank go through it.Pretty sure the wall can be frozen by ice spells.Spells of higher rank other than fire spells can destroy it? Yeah?

Element: Water
Current Rank: D
Effect: While already fast in the water he this spell can further increase his speed while in water.A magic circle appears behind his feet giving him a boost or cloak his entire body with a blue aura depending on what he plans on using the spell.When the spell is cast he can use it to chase, flee or maneuver better while in water.Has no effects outside of the water.

Water Dragons Mist:
Element: Water
Current Rank: D
Effect: Shooting a mist of water from his body he can create a light foggy mist that surrounds the area.Those with increased sense wouldn't be fooled by this and would easily navigate through and find anything within the mist.Wonder if lightning magic could totally abuse the mist and elecrute everything in it.

Water Dragons Bubble:
Element: Water
Current Rank: D
Effect: From his mouth he can create a bubble of either air or water.An air bubble to be used underwater for others that are out of breathe.A water bubble to attempt to soften a fall from a high fall.Can also be used to trap an enemy if necessary.Still, can be destroyed quite easily they are bubbles after all.

Sword of the Water Dragon:
Element: Water
Current Rank: B
Effect: Creates a seemingly real sword made of water.The sword both feels and cuts like a real sword and is very durable. Like most water based spells can be canceled out by lighting based spells.

Water Dragons Hammer:
Element: Water
Current Rank: C
Effect: Creates a large replica hammer of water, that shoots forward toward the desired target.
(Looks like that but water not ice :o)

Element: Water
Current Rank:

Element: Water
Current Rank:


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Unforgivable Enemies:
Rival Enemies:
Known Enemies of Fairy Tail:
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