Robbing for laughs [Fairy Tail (C)]

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Robbing for laughs [Fairy Tail (C)]

Post by Tye Gildart on Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:58 pm

Request name: Robbing for laughs
Request rank: C
Guild: Fairy Tail
Client name:Sarah Fisher
Objective: Protect the shed of funny masks
Location: Mangolia city (Behind the Mayors office building)
Reward: 10 Exp.
Request description: There has been a rumor that the mayors vault of funny masks are going to be robbed tonight.The Mayor plans on having a comedy show for young comedianswith himself having an act and hosting it the next morning and plans on using the masks for props.The mayor isn't afraid but his secretary decided to take no chances with this matter and hires mages to protect his shed.
Request details: - Reach the Mayors shed of funny mask.
- Get attacked by several mages
- Defend the prop shead without being robbed , destroying the masks, or completely destroying the shed any of these actions will result in the mission being failed
- Catch or force the enemies to flee
- Wait for the Mayors secretary and/or the magic council police to return


Name: Sarah Fisher
Age: Twenty-Three
General Appearance:
Personality: A very kind and soft spoken woman with a heart of gold.
Motivations: Becoming Mayor after the current Mayors retirement.
Fears: Disappointing the Mayor.
Spells/Abilities: Non-Wizard

Names: Unknown
Ages: Eighteen- twenty
General Appearance: All black attire, five men in total(See picture for reference minus the guns lol.)
Personalities: Ruthless but not enough to kill over some masks, just ruthless enough to get the job done.
Motivations: Ruin the Mayors act so their act looks better.
Fears: Failing their mission and getting caught doing so.
Spells/Abilities: Mostly low level D-ranked shadow magic spells, one or two C-ranked spell.Good at close range combat.
Other: Members are possibly part of a dark mage guild.

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