Raging Bull [Mixed (A)]

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Raging Bull [Mixed (A)]

Post by PatriotArrow on Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:38 pm

Request name: Raging Bull
Request rank: A
Guild: Two separate guild halls
Client name: The Clients are the Guild Masters of the guilds in question; alternatively characters could have heard something and wish to take matters into their own hands.
Objective: There are two separate objectives, one for each of the two requests
1. One side has heard of captives being held at the island by someone who managed to learn of the situation and escape successfully.
2. The other knows nothing of the captives, but has arrived at the same time to defeat and capture someone rumored to be higher up in Shadow Heart’s ranks for information.
Location: Akane Resort Island
Reward: 20 exp
Request description: There is no poster, and likely any information from the client is given in a flashback or summary.
Request details:

Getting information from the guild leaders or some other useful contact, each character arrives at Akane Resort Island, hearing that Shadow Heart has rented out a private area within Akane Resort Hotel for some currently unknown reason. They have used their resources to make an entire floor of the hotel above the casino private for the time being, and are using it as a base off of the mainland where the man in charge, known as Warren the Warlord, wishes to conduct business in luxury. The captives are people who have refused to work with Shadow Heart, but Warren refuses to take no for an answer. He has bribed the owner not to ask questions, using a combination of money and fear. The wizards will have to get into the hotel and then the correct floor, and complete their objectives together once they find out the place is more heavily guarded than it appears.


Name: Warren the Warlord
Age: 37
General Appearance: Warren the Warlord is a very large man, standing at six foot seven inches, and weighing almost three hundred pounds, most of it muscle. He wears a suit, but he gives off the feeling of someone trying to feel and look fancier than he is.
Personality: Warren is cruel, cunning, and worst of all, completely without a conscience. What he wants, he gets, and anyone who refuses to work with him pays the hefty price if they don’t change their mind – after punishment is dealt. There are few redeeming qualities about the man when all is said and done.
Motivations: Power, money, and… did he mention power?
Fears: Warren fears very little, save for death. He will betray the Shadow Lord if it means saving his own skin.
Spells/Abilities: Warren is an A-rank wizard with magic called the Raging Bull. It enhances his already tough physique, making him far stronger and more resistant to damage.
Other: Warren is assisted by a small army of Shadow Heart and mercenary lackeys here on Akane Resort Island. Most of them have magic or holder items, and are of varying strengths.

Warren also has nearly a dozen captives, all of whom crossed him at some point and have disappeared while on vacation (by coincidence, all at the same time – tough times make people want to get away from their troubles more, after all.)

Lastly, Warren has information on Shadow Heart that a guild could find useful – including the current location of several higher up members.

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Re: Raging Bull [Mixed (A)]

Post by Cerys Whitman on Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:18 am

Tatsuma and Cerys are taking this

EDIT: Done!

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