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And now for an update! Empty And now for an update!

Post by PatriotArrow on Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:28 pm

Now that we've got most of the major changes on the site squared away, and are waiting to fine-tune things and get everything going as smoothly as possible, there are several things with which we need to update all of you.

1. Rank/power guidelines - These are found in the rank rules edited into the post itself, under each section detailing the experience requirements and such.

2. Updated 'forbidden magic' lists.  We've been letting it slide, but since so many new people are coming in, we're updating what can and can't be done. Keep in mind though, that any magic deemed unfair or unfitting may be denied.

3. Lastly, a quick change up to the missions format. After looking at things and talking to people once they'd had the chance to evaluate the new mission format, we have decided to add back in the ability to do 'solo' missions. Solo missions have two restrictions, however:

- Solo missions may only be conducted once a week per character

- Solo missions must be the character's current rank or lower.

Thanks everyone! More updates to come, and more flashpoints will be put up within the next couple of days.

And now for an update! MFy5LBe

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