With the black winds of change

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With the black winds of change

Post by Kenta Kuroikaze on Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:41 am

Kenta Kuroikaze

"The black winds carry the instrument of your demise..."

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - *
Agility - ****
Toughness - **
Intelligence - *****
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kenta Kuroikaze
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: 14/07
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple (Right eye) Bright red (left eye)

General Appearance: "Stare into the cruel smirk and suffer as you burn to ashes..." Kenta is an average man in terms of height and weight, mostly seen wearing black and purple. His most used outfit consists of a regal looking dark purple suit adorned with gold trimmings. Over this he wears a high collared deep purple cloak with a red inner-lining. This collar is so high it covers most of his face from the sides. With these he usually wears two masks, one is just an ordinary black lower face-mask. The other however is a black mask with a deep blue dome shaped visor that is outlined with gold paint.
Kenta with mask:
He also fights using a sword with no added bonuses.
Kenta with sword:

Personality: Kenta is an odd fellow to say the least. Many who speak to him might say he has many different personalities. He is one thing for definite though and that is a genius. He is many different things at once. He is kind and light hearted but at the same time he is cold and calculative internally. He is often quite jaded about most subjects although he can be quite passionate about things close to his heart and is a natural leader. He may not be as fast or strong as some mages but he more than makes up for it with his strategic mind and his quick thinking. In battle Kenta becomes aloof and detached, sometimes bordering on cruel and psychotic.

He comes off as quite a regal person, despite not being part of any honored families or being raised as an heir to anything. This regal manor he has seems to alienate most people, which is how he prefers his life. He has few precious people, but those who are precious mean the world to him. He sees himself as a mage's freedom fighter, having taken down the council loyalists with shadow heart. However his belief in shadow heart has waned seeing the things that they have done. Despite his cold, loner personality he isn't evil and doesn't believe in piece through domination.

  • Being alone: Being alone gives him time to think, something he enjoys massively.
  • Chess: Kenta enjoys fighting battles with his mind almost as much as he enjoys just fighting battles.
  • Flames: Kenta finds the beauty of flames alluring.


  • Water: Kenta is hydrophobic, so water really isn't nice for him to be in.
  • Demon's: Even though his magic is the result of demonic manipulation, he is still wary about demons.
  • The old council: Kenta believed the old council were holding mages back, but is not sure shadow-heart is doing a better job.


  • The progression of magical potential: He believes that one's magic is a gift that should be honored by taking it to it's highest levels.
  • The freedom of mages: He believes that all mages should be free and that not enough respect is given to them. Why should mages have to go out of their way for the civilian's sake?


  • Water: As mentioned before, Kenta is hydrophobic and as such cannot allow water to touch him.
  • weakness: Kenta's one fear is being weaker than his opponent. Although he knows he can overcome some with a good plan, some are just too unbelievably strong.

Occupation: Shadow-heart mage
Family: Kira Kuroikaze: the last he saw of her she was heading to Magnolia to join Fairy tail.
Medical Conditions: Hydrophobia.
Pets: No pets.
Hometown: Kenta doesn't consider anywhere home.
Secrets: None.
"When you look into my eyes, do you see pain? Or is it death? Because the last thing you notice are my eyes, especially this cursed one."

Kenta Kuroikaze knew only the orphanage for five years, before he was adopted along with his new sister, Kira Kuroikaze. Kenta had always had the makings of a genius, being able to walk and talk before most children his age. He had always shown the signs of a brilliant mind. looking back, he would realize that was probably why he was adopted in the first place. Not out of love, though he was shown plenty of it. No, he had been adopted for his mind, and Kira for her potential as a mage. Her reserves had been large and she was showing new skills everyday.

But not him. With each passing year Kira got stronger whilst he got smarter. He was trained in the arts of war, in strategy through chess. He could solve problems a lot of adults couldn't by the age of 10. Incidentally, the age of 10 was when his own magic had awakened and his life had changed. Where he was once being trained as a strategist or a general, his training had evolved into assassination and sabotage. He was taught how to wield a sword as if it were his own limb, taught to kill a man before he knew he was dead. By the age of 13, he had taken his first life.

That was when he was baptized in blood and fear. He had clung onto anything good desperately, like a child clinging to their blanket. His sister had been crucial in the healing process. His small talks with her, telling each other about their dreams and goals had saved him. Not completely, no child would come out unscathed after all, even a child genius. His emotional state had all but vanished before, but now it was fragmented. He couldn't tell what to feel and when to feel it.

When he had progressed far enough with his magic, he was employed by his own foster family as an assassin. He had done horrible things. Torture, interrogation, you name it. This was where he came into contact with shadow heart, with them being regular customers. He had done countless jobs for them before, despite not being a guild member himself. That had soon changed. The guild master had offered him a way out of assassination, a way to escape the family along with Kira. He had accepted of course, and slowly he formed a similar opinion to theirs about the council.

When they were both 15, Kira had left Shadow-heart. She had told him she had seen what they were doing, that it was exactly the same thing as with the family. He had refused to acknowledge this and the two had separated on bad terms. He had continued working for years, noticing that slowly but surely his jobs involved more and more killing. He said nothing though, knowing how soon they would overthrow the council. He had been giddy for it, looking forward to doing the world some good for once.

He had been dissapointed. They had slaughtered anybody who hadn't sided with them, even apparently hitting the guilds too. But why? That hadn't been mentioned. Were shadow heart the bad guys after all? He found his faith wavering. Had Kira been right all those years ago? Maybe he should've left with her and then he could have done something.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Shadow heart, although he plans on leaving soon.
Guild Tattoo: Right palm in gold

Magic: Birdsong eye
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Kenta is able to travel a certain distance instantaneously, the distance being about 500m. When travelling his left eye travels and a bird like symbol appears under the pupil. Further distances require more and more magic the further you travel. Currently Kenta cannot reach the maximum of 500m as he doesn't have large enough magic reserves. He also cannot chain his teleport more than 10 times before having to wait because of the strain on his eye. To chain his teleports means to use them one after another within 5 seconds of each other. If he waits five seconds before jumping again, his limit resets.
Strengths: This magic is instantaneous transport meaning nothing can travel faster than him. His reaction times have also been honed in order to attack effectively after a jump. This magic allows him to end fights rather quickly as many people are not fast enough to react. It is also a good escape mechanism as he can travel distances faster than many men/women. With this magic coupled with his sword skills, Kenta is a very promising young assassin or bounty hunter.
Weaknesses: As said before, Kenta is incapable of traveling the full 500m as he is. His maximum jump has been 100m so far. Also as previously stated, he can only jump 10 times before having to wait 10 minutes to use it again. This magic has no sheer offensive capabilities beyond his own and is only useful for supplementing close-range combat. He is also limited to the area within the sight of his left eye so he cannot go through walls or behind cover immediately.

RP Sample:
"Do they deserve this? Am I doing the right thing? Who am I kidding, of course this is wrong. They don't deserve death."

These were the thoughts running through one Kenta's head while he warped between the slashes of two council paladins, twisting so his back was parallel to the floor before swiping horizontally with his own sword, knocking both his opponents blades into the air. He twisted again so his right foot touched the ground spinning with his sword outstretched, bifurcating them at the waist. He rolled away and burst into a sprint down the corridors, taking a right at some point and ending up in front of two more paladins.

"Ah great." He muttered, his voice muffled by his two masks. He really didn't want to fight multiple people over and over again. He wasn't a drawn out battle kind of fighter. He ducked under a spear jab, rolling under a shield bash before retaliating with a quick upwards swing, severing the arm holding the shield, before swinging to his right, cleaving through the man's neck.

God he hated killing. He did it now because he had no choice seemingly. He slammed the hilt of his blade into the face of the paladin, knocking him out. Kenta stood there for a moment, blade hovering over the man's chest, but he couldn't do it. No matter how deep he dug into himself, he couldn't find it in him to finish a man that can't fight back. He re-sheathed his blade and warped down the hallway, hoping to skip most of the guards. So imagine his pleasant surprise when he stumbled into a room full of them, the armory.

"Ah fuck me.."


Face Claim: Lelouch Vi brittania/Zero from Code geass
Kenta Kuroikaze
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