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Protect the scrolls

Post by Travis Moon on Fri Oct 31, 2014 10:15 am

It was beautiful  day as Travis walked through the town of hargeon town carrying a stack of books to the library to return them. Arriving at the library Travis walked inside and looked over to see a man in his 40s with red eyes and spiky orange hair at the counter. Travis was a major bookworm when he was little and still lived in Hargeon where he met gorge who helped him find out his passion for reading.

"Hey Gorge I am here to return the books I checked out," Travis told the man as he set the stack of books on the counter.

"Just in time I was about to close up here to go somewhere," gorge replied taking the books and putting them in the return area.

"Hey gorge I got your request to guard those new scrolls from a couple of thugs,"Travis told gorge.

"I see so it was you who accepted my request," Gorge replied.

"Yep so when are you going to be back?" Travis asked curious of how long he'll be on guard duty.

"For about an hour," Gorge answered.

"Alright then you see when you get back," Travis told him as gorge left the library.

Watching from a tree close to the LS library, Travis observed the surrounding area to see anybody come to steal the scrolls. Finally after about 5 minutes he saw three thug looking guys with masks on their face to hide their identity arrive at the front door trying to bash it in.

Alright time to get this party started; open gate of the starry muse Urania, " Travis chanted, a smile forming upon his face as he summoned his best friend.

"Ready my friend?" Travis asked his best friend/ celestial spirit.

"Always been," Urania answered, a smile gracing her lips as her usually golden pony tail was undone letting her golden hair flow down.

Travis then jumped down from the tree and ran quickly at the three thugs from behind. Right as Travis's fist made contact with the middle thugs jaw he yelled surprise and started to attack them.

But before Travis could dodge, one of the thugs grabbed his legs with his Gand covered in fire. Travis screamed in pain as he felt the burning of his lower leg and fell over as it hurt to much to stand on the one leg.

"Starry Barrage," Urania screamed in anger  as a dark golden aura surrounded her as she saw her summoner in pain as she shot barrages of starlight from her staff at the thugs.

"Now my chance," Travis thought to himself as he got up wincing at the pain but ignored it as he grabbed onto one of the thugs and rammed him into the wall of  the library knocking him out. Urania then swung her staff like a baseball bat and smacked the two other thugs in the face with a powerful swing that knocked the two out cold.

"Here let me help with the burn," Urania told Travis as she ripped a piece off the sleeve off of her summoners shirt and dampened it with the water Travis brought while the two were watching the library. Tying the piece of clothing snugly around the burnt part of his leg.

After the hour had passed, Gorge returned and thanked Travis and gave him his reward for guarding the scrolls.

Word count:551/500

Mission complete

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