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Lucius Lorendo

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[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - *
Agility - *
Toughness -*****
Intelligence -*
Willpower -**

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Lucius Lorendo
Alias(es): Luci
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birthday: He was born on September 22, 23 years ago.
Sexuality: He's Bisexual.

Height: He's a tall son of a gun, at 6'7.
Weight: 260 Pounds.
Hair: His hair is white, and rather long.
Eyes: His eyes are of an Amberish, goldish color.

General Appearance: Due to his height, he quite often slouches, slouches down enough that people like he's 6'5. He always has a toothpick in his mouth, in the left corner of his lip, and he's rarely seen without one. The real reason for it is because he likes chewing on it, rather then any sort of magic reason. He wears his hair down, and his hair is long enough to go down to the small of his back. He's 6'7, remember this, which makes his hair rather long. He wears a large white coat, with pockets on each side, around the rib area, he holds a box of toothpicks there. The number of toothpicks is unknown, although it's actually 34.

He wears blue pants. He has a face, a hardened face, but still a face. His body is bigger, although not exactly fat, but decently big and his arms are also decently long. His legs take up 3 feet of him, so they're long legs. He also has broad shoulders. He also has a lost eye, which he hides the socket with a black eye-patch. The lost eye is his right eye.

Personality: To start off, I'll give you what he is at heart. A giant teddy bear. He cares about most people, and would hate to kill someone. He also is willing to listen to anyones troubles, although he may not fully understand them, he'll still listen to them, for what it's worth. He will also lend a helping hand to those who wish, depending on the task, if it requires his size, why not? At least, that's his simple thought process. He's simple because he was risen as a child as a simple child. However, that's half of him.

He does have an issue with his personality, and that's with people he hates. He becomes the complete and utter opposite of what he is when he's normal. He doesn't listen, he's not willing to help, and he's wiling to kill, not that he usually can. Even he finds that slightly worrying, since it could one day spring out of control, but he can keep it under wraps fairly well, since he is fairly hard to anger. Due to being fairly hard to anger, he often allows people to say what they want, when they want, and why they want. It's him they're talking about, so what? If they're not true, they're not true.
Likes: He likes Mangoes, trees, and... most people.
Dislikes: He hates pointless bloodshed, not trying to reason, and... butter, he dislikes butter on his food.
Motivations: He wishes to be strong from the guild, and to take the man who took his eye, he wants that mans life.
Fears: He is afraid of bugs, that he'll back away from even the smallest of bugs, and heights, of which he gets paralyzed.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: None alive.
Medical Conditions: As stated before, he lost his right eye.
Pets: He does not.
Hometown: He was born in Era, but lives in Corcus
Secrets:That his eye was taken from him in a fight, and that it was because he failed to protect his brother
Lucius was born into a 3 person family, comprising of his mother, father, and brother. The only name you need to know of the three is his brother, who's name was Lany. Lany and Luci got together quite well, and had each other back all of the life they had together.

The main incident that happened in his life happened at 15. Lany and him were out wandering in the area around Era one day. They met a man, and the man seemed like a decent guy. The man stood just as tall as Lucius, and wore a particular smile on his face. The smile itself wasn't exactly evil, but just by looking at the man, you got the look from him. The man had a sword, and wielded god knew that kind of magic. The man said a simple few words.

"I don't know what you're doing around here boys. But, unless you answer this next question right, you're dead." A laugh came after that, a laugh that frightened his brother.

"You must answer this. To fight without a hope of winning, is it smart?"

"Well... It's not, yet, when d-" His brother didn't get to finish his sentence, as he was stabbed in the throat. His brother dropped dead on the spot, a sword in his throat. The man then pulled out a knife from seemingly no-where, and walked towards Luci. Luci, trmbling from seeing his brother die, punched the man, right in the nose. This merely made the man stumble back, nothing serious. Luci wouldn't give up, he'd keep on fighting... by taking the weapon from his brothers throat, and fighting with fear and anger on his mind, he took the first slash with a sword against knife battle.

The fight wasn't even close, the man was toying with him the whole time. Of course, Luci thought he got close a few times, but that's because the man was simply toying with him, and after roughly 5 minutes, the man got bored, and stabbed Luci... in the right eye. Straight into the Retina. As the blade came out, so did his eye, and so did screams of pain from Luci. He may have been tough, but losing your eye isn't something that's easy. Even getting it taken away normally, but getting it taken away like this? One might lose all hope in life, but he didn't. Luci fell back that day, and landed back first. The man merely walked away, happy with his work. Tears were coming out of his left eye, but he had no... strength to deal with them.

Skip ahead to the war, whatever that war is called. It mattered not to Lucius. Only one thing mattered to Lucius, at the age of 30. Finding his brothers killer, and that same man who also took his eye. He wore his eyepatch, but not during the war did he find the man either.

He then joined the guild, to get stronger, and to find the man who took his eye. That's where he currently is after 35 years on Fiore.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: He is of the Shadow Heart dark guild.
Guild Tattoo: It's black, and above his right eye.

Magic: Take-Over magic, Beast Soul
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: It allows the user to record a monster or a monster's body part they have touched[1] and then either take their form or summon it into their own arm. It is said that the user actually defeated the beasts before "recording" their form
Strengths: It allows the user to use the strength, and the size of the beast, and while this is true, it also allows them all the strengths of the animal. It also allows the size of the animal, so if the animal was smaller or bigger then the user, the user shrinks or grows to that size. It also allows the beauty of another animal, which someone like Luci needs. All in all, it's ups are the ups of the animal, rather then of the use him/herself.
Weaknesses: It also allows the users the weaknesses of the animals. Such as a thin body if the animal was thin, and small legs if the animal had small legs, but more often or not, it's the fact that it's hard to maintain mental control during a full take-over that's truly the hardest part about this magic to master. The user often loses control during full take-over, and it's regarded as a dangerous magic due to that simple fact. Also that you become quite the easy target.

RP Sample:
Lucius held his hand over his eye-patch. He remembered that day still, but dismissed the thought swiftly. He couldn't let that bit of memory ruin his day, he was having a decent day so far. He was in his room, chewing on a toothpick, and taking a nap off and on, this was his off day. A day he used to relax, and a day he used to think, however stupid he may be. He took this day once in awhile off to remember why he joined. Although he was dismissing the thought, it stayed in the back of his mind. Always in the back of his mind, of course, he wouldn't let people know, why should he? It was none of their business.

Plus, He kept this thing off his mind via helping people within the guild, it made him feel pretty good, rather then making him feel like he would if he just sat and thought. He didn't like thinking about things like that, it'd make him mad, and mad lead to him hating someone, and then everything would just spiral out of control, and no one wanted that. He smiled when he saw a women walk in and ask for some help, and he would simply oblige.

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Approved, more or less. I'm not sure if you meant to only have 10 *'s total instead of 15 though, so you'll have to bump to let me know. Once that's taken care of you're all good.

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