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Post by Carnage on Sat Nov 22, 2014 11:21 pm

Tainted Waters [IF]  20ax8y9

Welcome to Barcelona, Spain 2094... or at least what's left of it. Europe was taken by a flood that sank a good portion of the continent down beneath the crystalline waves six months prior and the few that survived, humans, supernaturals beings, and the like are slowly filtering back home. The city as a whole is condemned, buildings corroded and swept away by the ferocity of the sea and those that remain... enter at your own risk. The infrastructure is largely damaged and crumbling. Some of the city is still submerged but as the waters slowly recede so will they be exposed. There is no government, no laws, no shops or stores, no education system, no currency, no rules... there is nothing except for one's will to survive and continue to live.

Alliances will be formed, enemies will be made, friends and lovers, rivals and feuds. Some come to make peace, others to make war, be careful where you tread and who you chance upon, with no sense of punishment or justice, there is nowhere to turn and no safe place to hide. Until civilization begins to reestablish itself everyone still living is well on their own and their aren't just humans that stalk the crumbling ruins. draugr, skinwalkers, witches... they aren't just creatures of myth and fable, they are real and where humanity has gathered, so will they. To blend back among society sure but each has their own reasons for hiding in plain sight. Some seek territory or power, others seek the basic need to feed. Whatever the reason be wary of them, most don't expose themselves lightly and your eyes can deceive you.

In a place riddled with depression, crippling loss, bitterness and anger there is much to be cautious of and even more to be uneasy about. Most people lost everything. Friends, family, loved ones, homes... it is a time of danger, unease, despair and the most dismal visages of hope that maybe this will be the last time they will have to start over and make this ruined city a home.
Tainted Waters is an original intermediate - advance mature roleplaying site set in a post - apocalyptic world that has supernatural beings and humans. Come check us out!

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