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[align=center]SHATTERED REALITY 20pdbft


It all happened so fast that no one got the chance to react before it was all over. There wasn’t so much a “flash” as there was sudden mass confusion. Things appeared that weren’t there just a moment prior. Places showed up on the map that weren’t before chronicled. It all happened so fast….no one was ready….

Deep within the vastness between realities sits a very powerful cosmic being. He is simply known as the Living Tribunal. He’s a being made of three faces that keeps balances in the Multiverse. It was here that our story truly begins. As the Living Tribunal merely watched over the Multiverse something horrible happened. The Living Tribunal’s closest “friend”, The Spectre, had been killed. By what or by who is unknown, but this act threw a specific reality into jeopardy as there was no longer anyone safe guarding that reality’s balance. The Living Tribunal had allowed this cosmic being to deal with that dimension due to the complexity of it alone. But now that being was no more with no traces as to why this happened.

As this occurred the universe that The Spectre watched over was already in turmoil as the balance shifted and powers not meant to be came into existence. The Living Tribunal had to act fast. Although everything was happening within the blink of an eye for the Living Tribunal, things within the realities were passing months and years. The Living Tribunal had to save the universe in peril. The universe in question was none other than the DC Universe. After quickly surveying a possible match across billions of realities the Living Tribunal chose the strongest, most versatile and most likely to withstand what needed to come to pass. The universe the Living Tribunal chose was that of Earth-616, the Marvel Universe.

The reality consisting of Earth-616 had already been through enough to prove to the Living Tribunal that it could handle this burden, that this universe could handle the taxing task of housing this other reality within itself. And with that the Living Tribunal made it so. The DC Universe and Marvel Universe would become one. But within this merger not everything from the realm that The Spectre saw over made it through the veil. Some appeared immediately, while others took time to appear and others were merely in transition. Mass panic occurred when Gotham City showed up out of nowhere within New Jersey. New Yorkers took to the streets as the Daily Planet merged into existence in the heart of the city.

Things like this were happening all over the globe, but with it also came those who dwelled within the former DC Universe. Civilians and super powered beings came over in the merger shocked, afraid and already calculating why this happened with their super computers in a cave. The Living Tribunal would be very strained dealing with just this one mere universe now, but for the overall balance of the Multiverse he saw it as a necessity. This was one of the few agreements of all three sides of the Living Tribunal of this magnitude. But now the question was, would it last? Would all of the inhabitants play nice, or would they simply devolve and destroy one another deeming on side the ultimate ruler of this universe once and for all?

And what of the villains who crossed over? Would they team up and destroy all of their enemies with their collected powers? Or are they going to kill each other off just for the chance at the Batman? Only time would tell. Only you can tell really. What side will you choose? A hero? A villain? A poor civilian stuck in the middle? Decide the fate of the newly christened Earth-616.2….and this shattered reality.

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