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Eternal Ruby Blaze

Eternal R. Blaze E_r_b_11

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ***
Agility - *
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - ****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Eternal Ruby Blaze
Alias(es): Older Brother to younger kids, Father to Scarlet
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: Tenth of December
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 240
Hair: Snow White
Eyes: Ruby Red

General Appearance: Eternal is a tall man at six feet and four incents. He has long white hair that falls over his face. His skin is pale and covers with scars. His red eyes, which are mostly cover by his hair, holds nearly no empathy. But if you listen to his friends they will tell you a different story. “His eyes are long tunnels fill with sorrow and pain but their light so bright that it can bring hope to anyone.” Years on the street made him love warm clothing and long robes that hid him from sight. His favorite, and the one he mostly wares, is a black hooded robe that races to his ankles. The symbol of The Fallen is on the back with violet flames licking the bottom. He usually wears a red scarf that covers the bottom of his face. A crescent moon, a butterfly, and a medal of honor are engraved into it as a remembrance to his family. He also wears a red under shirt with an tri-diamond design on it. Over that he has a black jacket-vest that has the symbol of the Fallen on its right breast pocket and a bigger version of it on the back with it motto “Blood is Blood, Family is Family”. Black pants cover his legs and end at his worn out white sneakers.

Personality: Eternal is, for the lace of better words, crazy. With two medical mental disorder he is hard to describe. Luckily there some words and honor he live by.

Family-Eternal will do anything for his family or people he consider family. It is one of his faults as if they are in trouble or in harm way he will drop all duties and forsake his own life to make sure they are alright.

Honor-Eternal honor is mix up, as he will never break any deals, never hurts any children, born or unborn, and will never kill without reason. These are the only thing he will honor and anything else is free play for him.

Bold-Well he is, he doesn't care what other think and will get to the point in most meeting. This doesn't mean he can beat around the bush, he can but prefer not to.

Thinker-He like to discover new thing and figure how they work. It something that keep him happy so it common to find him working on something or writing down stuff in his notebook.

Protector-That what he been for years, ever science Sanctuary was made. He finds it hare to look the other way to someone else plight, so he doesn't.

Deadly Dedicated-He is to his enemies and also to himself. After a past accident where he got someone he love hurt he became dedicated to his training, hoping to never make that mistake aging.

Split Personal Fighter- Eternal act differently in fight then he due in social events. He becomes cold and uncaring, and as the fight continue he can get to the point of forsaking life, his or his enemy.

Split Personal Father- Eternal tries his best to keep Scarlet from the truth and to keep her safe. Because of this he very portective of her and keep his calm around her. He also make sure she has her needs before him and in a safe place. He can change from and of the above personal or his regular to this one in a insent when she around.


  • Animals-Eternal find animal too pure to not to like. He loves them with all his heart because they only attack to protect them self and their young. They also can't be corrupted by life and he wants that same gift.

  • Ice Cream-Eternal has always been fond of these Frozen Treats ever since he had his first one when he was young. His fondness just grow as he got older.

  • Books-Eternal love knowledge, and hate to see it waste. Plus before he made Sanctuary the library was one of his safe havens.

  • People Watching-Eternal love to people watch when he was in the Fallen. He enjoy the smiles on people faces as they go by their day.

  • Silents-Love the silents as it help him keep check with his surrounding.

  • Drawing-To escape from the things he do and his memory of his parents, he draw to help he forces on the future.


  • Loud Noise-Eternal hates Loud Noise as it can keep him from seeing something he need to know about. Plus as he grow he begin to come to terms that noise means pain and hurt.

  • Killers-Eternal hates killers as they remind him of the past and what he had to do when he was on the streets. They are the opposite of him as he and The Fallen belief that every thing had a chance to live.

  • Cold Weather-Eternal hates the cold as he can become sick very easily.


  • Being a good Father-Eternal does not want Scarlet to live the life he had so he tries his best of being her father

  • Rebuilding the Fallen-The Fallen was his first home and he wants to see it living again.

  • Finding a Way Home-Even though he trying to make a new life here, he miss his old friends and the people who he is proud to call family.


  • Losing Himself-Every day he lives with mask that cover himself and he scares that one day he will no longer be who he is.

  • Hurting love ones-As someone who grow up in an abuse home and the streets, he known the feeling of being hurt and want to make sure no one he care for ever experience what he did.

Occupation: Mercenary for hire, an Artist
Family: Little Sis/Adopted Daughter Scarlet K. Blaze
Medical Conditions:

  • Split Personal Disorder: He suffer from a slight case of it, usually it only appear when he dealing with a fight or with Scarlet

  • Post Trauma Disorder: Eternal PTD triggers when cretin requirements are meet.

Pets: Neon, an Garden Snake
Hometown: The Fallen, and an orphanage call Sanctuary

  • The Fallen-He is planing to one day remake The Fallen to keep the balance in line where the MC can not.

  • His true relationship to sister-He hopes to keep his sis from finding out about their parent, plus he love her as a daughter and can't see her as his sister.


Let's Fall

Eternal was born under the name of Armando Isabel. His parent was a young couple who runs the local black market of his town. Ever since he remembers, he had to do his very best, as his father and mother expected no less of him. As the heir to the underground market he was force to grow up faster then he should. His life was a living hell as he was targeted by rivals’ families, kidnapping, and attempts on his life. Yet those were only the outside threats. He was both psychical and mentally abused by his parents, he was force to play “nice” to other heirs to further his family standing, and was show off to others.

This was his life for seven years and it would have been his life if it wasn't for a signal accident. An rival family lunch an attack on them during the winter holiday. Usually it would have been a perfect time to attack but what they did not known was the family was hosting a winter ball. The attack was over as soon as it begun, yet what his parent didn’t known was they kidnapped Eternal. He was taken to the county side where he mange to escape and got away from them. Luckily, or unluckily, he had mange to take hold of some stuff before he had escape. A small gun, an knife, and some documents. After some time he found a old church house in the county side where he finally rest.

Dark Life

For three year he live as a thief to get by, the old church house as his base and hide out from the world. One day he had to steal from an apartment building, that where rumor to have house an rich family. After finding the family, he discover an shocking seance. A young girl nearly dead in the main room. He couldn't leave her there so he took her with him to the church house. After a couple of week he learn her name was Sara Luna and he had an other mouth to feed.

It was two year later that he meet an other person. It was the night of Sara birthday and they where having a little fun. Or would have if a boy didn't try to pick-pocket him. With a little time later, Eternal was in the middle of the boy trouble and frighting a group of gangs. Some frighting later he was done and got a new mouth to keep feed.

Building Sanctuary

With Sara and Andrew, the boy, there the church house got a little tight. With that in mind Eternal and Andrew, now fifteen, both got job at the nearby town. Yet as they work they begin to notion the current state of the kids there. After a couple of weeks, Eternal had it.

With the space around the church house quite big and the money he have plus any from the kids he begun his project. First he got some of the kids to take shop in the church house, then he teach them how to build little hunts. With that being done, he built a french around the yard and dig a rout from a river bed a little way back. It took a better part of the year but he mange to build a little town around his home.

Yet not everything was perfect. All that working caught the eyes of both the local police and their gangs. Luckily Eternal was ready for this, and made some friend on both sides before hand. Even then it took some time to get both side off his back. Yet on his Seventeen birthday he was the happy owner of the Sanctuary Orphanage.

Eternally Scarlet

All was not good for Eternal and the Fallen, his group of allies, made of the older kids, to help him fright the underground. He woke up in a good mood to the sight of Sanctuary booming with life, the Fallen protecting them both inside and out.  Yet today was the day he was scared of ever science he ran away all those year ago. He was gonna face his parents.

It was months in the making, hell years, but he was still scare. They were all set up and his best friend, Andrew, and his girlfriend,
Sara, where coming to help. A little over kill if he say so but needed for the fight. It took a couple of day but they where finally back in his home town and some hours later they where at their current home.

It took some time to find his parent and weeks later to find all weakness to their home. They were gonna attack in an month to have time to get some dirt on them but it was trow out the window after an realization was made. They had a daughter and was gonna user her in a deal to further their business.

At 11:30 Eternal kill his parents, at 11:45 save his sister from a fate worst then death, at 11:55 he and friends name her Scarlet Kira Blaze, and at 12:00 he turn Nineteen.

New Beginning

On his 21 birthday something wired happen. He still didn't known what happen for sure, the last thing he remember was walking with Scarlet to the town for lunch and the next thing he known he was in a different place in the middle of a battle. After some running and yelling he mange to get both of them out of there and in a "Safe Zone". If you call crashing in to a group of people wearing the same uniform a safe zone.

It took a week at most to explain what happen and for him to learn all the way of this world. This Fiore it self was weird yet he can't help the felling of belonging. Like this place is calling to him. It didn't help that he was found some items with him when he came over here. To find answer he join up with the Magic Council and begin his new life.

Many thing had change during his time here in Fiore and after a act of the MC he left them and begun to travel the world. He planed to remake The Fallen is in it beginning phases.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless, once was a Magic Council member.
Guild Tattoo: Under Eye, Black

Magic: Celestial Wizard
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Celestial Wizards are exceptionally rare wizards who can summon beings from the spirit world using objects called Gate Keys. These keys can summon creatures that can be anything from pets to guardians. Mostly guardians to fight along side the summoner or help out with a request.
Strengths: The mean advantage that a Celestial Wizard has is his summons. Not only can he summon multiple guardians to fight alongside him but also can have a prefect summon for any solution. These guardians themselves can also use their own spells and can be devise to many sentient being, be it bird, fish, beast, or even another human. And that just physical portion of the beings. A Celestial Wizard guardians are powerful elementals with their own magic lost to man.
Weaknesses: Yet a Celestial Wizard greatest advantage is also his greatest disadvantage. If he doesn’t have the key he can’t summon the guardian he needed. Plus the guardians, themselves, are sentient being with their own thoughts and feelings. Because of this they can often argue or go against the wizard that summons them. And if that isn’t bad enough there a small cost to summon all guardians. The Celestial Wizard must use the magic to summon and then hold the guardian in this realm.

RP Sample:
It's raining, how he loved the rain. So long ago he would have been dancing and laughing in it with no care in the world. Yet even now he couldn't help a smile gracing his face, no matter how hard he try to not. With a jolt of pain he open his eyes to the sky above. Even with two holes in his body and the rain hitting him he couldn't help it, he laugh.

"Eternal!! Please be alright!" The sound of his wife voice rip to the silences night as she came run tore him. Her foot steps mix in to the nothingness as his hearing started to fail. Her hand rip at his shirt to heal his wounds underneath. His eyes lock on her's face as her tears begin to fall to him. She is a Angel, his Angel, and he was luckily to have her.

Looking pass her he saw his best friend, his brother in all but blood, Andrew with his little girl behind him. With a smile he rise his blood soak hand to the cut on Andrew arm. "Look like we blood brother now?" An other jolt of pain surge within him. Looking at his daughter he just rise his arms to her, calling her to him.

She took a step to him, as if afraid he will disappear, but finally drop to him and melt in his arms. Her body was shaking as she let's her sobs out, something that hurt him straight in his core. Slowly his own tears begin to fall as the pain take in toil. He move himself to whisper n her ear, "Remember what I thought you, and please stay safe you brat."

With a quite sigh he begin to let nature take it course. He can already fells his life fading. Looking around at the face of his family once more he got a sight that made his blood boil. The man who started this, the one who took his girl, was walking up to his family. With the last of his spirit, he rise his gun. He can see the man, as well as Andrew, stop in surprise. As his heart took it last beat, he pull the tiger.

Face Claim: OC, Eternal Ruby Blaze with Scarlet Kira Blaze.

Desired starting level: 1

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There we go, i change the magic from holder to celestial wizard and added a paragraph to history to reflect the new plot.
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Since you're reactivating him, you'll need to post in the reactivation section here to start RP'ing. Otherwise you're good to go!

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