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Kotone Hoshino

Kotone Hoshino OrHGsKU

Power - ****
Agility - ****
Toughness - **
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - *****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kotone Hoshino
Alias(es): Spell Breaker
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: August 18
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow

General Appearance: Kotone appears to be a teenage girl of around seventeen years old. Kotone's hair is a light brown, usually worn in an ornate ponytail, and often lightly decorated with anything from feathers to hairpins. She keeps it very well-groomed, and it appears beautiful and healthy because of it. She has large yellow eyes that exude a daring and confidence that few people can match. Her skin is naturally pale. Kotone generally wears a neutral to pleasant expression when left to herself, though unhappy frowns aren't all that uncommon since it is so easy to upset her. When she grins widely, her elongated canines are visible, and they are most easily seen when she is in a particularly cocky mood.

Despite her more tomboyish personality, Kotone has rather girly tastes in clothing. She is most often seen sporting a blouse and a short skirt, both of which vary in color depending on what she feels like wearing that day. She also often wears a set of long, striped stockings that go up to her thighs and a set of functional traveling boots, which are black.

The most interesting thing she wears is a long, black jacket made of a comfortable and light material. Though she never needs a jacket due to her inability to become cold, she seems to enjoy wearing it enough to wear it pretty often. The jacket isn't exceptionally fancy, though it does have a hood worth noting. On the hood is a set of cloth cat-like ears, giving Kotone a the appearance of having animal ears when she wears the hood up. On the right ear, an arrow-shaped clip dangles like an earring.

Personality: Kotone is a strange combination of serious and childish. Raised to believe she had some great responsibility to both dragons and humans, she sees herself as a self-styled hero, and is very protective of those she believes needs help.

Kotone has what many would describe a childish, or 'bratty' personality. This becomes especially evident if someone insults her, even inadvertently. The worst part is that it seems to be incredibly easy to insult her, leading her to get into verbal, or sometimes physical fights with even complete strangers who don't realize they could so easily upset her.

She loves plushy cats and what many might call childish games, such as making pillow forts or playing with her collection of plushies, or having extended conversations with her mostly silent companion, the small black cat she named Sid.

Kotone is a loyal friend and ally, but she is not without her faults. She is very self-assured to the point of cockiness, and believes that she never needs help, even in times where she is in trouble. She can also get into trouble, picking fights at inopportune times due to her hurt pride in either herself or her father.  Despite this Kotone takes her role as a Dragon Slayer very seriously, and works to make sure she has strength that is worthy of her title.

She is a woman of action, always backing up her boasts with her abilities if need be. She will almost never back down from a fight no matter how hopeless it may be, which is both a strength and a weakness depending on the situation.

Kotone isn't very good with jokes, often missing the point of them for hours at a time before the humor makes sense to her. She has been known to start laughing, seemingly at random, because she got a joke that was told to her before.

She prefers cold climates, and enjoys mountainous areas as a result, despite her fear of heights. At least as long as she can keep her mind off of the cliffs around her. She also loves swimming, and says the colder the water is, the better it feels. Due to her dragon slayer abilities, she often claims that snow cones are her most favorite meal.

Likes: Cats, Snow, Goofing off, a good fight, arguing (apparently)
Dislikes: Miscreants, Being restricted, Idiots (Or those she sees as such)
Motivations: Protect the innocent and helpless, Locate her father-figure, the ice dragon Krendall
Fears: Failure, Storms (including magical), Heights

Occupation: Self-appointed hero
Family: The ice dragon, Krendall (MIA)
Medical Conditions: None
Pets: A small black cat called Sid.
Hometown: The mountains outside of Shirotsume Town; Now lives in Hosenka Town
Secrets: Kotone feels her only family is Krendall, and fears developing too close of a bond with others. She has no idea what her real purpose is, and seeks to discover what that is constantly. A small, ashamed part of her is angry at Krendall for not telling her.

Kotone is secretly Argon's youngest daughter. She was lost when her mother was killed and taken away and discovered by her new father. Though she thinks her family abandoned her, she doesn't know they were told she was dead.

Abandoned at a young age, Kotone Hoshino was discovered and taken in as the child of the enigmatic and powerful Krendall, an ice dragon of advanced age and strength. Although she was a human, she grew up thinking of the dragon as her true father. In turn, Krendall taught her many things that would one day be useful to a human, such as math, reading, writing, science, and even history (from the viewpoint of a dragon, of course.) But the most impressive thing she learned from him, beyond a doubt, was the lost art of the Ice Dragon Slayer. Even as young as five, the girl proved to have the skill required for such a prestigious ability, and Krendall taught her her magic gladly. He warned her, however, that his kind had foreseen that the dragon slayers should keep their abilities a secret, because the time was coming when man would try to harness the power of dragons for their own nefarious purposes.

One day, when Kotone was eight, she discovered that her father had disappeared without a trace. The young girl had nowhere to turn and began searching for him, the only family she knew. After months of searching, the girl began to believe that she might never see him again. In despair, she wandered into Oak Town, looking to distract herself somehow. Few paid the young girl mind, however. That is until she came upon a criminal who was attacking a woman in an alleyway. Using her dragon slayer abilities, the eight year old easily bested the full grown man and then ran off into the woods. She was afraid that the woman had discovered the secret Krendall made her promise to keep.

It was not long after that she realized what she wanted to do with her power while she kept searching for her father. She would help those who needed her help. She was strong, stronger than many wizards twice her age, and she knew it. Krendall had told her that this was the nature of her abilities, after all.

Kotone wandered for a few years, taking care of herself and making due with her skills at hunting and the tattered clothes she was able to aquire as she went. Eventually, she settled down in Hosenka Town because of its interesting and exotic architecture. She was able to rent a small place from a kindly old woman who felt sorry for her being on her own. There, she met a small black cat that she called Sidney, which she took as as her friend and companion. The cat proved to be far more loyal than you would expect of a cat, following her wherever she went and never straying far away.
Kotone spent time in Hosenka, but more than anything she enjoyed wandering, listening for rumors of dragons and helping people where she could by taking jobs from the job board in guilds.

When she was thirteen, war came to Fiore. Armies from the desert in the North swept through, eventually even nearly wiping out the Magic Council. Kotone was never officially involved in the war, but she did take it upon herself to help those where she could, occasionally sticking around to help protect the innocent villagers who would be caught in the crossfire. She made quite the name for herself, but her good deeds and newfound fame weren’t without a price. Her abilities as a dragon slayer were eventually discovered by Council wizards, and word quickly spread that dragon slayers once again walked the earth. She used her abilities to fight off soldiers, but was best known for her abilities when facing wizards. She aquired the title “Spell Breaker,” from a reporter of the events, and is now far more famous than she ever meant to be.

Kotone, at the age of 17 is a legend, one who has far more inaccurate stories than accurate ones. She is said to have fought off an army of wizards herself, to be as cool and calculating and beautiful as the unique ice powers she wields, though she would tell you none of that were true, all the while looking proud that such stories were told of her.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Dark red just under her collar bone on the left side, if she aqcuires one.

Magic: Ice Dragon Slayers
Caster or Holder: Caster Magic
Description: Ice Dragon Slayer magic is similar to the other styles of dragon slayer magic, save for the fact that it uses the powers of an ice dragon rather than the other elements. It is a powerful magic, known only by the girl known as the Spell Breaker. Ice Dragon Slayer magic acts similarly to the magic of other dragon slayers, giving her the ability to eat her own element and gain power from it. In addition to her standard array of dragon slayer abilities, Kotone's magic acts similar to that of maker magic. With it, she can create weapons and other objects to help her in and out of combat.

Strengths: Ice Dragon Slayer magic is powerful and versatile. She has the ability to create items at will, such as weapons or tools, and can shoot a beam of cold energy from her mouth, as well as the other dragon slayer powers. In addition, her dragon slayer magic gives her heightened senses, such as better-than-normal eyesight, smell, and hearing. At close ranges, Kotone is incredibly powerful. Her natural agility combines well with the magic Krendall taught her.
Weaknesses: Ice Dragon Slayer magic is weaker at longer ranges, due to it's maker magic nature. While she is incredibly competent at close and medium ranges, staying further away than that can give her trouble. In addition, the senses gained from her magic makes her prone to motion sickness, as well as more susceptible to effects that harm the senses. Maker magic can take a small amount of time to use, and despite her talent, it can take longer than simpler forms of magic to use effectively, requiring her natural agility to even the playing field.

RP Sample:
Standing up cooly from the aftermath of a heated battle, Kotone looked over her shoulder at the idiot who had insulted her. “That’ll show ‘em,” she said as she dusted her hands off cockily and began to walk away. Around her, everyone stared in awe, or possibly just surprise at such a fight breaking out. Either way, she didn’t care. The jerk had gotten what he deserved.

“You tore up the market!” a man told her angrily as she passed. Kotone’s cocky grin was replaced by a slight blush as she looked back and properly surveyed the damage. Large icicles grew from the ground and walls and everything in her path seemed to have been broken or damaged in some way. A few people were picking up the wares from the stalls to help the poor shopkeepers.
Kotone scratched her cheek in embarassment as she looked back. “I guess I did go a little too far... Sorry about that...” she said with a nervous laugh as the man crossed his arms, expecting her to make up for her reckless behavior.

“You should be ashamed of yourself young lady!” he scolded. “Some dragon slayer you are!” So he knew about her? She hung her head. Of course he did. That was half of the reason she’d gotten into a fight in the first place. She really needed to work on not snapping when someone told her she was punier than the stories made her sound...

Face Claim: Yuki Minakami (Subarashiki Hibi)

Desired Starting Level: 3

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It all checks out. Approved. Kotone Hoshino 650985950

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