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Raven Flametongue 2554-1285340901

Power -****
Agility -***
Toughness -****
Intelligence -**
Willpower -*****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Raven (Last name unknown)
Alias(es): Flame Tongue
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: May 15th
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6”3'
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue

General Appearance: Raven stands in rather tall for his age, easily towering over most people living in Fiore. His body is well sculpted, but not bulky and is devoid of marks, scars, or tattoos. His arms are a little longer than most people's too. Standing straight up the tips of his fingers nearly reach his knees. This gives him a rather lanky look, especially when he's wearing long sleeve shirts. Auburn hair is kept short at about 4-5 inches long, and is never combed down. It naturally spikes adding to his disheveled look, and depending on the lighting can look like a brilliant sunset. The only strange thing about his face is often his smile, as his fangs are noticeably elongated.

His preference in clothes largely fits the work he's doing at the time. But in general he sticks to long sleeved button up shirts that are usually white, though he leaves the top two or three buttons unbuttoned most of the time. He also leaves the collar up and the wrist buttons unbuttoned, making him look rather messy. His lower half is usually blue jeans or black slacks, though they also usually have holes in the knees or have frayed ankles.

Over all this he prefers a black leather jacket that comes down to exactly his waist when his arms are down. This jacket, unlike the rest of his clothes, is kept neat and well maintained. It has pockets down at either side near the bottom of the zipper similar to most hoodies. It has another pocket on the front right side of the Jacket, and on the inside of the left side. Additionally on the back there's twin red dragon's wings sewn onto the back that wrap around from the back of the shoulders to just under the upper pockets. On the wrists of the jacket, what looks like orange and red flames are sewn on. These flames and wings have a special shimmer and look as if they're made of a lizard's scales.

Along with this jacket are a pair of goggles that usually hang around his neck. It looks as though the strap is made of black leather, and the lenses themselves are a blue tint. He doesn't usually wear them, often finding he just likes the look of having them, but at times where his eyes could be damaged from strong winds or other projectiles, you will find he wears them.

He has a preference for black boots as well. Usually his footwear is of a treated leather that's highly water resistant, and offers him good traction. These lace up over his shins, and are padded slightly around the shin itself as the boots, like the jacket, are custom made. Like the boots, the laces are black. He leaves his hands free of cloth, as his magic would just burn up gloves he uses. Though, if he's not going to be fighting, he sticks to black fingerless gloves. However, he is searching for a comfortable material that won't burn so he can have said gloves, even when fighting.

Personality: Raven, at a glance, is an aloof man. He does what he feels is fun at the time, be it fighting or flirting with the local girls. He's out to have a good time, and doesn't seem to care too much about the people around him. And he's okay with people looking at him like that. He wants to appear carefree and just out of reach.

In truth though, he is partially like that. He’s looking to enjoy life for a change, to get out and see what’s out there. He considers quite a bit in life to be fun. Exploring the world is something he seems to thrive on. If you ask him why, he’ll simply state it’s fun. But deep down he enjoys the danger that comes with it.

Nothing excites him more like a good fight. He’s not one to pick a fight with everyone he meets, but he’s not one to turn down a good fight either. A strong opponent will never discourage him, rather it’ll drive him to fight harder. Of course, if you hold someone he cares for hostage or hurt them, expect him to go all out. He will do his best to burn you to ashes! If the fight is boring and no one’s in danger however, he’ll simply walk away.

Fun for him is also his defense. Due to his flirty and outright mildly perverted ways, along with his eagerness to fight it keeps people away. And this is one of his few goals in life. He doesn’t want to get close to people, and he wants to fulfill the mission left for him.

His search for fun is overridden by his duty, something that was drilled into his head since he was young. His job is to protect humanity, and he believes that every life is precious. He doesn’t always like what people do, but his loyalty to his duty keeps him on track and from wrecking every bad person in life. He does his best to hide how much he honestly cares about life in general, but sometimes he just can’t help himself.

He has an indomitable will, believing that his actions are right or the closest thing to right around. This willpower comes from, in part, his belief in his own power that was given to him. He’s strong enough to live outside the normal bindings people tie themselves up in society.

It also partly stems from him believing he’s not wholly human because of his magic and what it’s done to his body. As such, he sees himself above them at times, coming off as arrogant or haughty. He often refers to people as “Those humans” which doesn’t help any. And because he sees himself above them, he sees himself as stronger than them too.

Because of this he never gives up on anything in life. Once he picks a goal, he eventually reaches it. He’s also sure to remind people who told him he couldn’t that he did it so they don’t doubt his ability again.

Death is something he’s not keen on dealing with. Even if he doesn’t know the person who died, he’ll still feel some sadness over it. Since all life is precious, he has to stop and respect that the life has ended. However, he’s not above killing if it means saving the human race, or the few that do get close to him. He’ll feel guilty, and it may be crushing at times, but it’s something he’s willing to bear for the good of others if need be.

Transportation is something he tries to avoid as well. Because of his changes, it makes him horribly motion sick if he rides on anything. Even instant teleportation will leave him feeling queasy. As such he does his best to avoid it, even if it means walking halfway across Fiore to do it.

Shadows and darkness are another thing he tries to avoid dealing with if possible. Draco constantly told him about a shadow dragon he once tangled with. And he also mentioned that if the shadow dragon Athest had picked up a child like Raven, then that child would likely be a dragon slayer raised under Athest’s view of the world. He never specified how Athest viewed the world, but did tell Raven to not trust the shadows. It is unlikely that he’ll ever truly trust anyone that uses shadow magic, and certainly not the shadow dragon slayer.

The one thing that defines him above all else is his lone wolf nature. Be it his duty that Draco gave him, or a goal he’s set for himself, he almost never asks for help. If something needs doing he’ll be the first to step up to do it, and he’ll see it through alone. More times than not it’s not even intentional. He’s just used to being the only one strong enough, or willing enough, to see things through to their conclusion.

But deep down, Raven is looking for the companionship that he naturally, and sometimes willingly, pushes away. He won’t even admit to himself, but he’s often jealous of how ‘normal humans’ have people they can rely on. He quickly learned what Draco meant when he said a human’s weakness is their greatest strength. And deep down, he can’t deny that he wants to rely on others, even if it’s not in his nature to do so.

Fire: Being a fire Dragon Slayer, he enjoys the taste, look, smell, and sight of his element. It’s not uncommon for the young man to sleep next to a camp fire, or lit fireplace as he finds it comforting.

Spicy food: It reminds him of his element and how it tastes. It’s a nice hit for him to sit down and have a spicy dish right after a long day or a good fight. Spicy drinks fit this bill as well.

Life: Raven cherishes life in general, not just humans. For that reason he tries to keep his powers in check if he can when he’s near forests and such. Don’t get the wrong idea though, he’s no vegan. Any butcher shop he’s ever frequented will tell you as much.

Human Darkness: It’s a broad term he uses to describe the darker side of humanity. Greed, envy, lust, ect… all of these are things he dislikes. While it’s not inherently wrong to feel those things, it’s when people indulge in it that it bugs Raven.

The Dark: Upon his instruction by Draco and his training, Raven has disliked dark places. Shadow magic can strike from any angle when it’s dark out. And while fire can light up places, it still leaves him feeling vulnerable.

Anti-Dragon Sentiments: Raven wouldn’t be around today if it wasn’t for Draco, who is a dragon. And he sees Draco as his father, even though the two are separate species. So when he hears people talking ill of the dragons, it leaves him rather upset and ready to set things on fire.

His mission: Draco, like the other dragons, entrusted his dragon slayer with the mission to protect and/or guide humanity. Raven takes this mission seriously in life, though in his own way. Rather than just solve everyone’s problems, he gets them to at least try. The thought being that if they learn to fix their own problems… they won’t need him or the dragons anymore.

A good time: This can be many things for Raven. It could be an evening enjoying a flame broiled steak. It could be a night on the town flirting with the local girls. Or it could be a good fight that pushes him to get stronger. Even getting to see a new place or old ruins could fit his view of a good time. Regardless, as long as he’s having fun and it doesn’t conflict with his mission, he’ll take his time to enjoy himself.

Finding Others: He was abandoned by Draco and hopes to find the fire dragon. However… he also knows deep down that he might never see the fire dragon ever again. He doesn’t want to replace his father’s place in his heart, but he doesn’t want to spend his whole life alone either. Given his natural penchant for pushing others away and doing things on his own though, even he knows it will be quite difficult.

Failing: Failure means a couple of things to Raven. If he fails his mission, he’s let down not only his father, but the entire human race. Mostly because if he fails them… they’re all most likely dead. It also means he’s too weak to accomplish what he’s trying to do. While he knows he can go out and get stronger after… he’s afraid of what he’d lose in the process of failing.

Transportation: Because of his severe motion sickness Raven is afraid of any kind of transportation. Cars, boats, trains, or even flying things will make him severely sick. Though he does notably better up in the sky than on the ground or in the water. Unless he’s naturally propelling himself, he will be crippled on transports and unable to use his magic effectively.

Being abandoned: He doesn’t like to admit it, but his heart still hurts after Draco abandoned him so suddenly. And he’s afraid of that pain repeating itself because he gets abandoned again. In his mind, it’s even worse if they die, because you can’t find them again when they abandon you like that. w

Occupation: Wandering Mercenary
Illyana (Mother, Presumed deceased)
Jared (Father, Presumed dead)
Illiya (Older sister, Presumed dead)
Draco (Faster father, MIA)

Medical Conditions: Raven is 100% healthy with no pre-existing conditions.
Pets: None.
Hometown: Raven considers no town his home currently.
Secrets: Raven’s Dragon Slayer magic and his upbringing are both his biggest secret. If he can help it, not even the other dragon slayers will know he’s one.

This story begins rather simply. It begins with the birth of a young boy to a happy family that lived near the west coast of Fiore. It was in this small fishing village where he’d spend his first four years of life living and learning alongside his older sister, whom at the time was seven years old. Life was peaceful, if not dull, for young Raven.

However, most stories are marred by tragedy and sorrow… Especially for those bound for great things in life. And Raven is no exception to this rule. The summer of his fourth year in Fiore, the bandits that plagued the coast, and worked outside the Magic Council’s reach came to the village.

The mayor of the village couldn’t pay the fees the brigands demanded, and so they came through to take everything. House by house they went. And house by house was razed to the ground, lives taken and precious things looted. Raven’s family was no exception. However, thanks to his parents and sister, his life was spared. When things were quiet during the next dawn he stepped outside to see what was left of his home, family, and friends.

Suffice to say, there was nothing left. Alone, cold, and hungry, Raven didn’t know what to do, or where to go. A day went by, and then a second. He stayed in the village, hoping someone would come back to help him. It was on the third day that salvation came. Though it’s certainly not what the child was expecting.

The crimson dragon, Draco. None other than one of the dragons found him. Not only did it find Raven, but it took the boy in. Draco gave Raven his name, saying that as soot covered and filthy as the boy was, he was as black as a raven’s feather when he found Raven.

Not only did he take Raven in and name him, but he also began teaching Raven the basics of surviving. Not just in the wild, but in cities with other people too. So during the next couple years, Raven learned how to hunt and forage. He learned to read and write. He learned how to make a fire and a shelter. He learned how to draw and math.

It was only after he was six years old that Draco began teaching him about magic. Dragons can see the magic inside people, and he knew Raven would one day be a powerful wizard with the right training. So Draco began teaching him how to be a Dragon Slayer. And this extra learning, on top of everything else Draco was teaching him, ate up another five years of his life.

He’s eleven now, and able to take care of himself. He knows how to live off the land without stripping it bare, and how to keep himself healthy. He knows how to use his magic, and fight without it. Draco takes the next few months to tell Raven how the dragon found the boy.

He then sent Raven to a nearby village for something small. Raven questioned internally, but didn’t actually ask. He was left with instructions that had been drilled into his head since he was little. Keep his Dragon Slayer magic a secret. When he returned, he couldn’t find Draco. After a week, he realized Draco wasn’t coming back.

He found himself lost again. Though he didn’t remember when he was four, he definitely remembered the feeling. So he went back to the village hoping to find a purpose for his life. It was here that he came face to face with the ugliness of humanity and his past.

The bandits who terrorized his hometown when he was a small child were still threatening other small villages. Little Raven didn’t remember much of back then, but he knew bandits had taken his family from him. So he began traveling from village to village to weed out the bandit problem the only way he knew how:

To purge them by fire.

After all, fire was fair. It consumed all, but it was also used to heal. Sometimes the best way to fix a problem was to break something. And so he began finding the bandit hideouts and burning them down. However, there were many bandits, and only one of him. And so after his first two strikes, he met his match.

He challenged a bandit leader by the name of Morgana to one on one combat. The terms were simple. If he won, her men turned themselves in peaceably. If she won, he was her prisoner and servant. She beat him, forcing him to work for her gang of bandits. Draco raised him to be true to his word, and it was the first taste of humiliation the young boy had tasted in his life.

So for the next two years he worked with Morgana as a bandit, learning how to steal and break in. At first he was resistant to what she tried to teach him, and what she wanted  him to do. So finally, on his 12th birthday, Morgana took Raven out to show him why she stole. It’s one of Raven’s clearest memories, and one he still holds close to his heart as a reminder of mistakes he made.

Morgana took him out to personally oversee how he worked. But it wasn’t any ordinary job. She wanted him to see something he’d never forget. So she took him to the mansion of wealthy man who ran things in several of the small villages. She snuck him in during a party, and even managed to smuggle him into the back.

There, he saw how people were treated as slaves. He saw some being beaten, others starving in prisons for having done little more than not being able to afford the taxes. Others were reveling in their pain and suffering. Raven’s young mind couldn’t take it and he snapped. This began what he likes to think of as his little time of darkness. In his rage at the disregard for life, he turned on the people hosting the party. One by one he burned them to ash, starting with the people who tried to stop him.

Despite besting him before, Morgana wasn’t prepared for the sudden outburst, and was almost killed trying to stop him. For the next two years, he continued working with Morgana, but unlike how Draco raised him, he had no qualms about killing people. After all.. if humanity couldn’t even treat itself decently, it had no right to live. The rumors that circled about this incident talked about a man who breathed fire, earning Raven the title Flametongue.

This came to a head when he was 14. He met a young girl about his age by the name Clarisa. Her mother was ill with a disease they couldn’t afford to get treated, so she worked as a waitress to feed her and her mother and eventually get the medicine for her mother.

When Raven was eating at the place she worked, thugs started harassing her. When he stepped in however, she didn’t let him kill the thugs, and instead let them go. Confused, Raven also went on his way. But it wasn’t the last time the two would run into each other, and soon they were like brother and sister.

Morgana noticed the difference and began making sure Raven had more free time from stealing from bad people so he could regain that inner balance he had when they first met. She needed his help to help the poor people who had been oppressed, but she also knew he was a young boy too.

Just before his 15th birthday, that’s when trouble brewed again. Those who had money and power found Morgana to be a thorn in their side that needed to be removed. And so they began to attack every village that was sympathetic to her. This of course hit the village Clarisa lived at, and despite his best efforts she was killed.

But in her dying words, she told him not to give up. To keep on living how he was raised to. This was her final wish, and one that he would honor for the rest of his life. After dealing with the people he could, he returned to Morgana and explained what had happened. Upon hearing everything Morgana released Raven from his servitude, leaving him free to explore the world and do what he could for it.

Now free from Morgana, and with Clarisa’s death weighing heavily on his mind, he began to wander once more. On his journey of soul searching, he took up several odd jobs to be able to afford to eat. He spent a year escorting a chef around Fiore during the war, not really investing himself in the battles. Rather he helped people where he could and let the war play out.

He spent another two years working a spa near Hargeon. During this time he learned that his magic wasn’t wholly destructive. The warmth he provided helped many people recover and destress from the war. He began feeling stifled as the wanderlust kicked in however, and he was once again on the road.

He’s spent the last year on the road, helping people recover from the war and rise above their problems. He spent that time helping people improve themselves as a person, just like Draco taught him. And while he still suffers from his own pain sometimes, he’s learned to always push forward and never look back. Something that keeps him moving forward at the start of his newest adventures.
[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Top of his left forearm under his sleeve.

Magic: Fire Dragon Slayer
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Dragon Slayer magic in general is a lost magic. It is a magic that can only be learned from the dragons themselves and so even in ancient times very few people possessed this magic. Raven learned his magic from the crimson dragon Draco, who is a fire dragon. As such, Raven’s power is inherently fire based, and all things of his magic is somehow connected to fire magic that his body generates within him. A couple of things set this magic apart from normal fire mages. First, the caster is able to eat his element and be nourished by it just like we are nourished by eating food. The second is that his fire comes from within his body, allowing him to spew fire from any part of his body at any time. And while this magic does allow for range, it works best as a close range magic.

Strengths: Raven is able to eat and withstand fires normal humans couldn’t go near, magical or otherwise, and regain stamina and magic. And since he wields fire, anything of the ice element melts before him. Wooden and other easily flammable magics would fall before this magic as well. In addition to this, his magic can be used from any part of his body. This gives him a wide variety of spells ranging from a standard fireball on up through boosting his jumps or surprise close combat moves that normal humans couldn’t manage. To top that off, this magic can often leave behind flames that burn for a short time after spells have been cast, giving him a surprising amount of control over the battlefield.

Weaknesses:The first and most noteable weakness happens to be fire’s ever present foe: Water. Water extinguishes flames, and fire has a hard time burning things that are wet. While Raven won’t instantly lose to water magic, it is definitely his weakest matchup. And while he can eat fire to strengthen himself, he can’t eat his own fire. And it doesn’t heal him, it simply makes him feel less fatigue and, unless the fire is magic by nature, doesn’t restore his magic. And while his magic has variety, his defense is rather lacking. Since his shield is made of fire, which isn’t solid, fire resistant magic that hits his shields would simply pass through instead of being burned to a crisp.

RP Sample:
The sun beat down warmly on the citizens of Hargeon. Quite a few of them sought shelter on the sweltering day. But not one man. He strode into town clad in a black leather jacket. Flame designs licked up from the wrists, and the lizard scale dragon wings on the back seemed almost alive in the light. Goggles hung around his neck,and tousled auburn hair moved with the slight breeze coming off the ocean front.

He inhaled deeply through his nose and held it for a moment before exhaling through his mouth. Many scents hit his nose as he did so. He could smell the bakery down the street serving fresh bread. He could smell the sweat of the men loading and unloading the many cargo ships. He could smell the passing children and the dog they were chasing. And over it all was the ever present scent of the salty ocean that clung to everything in Hargeon.
“It’s not quite like home…” He muttered to himself as crimson eyes drifted over the city. He missed that forest scent, and the smell of the forest animals that lived there. The mighty oaks, the deer and squirrels, the smell of flowering goldenrod. He’d have to go out west again some time. Not that there was anything left to go back to. The thought made him rub the back of his head slightly.

He was alone of course. As was to be expected of someone of his history. And he was okay with it. At least, that’s what he told himself as he began walking through the streets of Hargeon. THe calls of vendors wanting him to spend what little money he had fell on deaf ears. Not that he was deaf, but he was above their world. And as such he didn’t have time for small trinkets that held no meaning.

Then he paused as a board with leaflets and papers tacked to it caught his attention. Turning he walked over and inspected the various leaflets. After a few moments he let out a sigh. There was nothing interesting posted… well, visiting Hargeon seemed like a waste of time. But… “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to check out the bar.”

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Raven Flametongue
Raven Flametongue
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