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Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:07 pm

Limited Magics

EDIT: 2/28/14 - Limited magics may only be taken if you have proven to be reliable and active when it comes to posting. This is to make sure nothing happens to screw up the site cannon. After all, there is only one Dragon Slayer from each dragon. Other character types we may be more lenient on depending on the app.

These Magics are known only by a select few. The characters might have important roles to play, or they might simply be cool concepts. Note, however, that Dragon Slayers will be important to the site's metaplot and those applying for them should be active.

Characters who wield a limited magic have to be especially well-done to be allowed, and it is usually given on a first come first serve basis, unless an event says otherwise. That said, if there are two applications for the same position... such as two shadow dragon slayers... we'll likely go with whomever we determine is more likely to be on the site roleplaying most reliably.

Note that characters with limited magics are probably going to be more closely watched to make sure their players are active so that inactive players don't take up slots.

This list is to keep track of the characters currently using each limited magic. Check here if you want to see if there's an opening for a specific type.

Dragon Slayers: (7/8)
1. Fire Dragon Slayer - Raven Flametongue
2. Ice Dragon Slayer - Kotone Hoshino
3. Sky Dragon Slayer -Haruto Fukimoto
4. Water Dragon Slayer - Tye Gildart
5. Iron Dragon Slayer - Hannah Jaymes
6. Lightning Dragon Slayer - Tatsuma Shinju
7. Light Dragon Slayer - Kade Lazarus

Requip Users: (2/6)
1. Roejaster Rallands -Requip: Gunslinger
2.  Verity Lohlepher - Requip: The Witch

Takeover Users: (3/8)
1. Abigail Parker - Takeover: Angels
2. Hector Warfield - Takeover: Elementals
3. Fayte Scarlett - Takeover: Harpies
4. Vidrio - Takeover: The Unwilling

Godslayers (?)

Godslayers are one of the most powerful magics known to the world. There are currently no known godslayers, however.

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