Shinkuro Inazuma

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Shinkuro Inazuma

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Shinkuro Inazuma

Power - ***  
Agility - ****    
Toughness - **  
Intelligence - ***  
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Shinkuro Inazuma
Alias(es): Godspeed; Manslayer; Blade of Lightning; Shin
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: May 2
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Green

General Appearance: Shin looks like any other guy you meet on the street; lean body, average stature, mischievous boyishness that tells you he’s up to something bad. But what set him apart from the others are the locks of gray hair usually seen in men three times older than he is, and the olive green eyes which are the trademark of his bloodline (which just happens to be the bloodline fated to bring his world and its twin together). Coming from an entirely different world full of pollution and disease, his complexion is both sickly and pale, but he is surprisingly vigorous in spite of it. A scar runs across his back, from the base of his neck down to his tailbone, proof of the Glitch Circuit implanted into him by the conductor of the Great Divide (which strangely doesn’t work in the world of Fiore). And on the back of his hands are the numbers ‘00’ and ’42.’ No one knows the reason for these numbers, and even Shin himself doesn’t know their meaning and purpose. All he knows is that they appeared the first time he Shifted into the world of Fiore.

His attire consists of a green coat with armor plates on the sleeves and the sides, and a fur-lined hood. He wears a white t-shirt underneath with a tribal painting of a dragon at the front. For bottoms he has a pair of khaki pants held by a black leather belt with a katana sheath on the side. This is the outfit he usually wears, both for travel and combat. If he wanted to make himself more comfortable, he dons a simple t-shirt and denims, typically with a hoodie or a vest. Now if he really wanted to be comfortable, he’ll simply be clad in a sleeveless shirt with boxers. The colors he prefers are green, gray and black, though sometimes he goes for the occasional blue and red. And for the final touch, he always wears a bane wolf fang necklace, a gift from his petite, twin-tailed lover back in his world.  

Personality: The way Shin works could be summed up in three words: steadfast, overly kind and ruthless. He’s the sort of person who ends up being the gopher because he’s too nice to refuse anyone who needs help, yet he’d hastily beat up the people who order him around if he finds them doing wrong to others. He follows a set of morals – kind of a hybrid between chivalry and bushido – that endears him to the people yet makes him very annoying to most. And he would never compromise himself or his code, so everyone he meets for the first time either become his friends or his enemies (though the latter group sometimes end up in the former group somewhere along the way).

He treats people he meets for the first time with complete courtesy, more so if the person’s a woman. A good judge of character, he usually decides what to do with the person about a minute into the conversation. If he’s a bad egg, Shin won’t do anything until the other party acts first. Otherwise, he’ll carry on just fine and even offer to help the person for no particular reason. He considers friends as VIPs, to be cherished and protected at any costs. He doesn’t mind being taken advantage of by his friends, as long as he believes it’s for the right reasons. If it isn’t, he’ll either come up with a roundabout way to stick it to him, or outright refuse. And if conflict arises, he’ll make sure to end it in the quickest way possible, even if that way causes a heck lot of pain. His enemies are either treated the same way or less lucky. If they threatened only him, then he’d go back to how he deals with bad eggs. However, if they dare approach, threaten or hurt his friends, then there’s no hiding place his bullets won’t find and pierce through.

His view on relationships is heavily influenced by his notions of chivalry. If he deems himself unworthy of the woman he likes, he wouldn’t make any advances until he has improved himself. Likewise if said woman would approach him first, then he will respectfully and politely decline given the above reasons. But if he finally considers himself worthy of a lover, then his partner would be treated with no less than the most love and care he can give to a person. Knowing him it would get annoying, and depending on his partner’s personality they could end up fighting a lot. He is rather prone to public displays of affection, such as the simple kiss or hug or holding hands. But he already has a lover in his world, so the prospect of finding a new one is far away from his mind.

1) Altruism – It is in Shin's nature to help people out, no matter where, no matter when, no matter who. He will provide assistance to the extent of abilities, even if he has to walk through fire to do it.

2) Wide, open spaces – Having been to the sprawling plains of Edelweiss, to the heights of Mt. Elysium, Shin feels more alive every time he’s out in the open. It makes him believe that he could just sprout wings and fly up into the sky.

3) Cats – They scratch, they bite, and they make you feel like the pet instead of the master. But that’s how cats show their love, and Shin finds this trait endearing. In fact, it reminds him a bit of his experiences with Liliana.

4) Liliana – Of course he likes the person he loves, and more. He may have left her behind due to unforeseen circumstances, but his heart still remains with her. That, and he fears retribution should he get back and she discovers that he was fooling around.

5) Anything edible on a stick – Delicious, scrumptious, convenient, and portable. What more could anyone ask for? Plus, he likes nibbling on the stick after eating.

6) Coffee – A good cup of steaming hot Joe can mean more to him than winning the lottery. He can’t go the day without drinking coffee. He can survive without it, but he’ll be noticeably less courteous.

1) Cruel Intentions – He understands when people have to do bad things for the best intentions. But he can’t stand it when people do bad things just for the sake of it. That’s when he decides retribution is necessary.

2) Hot and Sour Soup (or anything with too strong flavors) – The flavour itself is just too strong for him. He doesn’t like it when the food overwhelms his taste buds to the point that he couldn’t enjoy the meal. In this way he doesn’t like spicy foods.

3) Arrogance – The second thing he can’t stand besides cruel intentions is arrogance. He recognizes that everyone has their own special talents. But he doesn’t like it when people rub it in everyone’s faces.

4) Wolves – Despite having a bane wolf necklace, he still doesn’t like wolves. He’s had one too many encounters with a roving pack of wolves that he’d shoot a wolf on sight.

5) Arid Days – Hot and dry days annoy Shin in a very unique way. It makes him lethargic, a bit unsociable and a whole lot more annoying. The worst that could happen to him is momentarily forgetting to be courteous and outright cursing someone.

6) Elizabeth D. Victoria – The Bloodhound who hounded him back in his world. Her crazy demeanor and stupid single-mindedness brought him more trouble than it was worth. It’s not that he hated her; in fact he pitied her. But still she was the only woman he wouldn’t treat with courtesy.

1) Finding a Way Back Home – After he unknowingly Shifted into Earth Land, he vowed to himself to find another Way Point so he could Shift back to Illumina and be reunited with his partner and girlfriend, Lilian. This is the force the drives him as he ventures the unknown world he finds himself in, with a very different set of rules and a very different set of people.

2) Helping Others – Even trapped in a strange world, Shin ways won’t change. He would still go out of his way to help someone in need, even if it seemed like a really bad move. After all, it’s part of what makes Shin the person that he is.

1) Irredeemable Failure – Shin realizes that he can’t help everyone, and not everyone he helps would be satisfied with the results. But he fears completely failing someone and not being able to do anything else about it. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of complete hopelessness and resignation.

2) Dying – This isn’t a fear of the unknown after going through death’s door. It’s the fear of what will happen to those he left behind, especially Lilian. Perhaps when he felt he’s done all that he can do in life – make Lilian happy, left his mark on the world, made sure that his crazy mother wouldn’t do anything mad – then he could pass on in peace. But so far, he’s only done the first thing on that list, and it’s still a work in progress.

3) His Mother – Aurea Inazuma is an honest scientist with a dastardly whimsical side. She also happens to be the first one who discovered the Keystone and the 23rd Black Room. It’s not this ability that Shin fears, but rather her whimsy, which usually provides catastrophic results. He’s usually the target of her pranks and jokes; in fact, he ending up in Earth Land was the direct result of his mother’s interference.

Occupation: Guildless
- Aurea Inazuma aka Genesis (Creator)
- Lilian Grandia (unofficially married)
- Amelia Flintlock (sister-in-law)
- Iris Grandia (mother-in-law)
- Hector Grandia (father-in-law)
- Therion Grandia (brother-in-law)

Medical Conditions: None
Pets: None
Hometown: White Citadel, Edelweiss Monarcy, Illumina
- He has knowledge of the Keystone that gives access to the 23rd Black Room, a highly-advanced mainframe capable of coding and re-coding their section of the galaxy.
- He is the link between twin worlds and the key to merging them back together.
- His mother is an all-powerful and whimsical scientist / celestial being who could easily use the 23rd Black Room as she sees fit.

Shinkuro Inazuma began his life in Earth Land as a misplaced entity, flung headlong into a different world by the whims of his mother. By all intents and purposes, Shin was ‘born’ in Fiore on the day he first Shifted there. But he began his journey in the first of twin worlds in which he was conceived – Crescentia, the land where science and technology are gods. He was an unassuming man with an unassuming job and a rather unusual cast of friends. But one night he found himself on the run from every member of law enforcement in the city, running shotgun with his childhood friend, Amelia Flintlock. In the ensuing chaos he was separated from Amelia, and ended up in a well-hidden area with a single cherry blossom tree blooming. Suddenly he was bathed in strange light, and his surroundings began to shift and turn as if the world around him was glitching. And then he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he found himself lying down in an open grass field, where the air was clean and wandering wolves were trying to rip the flesh off his bones. He had found himself in Illumina, the world of fantasy and magic and fantastic beasts.

After running yet again from certain danger, he found himself in the company of the Black Lily Bandits, led by the puny yet spunky Lilian Grandia. What followed was a series of events that led from Shin trying to find a way back to Crescentia, to preventing the spark of another major war between the Edelweiss Monarchy and the Lotus Empire. And along the way he managed to find new friends, discover secrets that would mean disaster for both Crescentia and Illumina. More than that, he finally found someone he’d be willing to spend the rest of his life with. Through challenges and hundreds of near-death experiences, Shin, along with Lilian and all of his comrades, finally stopped the conspiracy brewing the war, and managed to find a way to bridge the twin worlds together.

However, in the process of creating a solid link between the worlds something unprecedented happened. Out of nowhere, Aurea appeared, throwing a large wrench in their plans. She insisted that she wanted her son to experience the dangers and thrills of a new world a little bit more, which to Shin translates as ‘I’m bored, let me have a bit of fun.’ So despite protests from his son and vehement curses from Lilian and almost everyone else, she utilized the Black Room and altered the link’s code, turning it into a unique Waypoint that transported him into Earth Land.

Stripped of most of his power, his physical makeup slightly altered to fit in with the rules of the new world and separated from his friends, family and partner, Shin thus began his new journey.

“This is what I get for having a mother like her. But hey, at least life’s exciting.”

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Below the back of his neck.

Magic: Raijinshinsou [Lightning Godspeed]
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Shin is a master swordsman, one who managed to combine the unearthly speed of Battoujutsu and the untamed fury of the thunderclouds. He did this primarily because survival demanded it. If he never did, he would've been eaten the by Thunder Dragons in the Northern Mountains of Illumina. Despite being a form of sword fighting, Shin rarely uses the blade, preferring to strike with the handle, the pommel and the sheath itself while the katana is in it. But when he does draw the blade, it'll be too fast to see for the normal eye. And by the time Shin sheaths his katana, there'll have been numerous cuts on his target, or a single, fatal strike. Due to the great power needed to draw the katana, Shin would only be able to it on later ranks. After all, he's already powerful enough with the sword sheathed. And most of his attacks will be imbued with lightning and thunder, which can shatter his enemies and shock them into oblivion.

Strengths: Raijinshinshou's strengths lie in its lightning speed, thunderous impacts and counter capabilities. When drawn, Shin's katana is capable of strikes faster than the eye can blink, slicing down numerous enemies with a single stroke. When sheathed, Shin can do devastating blunt attacks with the force of a thunder boom. And of course, by nature Shin's swordsmanship relies on counters; he'll meet an attack head-on, then dodge it by the narrowest margin, before delivering his own powerful slash. Being imbued with lightning, the magic is strong against those of the water element, and it just looks too damn cool.

Weaknesses: Strong as it is, Raijinshinshou has a fatal flaw, which is its utter lack of any defensive capability. The magic relies on the user's own speed and agility to get out of harm, but it won't raise up defenses for Shin's sake. The fact that counters are an integral part of his style leaves him vulnerable to attacks. If the opponent manages to evade his initial counter, Shin was a few moments where the other party could take advantage of, and that could prove fatal. Lastly, being imbued with lightning, Shin's sword is more or less powerless against users of metal magic.

RP Sample (From Another Site):
"Wow. Must have lost track of time. It got dark that quick. Heh, time sure flies when you're walking around town, doing particularly nothing. It's quite a good thing, actually."

Kris Cailan really did talke a walk around the mountain town of Shirotsume, wondering what else to do that day and looking around for anything of particular interest. His steps were light and his mood much better than usual, humming along to the tunes blaring in his headphones. Guess he had to attribute it to the wonderful, wonderful time he had a few hours ago. Delicious, banana cake with a cup of steaming hot coffee on the side made for a delightful experience on his part. Not only that, but the general atmosphere around the entire town made everything better; calmness with a sense of content. The people milling around the evening streets, couples with arms linked together, young mothers worrying about their last minute purchases for dinner, and the elderly who were simply enjoying their walk just like him. If he had a choice, he would be willing to pay for a house here in Shirotsume and consider settling in.

But that wasn't possible for someone like Kris. He arrived in Shirotsume the day before, and he planned on leaving before the week was over. There was only so much he could do in such a rural town like this, and the lack of missions on the mercenary was a disappointment in more ways than one. He could keep coming back to the cafe for the bread and coffee, but that would be straying from his original objectives. See, he was a traveler with a cause, to go around Fiore and enjoy all that it has to offer... and to look for a certain loved one.

His sister... "I wonder how she's doing," he idly thought, approaching a fruit stand. "Maybe someone took her in, or maybe she joined a guild, or something. At least she should pick someone trustworthy to look after her. Well, she could be dead, for all I know. But to hell with that thought until I can see her cold corpse with my own eyes."

A loud shout broke him from his thoughts. He turned around and saw a green-haired man, his arms spread out in a grand manner. Now in the course of his travels, Kris learned to quickly asses a person at first sight. And this was what his eyes told him. "That guy... can be crazy or an idiot. Or both. I'd rather steer clear of him if I can help it."

Face Claim: Toya Oma (Rising x Rydeen)

Desired starting level: 2

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Re: Shinkuro Inazuma

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All in all, everything looks great! However the magic mentions summoning and a separate holder magic. The way the summoning on our sight works is all based around celestial keys.

This being a duel magic set up, I'll have to ask you to choose either the holder gun magic, or the summoning and reconstruct it. Totally your choice.

That all being said, everything else looks fantastic!

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Re: Shinkuro Inazuma

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Jacob Graycross... Welcome to the REVLOUTION!

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Re: Shinkuro Inazuma

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Pulled app for Jacob to recreate his character. Bump when edits have been made.


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Re: Shinkuro Inazuma

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I suppose there is no problems here. I wish you had a personal RP sample, but oh well I suppose.... Approved for Level 2...... again......


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Re: Shinkuro Inazuma

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