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Shinju Kobayashi
Shinju Kobayashi NOTx7u6

Power -  ***
Agility -   ****  
Toughness -   ***
Intelligence -   **
Willpower -***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Shinju Kobayashi
Alias(es): None
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: May 18
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’1”
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue

General Appearance: Shinju Kobayashi is a short fifteen year-old whos looks are only just beginning to catch up with her age. She has lightly colored, though not what one would call pale, skin. Her hair is a deep blue, kind of like her eyes, almost always worn in a high ponytail. She's not buff by any means, though she is somewhat skinny and in rather good physical shape from all of her running around. Shinju often wears a superhero-like uniform of sorts, with a zipped down short-sleeved jumpsuit and a red scarf, alongside the orange goggles that never leave her sight. She's almost always grinning, unless of course she's competing or fighting. She has a preference for boots.


Confident - Shinju is incredibly confident in her own abilities, as well as others she chooses to support. She has a belief that everything will work out for the best, and as a result she's neither a cautious person, nor prone to overplanning things.

Strong-Willed - Shinju is hard-headed, and doesn't know when to give up on anything. Ever. Whether it's a fight, an argument, or some nonsense contest she's made up on the spot, she won't stop until she has no other choice.

Not Exactly A Genius - Shinju has a tendency to be  a little bit slow occasionally. She's no idiot, but she is rather dense sometimes. To that end she can look a bit foolish to some people, or at least not understand why other people are giving her funny looks.

Somewhat Clumsy - Despite her confidence, Shinju has a tendency to be clumsy at inopportune times, tripping or running into something she should have been looking out for. Her wind magic helps her to look much more graceful than she naturally is, and as a result she would look like a complete clutz to those who saw her if she were unable to use her powers.

Thinks Out Loud - Shinju tends to talk aloud to herself, as if she doesn't realize people can hear her, and tends to get angry that people are eavesdropping if they bring it up, if only for a moment.

Shameless - Shinju also has very little shame, as evidenced by the way she normally dresses. She simply doesn't understand why people care so much if one of those rare awkward moments come up.

Driven - The young wind mage desires to become strong - stronger than anyone else at Fairy Tail, if she can. The girl works hard every day to grow in physical, magical, and to a lesser extent mental, strength and doesn’t take to relaxing very well. In fact, she has a tendency to be rather lost when she’s left with nothing to work towards, even temporarily.

Outgoing - Shinju is always one to talk a person’s ears off, so to speak. Rarely at a loss for words, she will often ramble on even if the other person shows very little desire to respond. She shares information whether the person is actually that interested or not, though if they seem interested she is likely to talk that much more.

Apples - Shinju loves apples. To her, they're better than any cake, and she will absolutely flip if she gets her hands on one.

Competition - Shinju is very competitive, and is thrilled at the chance to test her skills.

Goggles - Shinju adores goggles. She's always wearing her own, and tends to gawk at others she finds.

Dogs - Shinju was bitten by a dog at a young age, and hasn't gotten along with them ever since.

Dresses - Despite a few girly tendencies, Shinju hates girly clothing like dresses. She's never been one for frills and lace.

Overthinking things - Shinju hates taking the time to come up with proper plans and the like. She doesn't have a lot of patience.

Adventure! - Shinju lives for adventure, and it's a big part of who she is. Her magic is a way to experience a proper adventure, and she wouldn't trade anything for the opportunity to do so. She has a sense of wanderlust that makes her antsy to travel, even if it's not very far. Of course, she might consider a trip to the market an adventure if she had the right people along....

Family - Shinju's family were all powerful Wizards, or so she's heard. She wants to be just like them, even though she's never met them, and that means training and becoming the strongest Wizard she can!

Money - Young Shinju has to support herself, so she can be a bit greedy at times. Fortunately, wizards can make some good money, so she's confident she'll be just fine if she tries hard, which she always does.

Loss - Shinju fears losing her friends and guildmates, because they're the closest thing she has to family. She is extremely protective of people as a result.

Letting people down - Shinju abhors failure, especially when it disappoints other people. Her fear of making someone sad because she isn't strong enough can tear at her if she ends up failing, though up until then her stubbornness usually doesn't let her see that she might.

Deep water - Shinju isn't a very good swimmer, and doesn't want near deep water as a result.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Shinju has a grandpa, Gajin, who is her only family.
Medical Conditions: Shinju is perfectly healthy
Pets: Not unless you count a penguin backpack.
Hometown: Magnolia Town
Secrets: Shinju doesn’t generally keep secrets about herself.


Shinju is an orphan girl who was raised by her elderly grandfather for a good portion of her life. Her family had been killed in an accident when she was very little, and she had miraculously survived. The authorities brought the tiny girl to her only living relative - her grandfather, Gajin. He raised her like she was his own child, and her younger years were actually quite happy despite the tragedy that took her family away from her.

She grew up on her grandfather's tales of her family's heroism and mastery of wind magics, and despite the fact that he was likely exaggerating for her amusement, she believed every word. She often dressed up in costumes and pretended to be a great wizard like she believed her family to be. She dreamed often of such things, and begged her grandfather to teach her magic even more often.

When she was eight, her grandfather decided she was old enough, and began to teach her wind magic himself. There was nothing in the world she loved more than the feeling of wind rushing around her as she manipulated her surroundings, and she proved to be quite talented at it. She did, however, have a tendency to lose control of it and damage a few things, which strangely made her grandfather laugh rather than become angry, causing her to laugh at her mistakes as well, rather than become sad because of her failures.

When Shinju was ten, war came to Fiore. Though they were aware of it, Her grandpa’s home in the countryside was spared from the horrors. They had no family members other than one another, and grandpa’s few friends who ever visited didn't become embroiled in the conflict. So despite everything, Shinju grew up a bright and cheerful young girl despite the devastation and horror going on around them.

When the war finally ended, Shinju was thirteen - a teenager. She knew what had transpired, but was almost like a tourist learning something in a museum compared to those who had seen the war firsthand. A large part of her wished she could have been older, and able to help people she knew had been hurt. She was a hopeful idealist, and one who wanted to get out and see what could be done.

After turning thirteen, she said goodbye to her grandfather and said she was going to go see the world. She desired to find a guild, and meet all of the wizards she could, and of course make friends. The elderly man, confident in her abilities, allowed her to go, giving her a set of goggles as a memento of her mother, who once wore them when she was younger. She reacted with awe, and put on the goggles, swearing never to lose them.

She traveled for several months, meeting some people, making friends, and a few enemies due to her fiery personality. Shinju kept practicing her magic all the while, her style becoming more aggressive as she spent time away from her more balanced grandfather.

Eventually, she discovered Fairy Tail, and fell in love with the guild and its members. She joined them eagerly. Rainor Taiga himself introduced her to the guild, giving her a warm Fairy Tail welcome. She wouldn’t stay too long, however. She still had the world to see. She had new family and friends to look forward to seeing later, but first she wanted to see what the rest of Fiore was like.

[Guild & Magic]
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: dark blue, On her left side.

Magic: Wind Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Shinju's brand of wind magic is aggressive and fast. it focuses on striking quickly, leaving little thought to defensive powers. She can manipulate the air around her, focusing it to be razor sharp, or into a ball, or to enhance her speed greatly. Potentially, she can also change the density of air around her as well. Her movements are fluid, gathering and causing the air to flow precisely how she wants it to. Most of the time.
Strengths: The strengths of Shinju's magic are actually relatively straightforward. As long as there's air, there's the potential to focus it into any form she wants to. She can use it as a weapon, sharpen it, or use it like a battering ram. She can create violent windstorms, and move faster than most Wizards. Eventually, she could fly, or levitate others, or do any manner of air manipulation. With her increased speed comes the ability to hit harder as a result, so by no means is she weak.
Weaknesses: Shinju's wind magic doesn't focus much on defense, leaving her more open to attacks unless she drops some of her offense in favor of defense, which she is loathe to do. It also isn't particularly effective against Earth or Metal magic, since they are rather resistant to all wind magic. Shinju's magic also isn't very good for holding back, and she almost always fights with her full power, making it bad to use on weaker opponents she doesn't wish to harm. Also, in addition to the usual side effects of airlessness, if there is no air, she can't perform most of her magic, even if she could somehow concentrate hard enough to do so.

RP Sample:
Shinju's eyes practically sparkled as she eyed the apple vendor on the street. She hadn't eaten since yesterday, and she was starving! It was too bad she'd just given up all of her money for renting a room in the guild's dorms.The blue-haired girl's stomach growled it's disapproval that she wasn't eating. "Shh, I know. I know. I'll figure out something, okay?" she assured it as she walked closer to the stall."Hi, I'm Shinju, and I am reeeeally hungry." she greeted the vendor, who looked at her like she was rather strange. Of course, it might have been her greeting, or the way she wore her jumpsuit zipped so low at a young age. Or maybe the way she was practically salivating on the apples he was trying to sell. "I'm not asking for it for free, of course! I'll earn my food, I promise!"She then put on her best pleading face. Sure, maybe it wasn't entirely becoming of Fairy Tale's newest member... but she had to eat somehow, right?

Fortunately for her, the man smiled gently. “A kid willing to work for their food? Tell you what. Have a few apples, and come see me bright and early tomorrow. Do some work for me, and in exchange you can have even more.” he told her, tussling her hair.

Shinju nodded excitedly. “Of course! I really appreciate it, mister!” she told him with a wide, earnest grin. She had not eaten all day. She was more than happy with this arrangement!

Face Claim: Nisa, Hyperdimension Neptunia

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