Uncommon Magics

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Uncommon Magics

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:14 pm

Uncommon magics are magics not listed in the common magics or the limited magic sections. They are usually more unique concepts and don't always follow the exact guidelines in the creating magic section. If an uncommon magic is made, it is added here alphabetically. Work with a Staff Member if you have something you are having trouble creating using the spell making guide.

1. Acceleration Magic
-Magic able to control the acceleration of objects and things touching the caster through the use
        of the base structure of acceleration, vectors.

2. Acoustic Magic
-Branch of Sound Magic that can only redirect or absorb sound. Cannot amplify sounds, only use
        present sound waves and change their course or dissipate them.

3. Advent Child Magic
-A Holder(Caster?) Type Magic where one has a Lacrima implanted in them. The lacrima allows for
        use of all moves possible to learn from a Materia in FFVII.

4. Alchemy Magic
-A magic that focuses on equivalent exchange. Everything requires something to be sacrificed to
        be used.

5. Azure Flutter Magic
-You know those tiny little blue butterflies? A magic where you create magical ones out of pure
        magical energy and do stuff with it.

1. Banking Magic
-A Magic more useful for running a business, or item storage place. Allows the user to access a
        void in space where they can store items of theirs and of others.

2. Baritone Magic
-Magic that focuses only on the second lowest pitch in the musical range. The user can      
        manipulate them to do as they want once they are created. The user of this magic often can                  either sing in this pitch or plays an instrument called a baritone to obtain it.

3. Boar Magic
-A Magic that allows one to take on traits and characteristics of mammals named boar. This magic
        is only usable by males. The animals included in this are Badger, Bear, Guinea Pig, Hedgehog,
        Mink, Pig, Raccoon, and Skunk.  

4. Boat Magic
-Name of magic actually known as Buoyancy Magic.  It allows the user to control the buoyancy of
        objects including themselves and others. Buoyancy is the ability for things to float in liquids and

5. Bullion Magic
-Similar to Gold Make or Silver Make. However either variant of the Bullion Magic, Bullion Magic
        Gold and Bullion Magic Silver, use tiny finely braided strands of the metal in question. Thus
        allowing for way more flexibility and movement with a drop in integrity.

1. Canvas Magic
-A magic based on bring paintings and drawings to life for a short time to aid you.

2. Card Magic
-A Holder magic based upon the use of cards for various things. (Cana from the Manga)

3. Cleaver Magic
-A magic that calls forth magical cleavers to cut through foes. Can cut physical objects, and magic
        as well.

4. Coven Magic
-A magic that is stronger when you meet regularly with others whom use the same variation as
        you. This magic is based upon the real life stories of what a witch is, you know the flying
        broomsticks, potions, charms, and other witchcraft. Can only be used by females.

5. Creation Magic
-A magic that is similar to maker magic, just not restricted to one element. However this magic
        can only create realistic things that have been made, by divine nature or man-made objects is up
        to the depth of study.





1. Illusion Magic - Bends light to create powerful projections designed primarily to trick an opponent's eyesight.




1. Maker Magic - Utilizes an element to form tools and weapons for attack, defense, and utility.














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