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Bruce Rawson

Bruce Rawson [finished] Dapper-dick-grayson-young-justice-33647272-1024-1325

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ****  
Agility -***      
Toughness -***  
Intelligence -***  
Willpower -**

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Bruce Rawson
Alias(es): The Oncoming Storm
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: 7th July

Height: 6 foot 3 inch
Weight: 75 kilos
Hair: Black

General Appearance: Bruce is a tall guy with fair skin, broad shoulders, medium built and short, black hair. His eyes are blue, and he has a relatively large nose. He is usually seen wearing a black jacket with a green or red T-shirt on the inside, and black jeans, although he does wear formal clothes when the occasion demands. He has a small scar on the right side of is forehead, which looks like a small white line, but people generally miss it unless they are highly observant or he brings it to their notice. People often mistake him to be in his early twenties, but he is used to it.
Personality: Bruce has an eidetic memory, and is really observant, and has the ability to deduce things very easily. Perhaps this is a result of his high intelligence, as he has an IQ of 210, which is extremely rare for a normal person. He is also quite the strategist, and almost always has a backup plan. He has a strong sense of justice, and will fight for what is right when he is required to, but he is not foolish. He knows when to withdraw, but usually comes back with a blistering counter attack. He is used to being underestimated in combat due to his age, but instead of correcting people, he uses this to his advantage. He isn't arrogant or egotistic, and asks for help when he needs it. He's more of a no-nonsense type of guy, and doesn't let his emotions cloud his judgement whether in combat or not. Generally, Bruce appears to be a friendly sort of guy, although he doesn't always trust his first impression of either people or situations. He likes to get to know people better, and is very diplomatic. However, once people get to know him, they are constantly bombarded with lame jokes and random chatter, often to such an extent that the only way to shut him up is to either yell at him or to punch him.
Likes: Reading, talking to his friends, a friendly challenge.
Dislikes: Losing, his trust being broken, being treated harshly.
Motivations: The determination to succeed, the dream of fame.
Fears: Scorpions, closed areas.
Occupation: Magic Council Paladin
Family: None in this country. However, his father's name is Jack, his mother's name is Clara, and he has a brother named Kurt.
Medical Conditions: Used to be highly suicidal.
Hometown: A country far away.
Secrets:His suicidal tendencies, although he is no longer suicidal, he finds it embarrassing to tell people.  

Bruce’s father, Jack Harkness, was a senior warrior in country far away. He was known throughout the empire as being one of the strongest and wisest men ever born. He was beaten in fair battle by only two people, and both of them were his sons. When his wife, Clara gave birth to a pair of twins, Jack was determined to make them the strongest and the smartest men ever. That’s why as soon as the boys could see and speak, Jack started teaching them everything there was to know about, well, everything. By the time they had learned to walk, Jack started teaching them how to fight and the art of strategic warfare. Which is why by the time the boys had turned 12, they had already mastered almost all the forms of warfare that existed. When they turned 12, both Bruce and Kurt wanted to become mages, and left their homes in search of a person who could teach them the art of magic.
It was here that Bruce and Kurt said goodbye to each other, agreeing to meet back at their house after 3 years. Both of them changed their last names to avoid being recognised, and left to find their respective masters. Bruce travelled for a month, but was unable to find someone worthy of becoming his master. One day, while travelling through the forests of a distant land, Bruce came upon a gang of 40 bandits who had surrounded an old man. They had their weapons up, and looked like they were about to harm him. Bruce jumped into action, taking out two small daggers, and stabbed two of them in the backs. He proceeded to slay 10 more of them in the next few seconds, but by the time he turned around to fight off the rest, he noticed that all of them were already dead, and the only other person alive was the old man, who gave Bruce a warm smile. He explained that he had increased their mass to such a great extent that their hearts had exploded within, killing them all. On Bruce’s request, he took him under his wing and for the next 3 years, taught him the art of mass manipulation.
Bruce returned home, eager to show everyone his new skills. He took part in many competitions, and he emerged victorious in each and every one of them. The way in which he won each battle quickly earned him the title of “The Oncoming Storm”. However, his brother Kurt was nowhere to be seen, and Bruce never from him since. He is still on the lookout for his brother, even to this day. Bruce then heard of a guild called “The Magic Council”, and was determined to join it. This hope of his led him here, and here his adventure begins.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council
Guild Tattoo: Back of his right palm.
Magic: Mass manipulation
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Instead of channeling his energy to take a visible form of some element, Bruce channels his energy to objects and atom around it, causing them to either increase of decrease in mass for short amounts of time.
Strengths: By changing the mass of objects around him, Kurt is able to change the effect of gravity itself, helping him either negate gravity or make it appear to others that he is flying. Also, he can change the mass of objects around other people, causing the gravitational force around them to increase or decrease, leading to them being unable to move as effectively as they did before. By increasing the mass of another object, say, a wall, he can cause the density of it to increase tremendously, since the volume remains the same while the mass increases, increasing the strength of the objects.
Weaknesses: Bruce himself isn't immune to the effects of his own magic. For example, if he decides to increase his own mass, he won't be able to move as fast, and may just trip and fall over himself. Also, an increase in mass only results in an increase in either force or momentum, not in strength. This ability does not grant him the power to create matter, i.e. he cannot summon anything, nor control it, he can only change it's mass.

RP Sample:
When Bruce said he wanted to see rare and exotic animals, he most certainly did not mean scorpions. He hated them. Ever since his brother played that stupid prank on him, he hadn’t ever been able to drink anything without checking to see if there was a live scorpion hidden inside it. As he passed each and every cage, he secretly increased its mass by almost twice, increasing the density to such an extent that the scorpions wouldn’t be able to break it open even if they kept stinging it for 3 hours straight.
“Look at these magnificent beasts, people.” Said the guide. “They are so harmless, that you can even touch them!” He said, and to Bruce’s horror, took out a scorpion from a cage and held it out. He started saying something else, but Bruce didn’t hear it. He was too busy observing the movements of the scorpion. Suddenly, the man said something, and with a smile on his face, brought the scorpion close to Bruce. With a yelp, Bruce jumped back, shifted the gravitational force acting on him upwards, and stuck to the ceiling light a frightened cat in an animated cartoon. Only after the scorpion was put back in its cage did Bruce slowly come down, and continued his tour around the zoo.

Face Claim: Dick Grayson, from Batman.

Desired starting level: 2


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Finished, and ready for moderation. Oh, and a happy new year!


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Approved unless someone else says otherwise. You are Rank 1

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