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Aydan Neve NqP8t2r

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - *
Agility - ****
Toughness - *
Intelligence - **
Willpower - **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Aydan Neve
Alias(es): Herald of Winter
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Birthday: October 23
Sexuality: He is a kid, he doesn't think about these things yet. He is a curious boy though, he finds girls repulsive yet tends to be oddly attracted to them still. He is innocent and oblivious to the more adult way of seeing things.

Height: 3ft 5in
Weight: 60lbs
Hair: His hair, unlike the rest of his white haired family has the base of a white to it, however it also has a fiery orange blended into his hair giving him a light orange hair color. His hair is often slightly unkept, but for the most part it still looks neat.
Eyes: He has piercing aqua blue eyes.

General Appearance: Aydan is a very noticeable boy. For one his size and age, this is rather surprising, but it then again, not many people his size and age wear bright light blue robes, with a field of green upon the front. The robe is kept against his body with a navy blue sash. The robe is made of a light material, that is breathable, to keep cool in the summer times. His light orange hair is often slightly unkept, but for the most part it still looks neat. Aydan dons a gray cloak that he normally wears, along with a pair of durable brown boots. He also has with him a messenger bag, made out of the same durable brown material his boots are made of. This material, has been magicked to be water resistant, to keep Aydan’s feet, and the contents of his messenger bag, safe during his travels. The messenger bag contains a change of clothes, and magic books. He has an assortment of books so that he can learn his magic as he goes. He has some writing utensils, from quill and ink, to pen, that he uses to write in his journal everyday.

Personality: Childish is probably the best word to describe Aydan. Probably it is too good a word considering he is after all a child, but what else can you expect. Aydan is actually rather a cheerful lad. He makes friends easily wherever he goes and knows his way around getting into too much trouble.

Unlike most children his age however, Aydan is extremely smart. He is versed in the ancient language, a language that was once supposedly used to converse with dragons. He can write and read better than some adults, and Aydan is a capable wizard. He spends a lot of the time, well the time that he isn’t procrastinating, as he tends to do that a lot too, studying.

During the aforementioned time he is procrastinating, Aydan takes to meeting people and having fun. He is a bit mischievous, pulling pranks now and then. Aydan knows he has plenty of time before he has to return home, and he wants to enjoy this new outside world as much as he can. As such he will sometimes make rash decisions, winding up in sometimes dangerous situations. As said before the kid is smart, he just sometimes acts without thinking. He does not easily get angry with people, though sometimes, because of his childishness, he gets others angry at him. He finds this funny, and often will get in trouble back at home when he was being yelled at by his father for messing up a spell, only to bust out laughing while being fussed at.  

Aydan also has a really sensitive ear. He can hear the faintest sounds and will often be annoyed by the unpleasantness of it. He enjoys listening to music, and will get lost in the music of street performers and other such people. Aydan also has a good sense of economics. He meticulously budgets his money, for he knows he has to work to get more, and work means less play, though sometimes when you are a wizard work can be fun.  

-More than anything, Aydan likes to have fun. He doesn’t care how he has the fun. As much as he likes to have fun, Aydan does know there is a time and a place to have fun, and will oblige by the rules.

-More an obsession than a like, Aydan craves magical knowledge. He wishes to become better than his siblings someday, proving that he really can do this style of magic, even when his body stops it from working right.

-Another like that Aydan has is the like of the cold. He would rather be without a fire on a cold night, mainly because he feels warm all the time. Anything below 40 degrees Fahrenheit is quite comfortable to him.

-He dislikes heat of any kind. Be it from fires, from the sun, especially the sun, or any other kind of heat source. Aydan is naturally a warm guy, and even cool 60 degree temps can often be unbearable to him.

-Related to the above, for the very same reason, Aydan dislikes spicy and hot foods. His stomach tends to have trouble digesting them properly, since it feels like it boils when he eats spicy or hot foods. He would much rather eat cool food, than have to deal with an upset stomach.

-The biggest and probably most important dislike Aydan has, is people treating him like what he is… a child. He is a very independent person, and he is mature for his age, well more mature than most, he has his moments, but when it comes down to it, Aydan can become really serious and he wants to be recognized by the younger adults, and treated as one from time to time.

-Aydan is motivated to continue studying magic, so he won’t be the disappointment of the family.

-The other motivation Aydan has, is to prove how independent he can be. Deep down he wants to be out on his own. After all he has always been around family, and they treat him like a kid, just for being the youngest, he wants his independence so he can show that he doesn’t need to be treated like a kid.

Fears: Aydan has a few fears, most of which he can ignore for they are not that bad, but they still make him cringe when they happen.

-Chiraptophobia- Aydan is often cynical, and doubts people's intentions, as such he sees little reasons to be touched and he fears when people do touch him, for they would fine him to be really warm, and he is unsure of their intentions.

-Hoplophobia- Aydan fears guns and the like. They are deadly weapons, and the people around them are usually shrouded in mystery and secretive. While he knows they use magic to function, he still would prefer to not be around them, and those that carry them. This fear comes from raiders that once broke into his home, and shot his older sister while she was protecting him. Since then his house was sealed off from the outside world, and Aydan has lived in fear of guns, and seeing them will often make him remember of his sister.

Occupation: Adventurer, Curious Boy, Student
Family: Umm, yeah... Have you never heard of the Neve family? Well Aydan is the youngest, of five brothers and two sisters. The Neve family lives somewhere up in the mountains near Shirotsume, but unless you are taken there by them it is said you cannot find the house.
Medical Conditions: Unusually high internal body temperature. His body always is hot to the touch. He must often keep himself away from even the common cold, for any raise in his internal body temperature could prove life threatening over long periods of time.  

Aydan Neve Farrie11

[Basic Information]
Full Name:Hanayuki
Alias(es): Haku-chan
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Sexuality: This is an unknown thing about Hanayuki, she is vain, and she really is oblivious to things like this. She is content with her life as it is though, and does not which to have relationships like that.
Race: Ice Fairy

Height: Fairy: 2in Human: 3ft
Weight: Fairy: 1/2lbs Human: 20lbs
Hair: Cyan
Eyes: Green

General Appearance: Hanayuki is a small ice fairy. She has light blue hair and wings, with big pointy ears on her pale skin. He big bright green eyes stand out as they seem too big for something so small. She is usually wearing a bright pink nightgown dress and she had until she lost it a necklace with an icy looking crystal embedded into the pendant. When she grows to human size, her ears remain pointy, but she loses her fairy wings.  

Personality: She is sort of naïve and can be a bit of a klutz at times, but she takes her job of watching out for Aydan very seriously. She is kind and friendly, yet cautious of people that try to get too close to him.  She does what she can to take care of him, and he watches out for her.  
Hometown:His home is wherever he is. He cannot return to the place of his family for 9 years at least. So he doesn't have a true place to call home.
Secrets: Aydan must keep the location of his family's manor a secret. Other than that, Aydan is a pretty open kid, and will often find it hard to even keep the secrets of others.

Aydan Neve is the youngest and last child of Aneirin Neve and Glenda Neve. Aydan had five older brothers and two sisters. The family is a very well known family, said to bring winter to Fiore with their magic. Their magic is only passed down to family members so one day Aydan too would learn it. His parents barely had time for him though, and his siblings save for his older sister, Natalia, whom was the eldest, were busy trying to take over the family business. Natalia was the youngest child next to Aydan, and she took pity on her brother. So seeing as no one else would make time to play with him, or even teach him magic, Natalia took Aydan under her wing. She was the mother figure for Aydan, even though she was only ten years older. She started teaching him magic at the young age of four, but it was very hard for Aydan. It wasn't that he found magic hard, he was surprisingly very capable of magic, even better than his sister. He however, would not get to be with his precious sister for long.

On Aydan's 7th birthday, a group of armed thugs attacked the Neve Manor. Aydan was just minding his studies with his sister, and then the next thing he remembered was a loud bang and his sister falling to the ground dead. His father came in right after that, saving Aydan from the same fate. Ever since then, Aydan has been studying to himself. His brothers would help him out now and then but it was never the same. Aydan started to soon think no one in the manor understood him and his problems. His father and mother came up to him on his 8th birthday. This was odd, for normally Aydan never even saw his parents most days. His parents told Aydan that it was time he trained his magic without the guidance of his family, Aydan thought this was silly, mostly cause he had always been training his magic with little to no guidance.

They suggested to him to go find a wizard guild, and learn through experience of using the magic. They also gave Aydan a warning. He was not allowed to return for 10 years. These next ten years he would have to take care of himself and prove he is worthy of having the family magic. It was then they presented her to him, Hanayuki. His supposed guardian fairy. She was to watch over him and when the time for him to return home came, she would reopen the fairy seal that Aydan's father had placed around the manor to prevent breakins like the one the year before. So Aydan packed his things and left the only home he ever knew. Yet he was not sad, he was excited. He was getting to go out into the world and see things. Meet new people and see new things. It sure beat hanging around in the manor, at least to Aydan it did.

His journey has not been very eventful yet, it has only been going on for a year. However during that time, Hanayuki lost her necklace. Aydan said he would get her another one, and she told him they had to get that necklace back, for that necklace was the key to unlocking the fairy circle. With that Aydan's aimless adventure was given a goal. He must find that necklace to be able to get home, but he still had 9 years, what could possibly go wrong?

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: probably a frosted blue color that will be placed upon the back of his neck.

Magic: Anemoi: Boreas Branch (although Aydan uses the base of this magic, he cannot truly cast this magic, his spells do not do what others with this magic would do. As such for fun he places the word Fiery in there and claims he has Anemoi: Fiery Boreas Variant)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Anemoi Magic is a wind magic that harnesses the wind of a particular direction which also correlate to a season. The Boreas Branch of this magic, is the one that allows mages to harness the embodiment of the Great Northern Winds. Through this they can cast a multitude of spells which have effects of winter, and absolute cold wind. A master in this branch could turn an entire forest in the dead of summer into a permanent frozen forest. However Aydan cannot seem to use the magic this well. His wind can only manage to on occasion be this powerful through strain, but for the most part he can only frost things over.
Strengths:The Strength of Aydan's magic, is that it acts and is a wind magic. He also has minute control over simple snow and ice, though often in Aydan's case these turn to frost and slush. His magic is very supportive and aggressive, yet it lacks defensively. If he ever managed to master the true form of this magic, he would gain some rather considerably decent defensive spells. Like all wind magic, it excels against Fire magic, this particular kind is especially true.  
Weaknesses:Aydan's Magic lacks defensively. Also when going against Ice mages, or snow Mages, the spells he can do are subpar to them. One other key problem with this magic, is that even at higher levels, incantations, must be cited. The more powerful the spell the longer the incantations. This is a wind based magic, it struggles against earth based magics and other sturdy magics. As previously stated this particular magic is no very defensive. It is semi supportive, but unless you think offense is the best defense, this is not the magic for you.

Rp Sample:

A gentle breeze blew down the street of Shirotsume. A cold breeze, that made most out on the street shiver in the chill. Snow was on its way, and people were out and about stocking up before being trapped inside for who knows how long. The kids were playing having fun before being stuck in their homes, well except for two. A young boy and girl, both were walking down the street from vendor to vendor trying to stock up on supplies for what seemed to be traveling. The boy was even dressed like a traveling wizard, with robes and a light grey traveler’s cloak.

“Hey Haku-chan, think we got everything we need” the boy asked the girl beside him. The girl beside him grew red around the cheeks. “I told you, Aydan, to stop calling me that.” She let out a sigh, “But yes I think you have plenty. You sure you want to travel with the snow going to be coming in soon? We could stay here until the snow passes, relax in the inn by the nice warm fire…” Her voiced trailed off longingly as she seemed to go into a brief fantasy.

Aydan shook his head “If we just wait up here we will be wasting time. The roads down the mountain will also be harder to travel. So we gotta go see what else is out there. I am not staying cooped up in an inn all winter melting to death. Besides it isn’t even that cold yet. I am sure we can make it to the next town and be a step closer to finding what you lost.”

The girl looked at him and pouted slightly, “Fine. You’re right we need to find my necklace again. I suppose if we waited here it would only be even harder to track. But look, the sun is starting to set, let’s wait and start leaving in the morning.”

Aydan knew there was no saying no to Hanayuki when she was like this. He sighed, longing to get his journey started, nodded his head in submission, and head toward to the in.  

Face Claim: Recolored picture of Ray from Fire Emblem (So no claim really if someone wants to use Ray more power to them)

Desired starting level: 2


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