How to use the Hero's Bazaar

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How to use the Hero's Bazaar

Post by Maxus on Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:20 am

So, you've gone out and done a few missions and have a few thousand jewels burning a hole in your pocket. Maybe literally depending on where you got them. And so now you want shiny goodies! Well there's a few easy steps to doing this.

First, make a thread that will act as your shopping cart. You can title it how you please and terrible shopping puns are completely acceptable. A good example is this.

After you make the thread, post any purchases you want, with a link to the shop thread you're buying from. We will post in your thread that you've received the item and we've taken the jewels, or if there's some problem with the transaction that needs resolving.

If you are gifting, post who the item is going to so we know who to inform to update their inventory and character stuffs for it. If you want the gift to be anonymous PM us that you want it as a gift to another person upon making the purchase request.

Things NOT to do:
Make a new thread for each time you shop.
Post IN the shop threads if they are, for some reason, unlocked. (This should never happen, but better safe than sorry.)
Pester us to check your shop threads. If you're about to embark on an event we'll be checking your threads fairly often. If we've not posted in 3 days, flag one of us down, or leave us a friendly reminder PM.
Pester other people into buying things for you. Some items get more expensive as you buy them, regardless of who they go to.

With that said, enjoy your time RPing all!

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