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Hannah Jaymes

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Power – ****
Agility – **
Toughness –  ****
Intelligence –  *****
Willpower – ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Hannah Jaymes
Alias(es): She has avoided earning herself a nickname so far.
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: June 14th
Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Green
Eyes: Purple

General Appearance: Hana has green hair and purple eyes. Her hair is long and she will wear it either down or up and spikey in the back depending on her mood. She isn’t overly girly with her hair, but she likes it to look nice. It can get in the way sometimes being so long, so she will sometimes put it back in a ponytail if she needs it to be out of the way. She is white, but her skin isn’t really that pale. She gets outside enough to give her a slight tan.

Her clothes are a random jumble of whatever she needs or wants. She has some nice things, a few dresses and the like, and she also has some more practical things like shorts, jeans and t-shirts. But she also has a good assortment of clothes you would think were typical to a rocker. She has a lot of black clothes, torn jeans, and clothes with metal accessories.

She also has a few tattoos but she isn’t showing anyone those too quickly. She has her guild tattoo on her shoulder blade, but on her back she has a pair of dragon wings tattooed on both shoulder blades that go a good distance down her back. The wings are in tatters and look torn and ragged. Her guild tattoo is on top of one of the wings on one of the better parts.

Personality: Rebellious – Hannah is currently rebelling against her adopted mother. She was raised fairly strictly, but not unfairly. However after her mother left Hannah went a bit on the wild side. She got some piercings, some tattoos, started playing a guitar and doing metal music and flirting with anyone she likes

Brave – Hannah is brave and adventurous. She seeks out adventure to prove herself, get strong, and gain more knowledge. She is afraid of things, but she forces herself through that.

Intelligent – Hannah was raised by one of the smartest of the dragons and it shows. She is smart. People wouldn’t think it by looking at her or talking to her, but she has a very deep and well-rounded knowledge mind.

Self-Confident – Hannah is very sure of herself. At first this might seem in contrast by her fear of letting others down or being let down. However, she knows she can be strong and overcome it if she keeps working and trying. As in, if she makes herself stronger and better she won’t fail anyone, and she won’t need anyone who could fail her.

Loyal – She is also incredibly loyal to those who manage to get close to her. She knows what it feels like to be abandoned and hurt and doesn’t want to do that to anyone.

Secretive – Hannah is not open with her business. Her private life is indeed very private. Her problems are hers and that’s how it should be.

Blunt – She will not hesitate to tell someone they are wrong. If someone is wrong or stupid they need told. How else will they ever improve themselves and stop being an idiot?

Vengeful – Hannah has a temper in her. If she is wronged bad enough, or someone just catches her on the wrong day, she will get violent. She has hunted down people who wronged her, and is currently in the process of doing that again.

Likes: Hannah loves metal, the music and the material. She plays her guitar often and she also carries a salt shaker of powdered iron to put on food sometimes. She also likes learning new things. She will sometimes stop what she is doing, even if it is important to study something new.

Dislikes: She dislikes snakes. Hannah has always had a fear of snakes. She doesn’t know why, it’s just a thing. Her fear isn’t crushing, but it’s a bother when it comes up. She also strongly dislikes when she is wrong. She is smart, and she is the iron dragon slayer, she shouldn’t be wrong. The one thing she hates more than being wrong is when someone points out that she is wrong. If someone does that, then look out.

Motivations: Hannah is motivated by a desire for power. She wants to be strong and smart, that way she never has to rely on anyone for her safety again. She also is driven to find out what happened to her mother Nonter, the iron dragon. She either wants revenge for being abandoned or to learn why she was. She isn’t quite sure.

Fears: Her biggest fear is being abandoned. Since she was left to fend for herself by Nonter she hasn’t let anyone close because she doesn’t want it to happen again. On the other hand she never wants to do that to anyone either. She is afraid if she gets too close to someone she will inevitably hurt them like she was hurt, and she doesn’t want that.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: She never knew her birth parents. Her entire childhood was spent with Nonter, so the dragon was the only family she had, even if Nonter wasn’t the best parent.
Medical Conditions: None
Pets: No pets either
Hometown: Its Magnolia now. Before she considered home wherever Nonter was
Secrets: Hannah is the Iron Dragon Slayer; she really doesn’t want people knowing that so she doesn’t go around screaming it.

Hannah grew up under the tutelage of the iron dragon Nonter. It was far from the ideal childhood. Nonter was a strict parent, but it wasn’t that bad. Nonter was a good teacher and Hannah learned a lot from her. Her days consisted of studies in the morning, followed by practice in the afternoon and more studies in the evening before bed. She learned about all sorts of topics from history to math, science, logic, philosophy, everything really. And her magical practice was intense, but she loved every minute of it. She was a kid, learning from a dragon how to transform her body into iron, breath iron, and eat iron. She may have never known her birth parents or any other children growing up, but Nonter taught her enough of the outside world that she understood how amazing what she was doing was.

However that happy yet hard life changed nine years ago when Nonter and all the dragon’s vanished. Hannah was alone for the first time in her life and the poor girl was scared to death. Hannah wandered for what felt like ages looking for Nonter, but she never found her mother. Eventually the young girl made it to a town where she interacted with other people for the first time in ages. It was awkward for the then nine year old, but she managed. Nonter had raised her well, if strictly. Luckily for Hannah her magic was noticed by a group of wizards from Fairy Tail and the brought Hannah home with them Other people could have abused the smart if socially naïve girl to do unspeakable things with her magic.

Hannah then grew up in Fairy Tail among the other wizards. She learned a lot and most of all learned to cut loose. The shy young naïve Hannah was gone and replaced by the older, brash, smart and outspoken older Hannah. Hannah worked hard and took lots of jobs for the guild. She wanted to get stronger and learn more and more. Hannah never wanted to feel vulnerable again and never wanted to have to rely on others. She became rebellious. Not that she was rebelling against Fairy Tail, but against her adopted mother Nonter. She became a bit of a wild child. She would flirt with anyone she wanted, learned to play a guitar and rock music, got a tattoo and some piercings, all the things rebellious teenagers do. So now Hannah is at that stage. She is a rebellious teenager, working for the Fairy Tail guild to become strong enough she never has to rely on anyone again.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail all the way!
Guild Tattoo: Its on her back, on her right shoulder blade and its green.
Magic: Iron Dragon Slayer
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Iron Dragon Slayer magic is like other dragon slayer magic in that Hannah can eat iron and gain strength from it. It makes her stronger and fuels her attacks. Like other dragon slayers she has a breath attack, but in addition to that, Iron Dragon Slayer magic lets Hannah transform her body into iron that is stronger than regular iron. She can harden her skin into metallic scales to resist impacts and injury, and she can transform parts of her body into weapons made from iron to use as weapons, such as growing metal claws, or turning her forearms into swords or chains.

Strengths: Iron Dragon Slayer magic is strong. It transforms Hannah’s body into iron to make her incredibly strong and resilient. The weapons made from the magical iron are devastating in close combat. Iron Dragon Slayer magic is built for close combat. It’s one thing to punch flesh, it’s another to punch iron. Turning her flesh into iron makes Hannah very resilient, not only to attacks but to environmental hazards such as extreme temperatures and sand storms. The magic is also versatile if used by a smart mind. A metal chain can be used to whip a foe, but it could also be used to trip them, to grapple onto ledges and climb, to restrain a target, and many other possibilities.

Weaknesses: What Iron Dragon Slayer magic has in power and resilience it lacks in agility, speed, and range. Hannah’s magic focuses on close range combat, but lacks much of a long range punch. It does not add to her agility either. Turning her body into iron does not make Hannah fast or maneuverable and can leave her vulnerable to fast enemies. An enemy that stays at distance can also be a challenge for Hannah, but she is smart enough to figure out a solution.

RP Sample:
A metal chain slashed its way through the hardwood door, letting light shine in and casting a streak a bright across the wooden floor. Then another chain did the same, and another, and finally the door crumbled. Hannah had been chasing a man through town. He managed to outrun her for a time, but her nose let her track him to this warehouse on the edge of town. The man had locked himself inside, hoping she would give up the chase, but he was wrong.

Hannah marched through the crumbled door and looked around, her green hair waving as she turned her head side to side, sniffing the air. “I can smell you, come out!” She yelled, hoping it would work, but it didn’t. The man remained hidden for the moment. So Hannah walked through the dirty warehouse, sniffing the boxes. Her boots left foot prints in the dust and the bottoms of her jeans trailed along behind her leaving small streaks in the dust. “Come out!” She yelled again.

Then she heard it, running. The man had broken from his hiding space and was making a break for it. Hannah bolted after him. She wasn’t as fast as him, but that didn’t matter, she came around a stack of crates just in time to see him about to reach the door. As soon as she had a good line of site she shot out a chain at him and wrapped him in it. She got him! He fell to the floor with a thud and a clinking of the chain.

Hannah marched up to the man, now helpless on the floor and he cowered and tried to crawl away. Hannah brushed some dirt off her black jacket as she stopped in front of the man. “Was running really worth it?” She asked, obviously annoyed that he ran from her.

“W-what do you want?” The man slowly asked as his voice shook. “I don’t have any money…”

Hannah sighed in frustration and rubbed her forehead. “Do I look like I was trying to rob you?!”The man nodded.

Hannah looked down at her clothes. Well she was wearing some torn up jeans, a black jacket, and motorcycle boots. She guessed she did look kind of like a ruffian in this apparel so she shrugged. “Fair enough, but I’m not trying to rob you.” The man blinked and was obviously confused. “I heard you have seen a dragon, where?” Hannah asked as she squatted down to look closer at the man’s face.

Face Claim: Jun Tao from Shaman King

Desired starting level: 3
Hannah Jaymes
Hannah Jaymes
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Fairy Tail C

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I like how you did the likes... reminds me of someone I'm fond of...

Anyway, I checked everything and it's all above the minimums, so level 3 is fine with me. Approved!

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