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Dragon Slayer Magic!

Post by Maxus on Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:08 am

Dragon Slayers
What is a Dragon Slayer? Well assuming you don't know I'm going to explain them to you. Veterans to Fairy Tail might want to peruse this before making one as well, just so you know what you're getting into! Dragon Slaying is a lost magic that can only be learned from the dragons! This magic is elemental in nature, and thus resistances and weaknesses are a huge factor for these wizards.

So what sets them apart from regular elemental magics? Well, for starters they can eat their element to regain strength. A fire Dragon Slayer can eat fire magic to recover some of his strength. This applies to all the dragon slayers.

Dragon slayers generally have an easier time in melee combat. Because of that Dragon Slayers tend to favor closer combat, and that can leave them open for some attacks. That's not to say they don't have range, but they're better in close combat than some mages.

Now a lot of people reading this list probably want to make a Dragon Slayer. But there's a couple catches... First, there can only be one for each of the following elements taught by the dragon of that Element. The dragons and their elements are as follows:

Draco the Fire Dragon

Oxalol the Water Dragon

Jargon the Sky Dragon

Nonter the Iron Dragon

Krendall the Ice Dragon

Rhidran the Lightning Dragon

Celtor the Light Dragon

Athest the Shadow Dragon

The second catch is that Dragon Slayers are going to have a role in several site plots. For this reason if you are not active you WILL lose your spot. Every month you will PM a list of threads you participated in to an Admin to verify that you are active. Turn in dates are from the 1st to the 7th of each month and must contain links to threads you are active in. threads started the month before but carried into the next month do count for both months by the way. Just make sure you send them in both activity checks. If you miss three months, you're done. Three months of consistent activity will remove one mark.

As a rule of thumb we're not looking to perfectly balance everything. Dragon Slayers are supposed to be more powerful than the average wizard. But remember, as a Dragon Slayer you are still beatable. You're not invincible, and if you're god modding as a DS you WILL lose your spot.

Now that we're done with the overview, I'll briefly cover the rules and give some tips to help build your Dragon Slayer!

Eating magic is a spell you get that scales with your rank. You are able to eat a spell of your rank or lower, regardless of it's power... And in doing so you are immune to the statuses within that particular spell. You also gain that spell's MP cost added back to your mana pool. However, you must digest the magic before you can eat again and the bigger the spell, the longer it takes to digest. You get 10 MP per post, until the spell's MP cost has been added to your mana pool. So if you ate a spell that costs 50 MP, it would take you five posts to digest it before you could eat another spell. Dragon Slayers also cannot eat their own magic. Should they eat a mixed element spell with their spell in it, they only get half the MP, and are ill until digestion is complete. This will slow the Dragon Slayer down considerably

When making your eating spell, it goes as follows:

[b]Spell name:[/b] Dragon Slayer Ability - Eat [Element]
[b]Element:[/b] [Element]
[b]Rank: [/b]Character Level
[b]MP cost:[/b] N/A
[b]Effect: [/b]The dragonslayer may eat his element and gain nourishment as if eating regular food. This does not apply to their own spells. In addition, they may eat a spell of their element used on them up to a rank equal to their own. Higher level spells cannot be eaten. Once eaten, they regain MP up to the spell's MP cost at a rate of 10 per post. The ability cannot be used while still regaining MP from another spell. In addition, the character is immune to the effects of their element from any natural source. Higher level spells of their element may still affect the dragon slayer at half of the normal power and cannot be eaten. the character is only effected by their element's ability from spells that are at least two ranks higher.

You are free to use all Dragon Slayer Techniques, including moves you make up. However, the spell “Dragon Force” will only be usable when you reach Level 10. It is supposed to be the most powerful ability of a Dragon Slayer, so you'll have to work if you want it. HOWEVER, some plot events might force Dragon Slayers into Dragon Force so stay on your toes!

As stated earlier, unlike normal elemental wizards Dragon Slayers become their element for their attacks and are able to shoot their magic out of any part of their body. So don't be afraid to be creative with your powers! After all, the dragons may have taught them the magic, but it's up to the characters to develop their fighting styles! But please, don't make any sexual innuendo spells...

And finally... Dragon slayers are more resistant to their element, taking only half the normal damage rounded down. A x4* power fire spell will only hit the fire Dragon Slayer for x2* power. They also gain resistances to status ailments born from their element. The Ice Dragon Slayer will not begin to be affected by “Frost” unless the spell with it is two ranks higher rank than the Dragon Slayer.

Dragon Slayers have enhanced senses, allowing them to counter simple illusions with little to no effort due to their increased sense of smell and hearing. This means that they have a constant passive ***'s to oppose the power of an illusion or cloaking spell.

Now that we're done with the rules we'll move onto the guidelines. THESE DO NOT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED. They are merely here as tools to help you create your Dragon Slayer. At the end of the day it is your char and you're allowed to make it how you please.

Motion Sickness: This was something that the main character Natsu Dragneel struggled with throughout Fairy Tail, though the other Dragon Slayers didn't seem as phased by it. Since it's hinted at that Dragon Slayers are part dragon they have enhanced senses. It's not too farfetched to say this would mess with a Dragon Slayers perception of the world and motion making it more likely that a Dragon Slayer will have problems with motion sickness to some degree.

Food: To a Dragon Slayer their natural element, be it magical or naturally occurring, is a rather tasty source of nourishment. Because, to them, it can taste quite delicious, foods that remind them of their element might also be appealing. Light, airy foods might appeal to the sky Dragon Slayer, or something that tastes earthy or metal like might appeal to the Iron Dragon Slayer more.

Instructions: Shortly before parting with the young dragon slayers, all the dragons would instruct their charges to not flaunt their Dragon Slaying power needlessly. They feel a dark time is coming, and such magic would be abused if the wrong people found them. Whether your char listens to the Dragon is a whole other store entirely. They may also be given a duty or mission based on the Dragon that taught them.

As a small side note, 2nd generation Dragon Slayers (They're people who are implanted with a Lacrima to get Dragon Slayer magic artificially) Are unavailable for plot reasons! They will be implemented later when plot allows for!

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