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Arata Takagi

Post by Arata Takagi on Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:25 am

Arata Takagi

Power- **
Agility- ****
Toughness- ***
Intelligence- ****
Willpower- **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Arata Takagi
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: Dec 14
Sexuality: Homosexual

Weight: 158
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray

General Appearance: Arata’s hair is usually worn in a fashion that is layered and messy; though brushed, he doesn’t take the time to style or fix his hair if it moves out of place. The only time he would do so is if it grew uncomfortable. The mage has slate grey eyes of an almond shape, which are frequently outlined by dark circles from restlessness. He is lithe for his age and gender, but as a mage he makes sure to keep his body at a muscular level that would allow him to deal attacks after his opponent is properly weakened. As for clothing, Arata can be found dressed in monochrome colours; however, he favours the color white. He always wears thin-rimmed glasses. Despite having a colour preference in clothes, Arata’s clothes are oftentimes wrinkled or haphazardly buttoned. They are clean, but with the appearance of “eh, it was the closest thing!”

Personality: Prudish and prideful. Arata usually isn’t one to initiate conversation, but he speaks quite a bit once he starts. He refuses to openly speak about relationships or dating- much less anything more. He is a procrastinator, lazy, but intelligent in his own way. He may be described as one who dresses sloppily and appears altogether uninterested- not being one to fake happiness or excitement for a friend or situation. This makes him easy to read, for he blatantly expresses his emotions (when they are strong enough to force him to act). Arata Takagi can be called a narcissist. He (more often than not) cares for no one save for himself, and is (in a way) a bigot. The young mage has trouble admitting when he is wrong and giving in.

Takagi is easily addicted to new things, like drawing or a particular drink, and expresses ignorance of these acts when confronted (he denies it’s a problem). As one who likes to try new things, Arata enjoys practicing his magic and using it in new ways. With a tendency to be apathetic, he cares not for whom he hurts or whether he appears rude. At first glance he is a normal person- perhaps even mistaken for a mere bookkeeper rather than a mage. There are faults to this assumption: he is a mage, and is disorganised- making a terrible bookkeeper.

In a fight Arata is usually quite clear-headed, but is easily clouded when his fears come into play. Just as well, he is easily angered when pushed the “right” way, and has a tendency to be reckless and violent at this time.

-New things; this includes foods, drinks, books, fighting techniques- anything that manages to catch his attention.
-Assorted cheeses; he once indulged in nearly a pound of these assorted dishes, and quickly found that mozzarella was the most enticing.  
-Monochrome colours; just a preference. White and black are his favourite, yet other hues are welcome on a whim. Thus, Arata typically dresses in this fashion.

-Hyper people; they’re loud, usually obnoxious, and it reminds him very much of quarrelling children.
-People who nag; honestly, who likes a nag? They irritate him, just as well reminding him of a child.
-Being wrong; for an unknown reason, finding that he is wrong gives him goosebumps and, in more extreme cases, terrible anxiety. Finding that he is wrong is almost always accompanied with a desire to run or refute this claim.

-Finding new things/trinkets; they’re just interesting, and occasionally fill him with a sense of pride when someone notices his collection.
-He just enjoys living. The little things are pleasing (a blue sky or warm blanket)

-Being wrong
-Seeing his own blood for too long (as in: concentrating on it instead of battle)
-Thunder Storms

Occupation: Mage for hire.
Family: Mei Takagi (mother), and Clyde Takagi (father). Clarice, older sister by three years. His husband is Darion Takagi.
Medical Conditions:N/A
Pets: N/A
Hometown: Clover Town (East Fiore)
Secrets: He enjoys pain. Mostly emotional, but physical is alright- to a point. Arata derives a mixture of anxiety and comfort from pricking his fingers with needles, then watching the blood roll from the tip of them. When the anxiety gets to be too much, he hastily rinses/cleanses away the vital fluid. Ice, the cold in general, is a turn-on for him.


Clover Town of East Fiore
It was during the wintery months in Clover that Arata Takagi was born. The remote village was rather boisterous that day, one thing that his family took as a sign of future happiness. The town was bustling with both mages and non-mages, each going about their own tasks. The day was frigid, and the town’s few farmers were busy attending their winter jobs, and everyone clothed in cloaks and furs for warmth. December 14th was indeed a cold day. Some hour of the biting day Arata was born. His mother, Mei, and father, Clyde, were the only ones present after the birth. The doctor had immediately gathered his things after reassuring both that they were gifted with a healthy baby boy. Hours later he was met with the soft gaze of his elder sister (who was three at the time), as she attempted to hold him.

At the age of five Arata had been introduced to his magic- one his mother held as well. To ensure his future, it was decided that he would be tutored in magic. His mother taught him the basics, and Arata was granted a proper tutor within two months. Gradually he became erudite in the ways of a Toxin Mage, and proceeded to chase its past on his own. Being praised by his family gave him quite the ego, and Arata started to become cocky as he grew up. Despite this, he was aware his sister would beat him. Clarice inherited their grandfather’s magic, water-based, and was proclaimed a prodigee by their parents and family. Even so, Arata never felt resentment towards his sister. They have two kinds of magic, which may be mastered differently.

The year he was five, with this encouraged ego, Arata was somewhat of a bully. He was much less calm, and was easily angered. It was on a rather hot day that he encountered a timid child his own age. One of Clover’s yearly visitors, one that sells sweet ice called “ice cream”, had recently set up shop for the summer months. The little mage had not tasted this, but had heard tales of its sweet deliciousness from his sister Clarice. Arata had been on his way to the small stand when his gray eyes caught sight of a blonde boy his age munching with content at a small cone of the sweet ice. Arata looked down the street, where the store was a block away, and back to the young boy his age. He made a decision. In a few quick strides he stood before the other boy, snatched the cone, and stared down. “Mine.”

The boy looked at him, visibly hurt. His lower lip quivered, and he looked to be on the verge of tears. He stood up and started sniffling, “That’s.. Mine…” He tried to reach for the cone, but Arata had snatched it away. The ice cream thief simply glared in disdain, tentatively licking the cream with a firm but quiet, “No.” As it turned out, after he left the quivering child, Arata didn’t have a taste for it anyway.

At ten he began testing his physical strength. It wasn’t much, and so it was decided that he would focus on speed and endurance much more often than strength. The young gray-eyed boy was met with his father’s reluctant agree, but Mei had immediately liked the idea. This is not to say he wouldn’t train in strength, for it was a requirement to as someone with Toxin Magic. It was at this time that Arata began to help his parents when they worked. He would clean with his mother one day, only to trail his father in hunting the next. He was always a rather quiet child. Arata grew a taste for new things. He started with odd jobs, working new things into his schedule, and once even bought nearly a pound of assorted cheeses with his own money after his twelfth birthday. Clarice expressed exasperation, to which he replied by shoving mozzarella into her loud mouth. The food became one of his favourites afterwards.

Years after he spent practicing Toxin manipulation and building endurance, speed, and (less often) strength. His mother refused to help him, but his sister was more than happy to spar. Clarice won 80 percent of the time. Eventually, Arata concluded, he would join a guild; for now he would tend to his hometown of Clover and help his family.

At 21 he decided to chance visiting a bar... a year after realising his sexuality. Arata, never one to talk of bars and sexuality, was silently anxious over which to visit. Consequently he was at a loss; however, he finally decided upon a “homosexual” bar called Butch. Now, it wouldn’t be very characteristic of him to visibly worry, but Arata was nervous. He was in new territory and- he needed air. The Toxin mage stepped out the bar’s back door as soon as he entered, earning strange looks. And who was he to happen upon besides a tall, very attractive, light-haired mage? In an attempt to maintain his composure, Arata made a small noise of surprise- much less than he would have done, had he been someone else. “...Pardon.”

The stranger’s eyes moved towards him, but other than that he did nothing. Arata blinks owlishly, scowls, but moves to stand a safe distance from the blonde. Every so-often his gray eyes would slide over, something that he berated himself for. After a moment of silence, the Toxin mage glanced at the new night’s sky- a bright, full moon hovering above the town. Minutes pass and neither of them utter a word; Arata’s slate irises sneak a glance (involuntarily!) at the other male. Recognition momentarily seizes him. The man, well, his features, felt familiar. Unable to bear the uncomfortable silence (was it just him?), Arata clears his throat lightly, “Do.. Do I know you?”

The blonde man sighed, “Perhaps. Though if you think too hard, you might not like what you find.”

Feeling as if he’d been challenged, Arata suddenly felt a bit more comfortable, despite an unnatural chill around the stranger. I don’t recall many light-haired people... It took a long moment, and in thought he takes in the stranger’s icy blue eyes and figure. Blonde, azure... Something clicked. He suppressed the heat of embarrassment that threatened to redden his cheeks. Oh. “...You... ah,” An embarrassed cough, “Ice cream?”

The man looked at him, giving him a stare that could freeze the heart of all that it pierced, “You remember. That day was a terrible day in my life. Though I should thank you. It’s what got me into using magic.” His voice was filled with spite in the beginning, but it turned into nothing more than sheer indifference by the end.

Arata was silent, contemplating this. Somehow, he couldn’t imagine the regal man before him as the sniffling and teary-eyed child of so long ago. A terrible day, huh? It was a bit like having a bucket of water being dumped upon him- not that it wasn’t freezing anyway. He frowns in confusion, Why is it so cold? The weather was entirely different before. He pushed away both the thoughts of cold and the surprising appearance of guilt. He calmed himself, took a breath, and became his normal self once more. But first... He turns to the man beside him, the picture of politeness. “I’ll apologise.” A heartbeat of silence, and Arata feels his nerves fraying the tiniest bit once more, “Would you accept an invitation to dinner as such?”

The man seemed indifferent, but he responded with “Yes. I would accept an invitation if one were to ask me to dinner. But you only asked me if I would accept, you didn’t ask me to dinner. As I said earlier, I should thank you for that. Will you go to dinner as an appreciation of thanks for turning me into the person that I am today?”

Flustered and a bit irked at being upped, Arata scowled again. His head lowered, but gray eyes cautiously met azure. “I was getting to it...” He mumbles, still unused to this sort of thing. With a more confident volume he replies, “I will.” Finally, pink touches his pale cheeks. Wait. I never caught his name.

Consequently, Arata and (as he later caught his name) Darion began seeing one another. The first date went splendid, and they dated for three years (t’was a beautiful little nightmare). There was a complicated proposal in which Darion attempted it, Arata finished, and they married. So, now 26, Arata has been happily married to Darion for 2 years.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Inner wrist, left.

Magic: Toxin Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: The user is trained in the art of using toxins as a means to fight, by both producing and manipulating the substance. The attacks are given a tangible appearance that is able to infect enemies; different attacks at separate levels inflicting a variety of effects. The toxins infect a target in a list of ways, since the magic wielders are just as varying. For example: some toxins must be inhaled, as others may have to directly permeate a wound. Most toxins cause the enemy to experience repercussions, such as a slowed pace or disorientation. This, again, depends entirely upon the attack, its level of strength, and the mage wielding it.

Strengths: Toxin Magic mages are adept in concocting and devising new ways to use their magic. An advantage they have is being both long and short-range fighters. Since their magic is meant to inhibit the capabilities of others, these mages must train in other areas (intelligence, strength) in order to deliver a final blow. Also, if they wish, it is not difficult to attack while hidden. A mist of toxin would be an obvious attack to make, but more than simple to preform. It would give them an advantage. Following the description written, Toxin Magic causes repercussions for an opponent which could give great advantage to the Toxin wielder. On another note, certain toxins are more potent at different temperatures.

Weaknesses: When a Toxin Magic user practices new techniques, it is not uncommon for them to become sick or ill. This is the result of particles of their magic infecting them. These magic users must be cautious, for a slip-up can land them bedridden, limbless, blind, or otherwise impaired. These wielders are not immune to their own magic, hence the cautiousness. If they try a spell much too powerful at their current level, they risk being poisoned or other such consequences. Concluding this, Toxin users must be cautious when trying new techniques, and be mindful of the magic’s distance from themselves. Just as they may be more potent at certain temperatures, they risk being ineffective the further they are from that degree.

RP Sample:

The gray-eyed man leans back, stretching his arms with a rueful grin. His hands come down with a yawn. Those eyes slide shut, but his senses are a bit more aware. “You’ve come for a demonstration, then?” He asks quietly. He thinks briefly on the moments that brought him to this: Meeting this pretty little water mage before him, the way her bright green eyes had glowed with such disdain upon meeting his own gray eyes. Arata shifts, straightening his wrinkled white coat in a futile attempt to appear every bit the erudite adult he is. He wasn’t sure it worked.

Arata reflects on her previous words, ”What would you do if I asked you to spar?” and felt his smile waver. I’ll be in trouble if she’s as good as the rumors say. Ah, but a challenge is but a test of my worthiness, and I’m surely greater than a mere water mage! He didn’t know what he was running into. The woman was rumored to be a great tactician and mage- and in his cocky stupor he forgot an important rule: Do not underestimate your enemies. The girl stands across from his seat with a haughty glare and equally confident grin. Her blonde hair lays on her back in waves, and Arata is briefly reminded of his sister, Clarice. Had this woman been dark-haired, he would dare to say that they are one in the same in regards to attitude and appearance. The thought brings back the memory of losing in battle with his elder sibling, but his eagerness to fight does not waver.

“You’ll do it, then?” The girl asks rhetorically. One of her slim hands reach out to take his own, and Arata allows the girl to tug him to his feet. He lands quietly despite her harsh pull. Slate gray and icy blue eyes meet.

“Of course.”

Too bad he underestimated the girl.

Face Claim: I actually have no idea. Searching by images on google didn’t work, and when I tried to find the artist’s name on the page I extracted it from I could not find it.

Desired starting level: 2

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Re: Arata Takagi

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:03 am

Hello Arata, welcome to the site. I would love nothing more than to grade your app right now, so lets get started shall we.

I shall take this like any other app, as I read it I am gonna write my thoughts per each section. If there needs to be any thoughts given.

Appearance: You just barely made the word count here. I would personally like to see more effort put into it. Be more descriptive, especially if you want to start out at something besides level 1.

Personality: Same as the appearance. I know words can be sometimes hard to gather up, especially on character apps, but come up with something. Be detailed. If your character has a love for music, or thinks they can sing good, or if bats just drive them batty.. hehe... All of this encompasses ones personality. (by the way it is disorganized, not disorganised)

Regarding your likes, dislikes, motivations, and fears...
While you have the required number, descriptions or explanations are nice, for they allow me to see more about your character. Things like this are the key to starting off at a higher rank.

Hometown: This kinda needs to be filled out, and not the question that is on the app. Just saying. (I think you accidentally placed it inside the history spoiler.)

History: All around a decent history. I would have liked to see a bit more possibly worked in about what the character was doing during the war and such, but as is, it works. More description naturally would be nice, but then I like details.

Magic: And now it is time for the part I have been waiting for..... the magic. I find this to be the most fun thing to check and approve on each app. Your magic, sadly has a few, tensy wensy problems we must address. First off you state this magic, which deals with toxins, is a holder magic. Yet I do not see how this would fit our holder system. You use actual plants and objects, and it pertains nothing to do with lacrima, so as of current our site could not handle this magic. Also it is a poison based magic, which while allowed, have to be quite the carefully approached of the magics. I can help with that if you desperately want a poison based magic. Though I am sad to say you must rethink your magic idea as a whole, let me know if you need help

RP Sample:  You are sadly 20 words short of the minimum for the RP sample. Please fix this. We want to be sure everyone is always doing at least 200 words a post. This is why we asked for the 200 words here.

All in all a decent app. Make some changes, give me a shout in the CB if you need help, for I am more than happy to.

Bump when edits are made~


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Re: Arata Takagi

Post by Arata Takagi on Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:11 am

Bumpity bump~
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Re: Arata Takagi

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Well, at least to me everything seems fairly okay now. For all intensive purposes, you are approved. Fair warning though, your spells will be closely monitored as to see how poison magic will play out. You are the first to try it, and well not to many places allow it, but we are going to see how it goes here. Just remember the limitations you placed on your magic when you make spells, and you should be fine though.


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Re: Arata Takagi

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