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Atrum Furea

Atrum Furea B1ec0010

Power -***  
Agility - **  
Toughness -****  
Intelligence - ***
Willpower -****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Atrum "Shaoraia Furea
Alias(es): Shaoraia
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: Dec 28th

Height: 7 foot even
Weight: 235lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

General Appearance: Atrum is a tall slightly tan, well built man who has a habit of dressing to impress.  He wears one of his two straw hats one with a bank strap around it the other with a red strap depending on his outfit.  He normally wears a white button-up dress shirt the sleeves of which he rolls up, under a vest the top half of which is pure black while the bottom half is a simple pattern of red squares separated by black border.  Below that he wears black slack like pants and simple practical black shoes along with a unremarkable tan belt.  His hair is short but he simply lets it grow and cuts it when it gets too long, depending on how much he cares it can get pretty long.  There are a few scars on his body but other than the ones on his arms they tend to be covered up or long since healed.

He has a muscular athletic build of a man who lived in the wild, chasing his food and fighting off other predators for territory.  His eyes normally hold a soft expression but can switch to fierce and determined, while his teeth are slightly pointed appearing more like the razor teeth of a shark than human teeth.  His nails are slightly pointed to resemble claws, giving him an overall animalistic appearance.  Atrum's appearance overall contrasts the way he dresses, while he tends to lean towards  respectable even classy clothing that gives off the impression of a domesticated beast.

Personality: Atrum is a calm person speaking softly and making very deliberate movements.  He is very kind and fatherly towards others, always holding a soft kind smile upon his face attempting to comfort them.   Atrum is the type of person to jump in front of something dangerous to protect a complete stranger, helping others is second nature for him.  Because of this he is very trusting by nature and takes betrayal hard, he does not forgive easily and those who have betrayed his trust will get no ounce of mercy from him.  He is very polite and well spoken, his pattern of speech is odd in that he will drift back and forth between complicated and simple words as if realizing he should talk a certain way halfway through a sentence.  Atrum is the type of person who is always smiling no matter the circumstance that soft smile is on his face.  The smile stays put in spite of his emotion at the time because of this he comes off as creepy but he simply enjoys smiling it is comforting to him so even when angered or saddened the smile stays in place in order to help him process what is going on.   Atrum has a love of other people he like to see what makes them tick, people interest him and because of this he has a habit of teasing people.  His teasing often give people the wrong impression of him as he varies wildly from small prods to enthusiastic, almost sadistic methods of getting under people's skin.  Still he doesn't mean harm and will always apologies afterwards, even if the soft spoken apology comes off as snarky and insincere.  Atrum is a simple person with little patience for drama and will often simply walk away from things that get under his skin.  However if presented with a situation he can't walk away from or he can't in good consciousness walk away from he will stand his ground and try and solve the problem simply and effectively.  

Atrum's personality does a 180 when provoked into a fight or angered.  Even when Angry or fighting Atrum is calm and collected.  Anger is but a weapon to pull out more strength.  He still carries the smile but his eyes are what portray his intentions.  When fighting Atrum is efficient and cruel any flashiness of his attacks being for the sole purpose of disturbing his opponent or creating a sense of fear in them.  He fights ferociously and without mercy, while he does not normally enjoy killing he does no abhor it either, for a man who's personality is decidedly good by nature he becomes an almost different being.  If he can end a fight quickly he will seek to do so, nature intended for the fittest to survive and fairness is for playing.  If you wish to teach; cheat and lie those who wish to learn will learn to not fall victim.  If you wish to fight, dirty tricks are to be expected the clever can overcome the strong.  His view on life is slightly harsh but his life was difficult, his kindness was born out of of life of hardship as was his cruelty.  One can be kind and strong but one should not expect kindness, it is freely given but rarely received.  Trust your family they are also your strength let no one harm the group, these views of his were ingrained deeply into his soul.  Atrum isn't the charismatic type but he respects those that are and hopes to learn from their example.

Atrum is a confident person who in when all else fails falls back on his wit and a sharp tongue to get pass difficult times.  Admittedly he has a major flaw, Rage issues.  He has trouble keeping his anger in check and will fly into bouts of rage when presented with things he dislikes.  Though his demeanor doesn't really change unless he is really angry.  While he will freely gives his name out to those he meets, he insists those close to him call him "Shao."

Likes: Music: Atrum has always enjoyed Music in his time his people spent many hours dancing and single and enjoying music, and that isn't something that leaves you.  One can find Atrum at his most reasonable when there is music playing around him.  He'll often be found enjoying music wherever he finds it, tapping his foot to the beat and humming a melody lost in his own little world.  He loves music deeply and even has a bit of a percussionist streak in him.  A talk about music will definitely engage him as long as reading notes aren't involved, a pure expression of ones self that is to be enjoyed and shared.  A form of communication that is to be understood at a deeper level than most know.

Food:  There is no getting around it Atrum loves to eat, there is just something about taste that just gets to him.  Although venturing too close while he is eating is a very bad idea as he tends to assume anyone too close is trying to steal his meal, and he's more than willing to take a bite out of someone he thinks is trying to take his food.  While his stomach isn't bottomless and he can over eat, the amount of food he can put away is definitely surprising.  Atrum is content to eat food after a good fight taste is a godsend, and it has a calming effect on him as a whole.  Even if it doesn't actually rejuvenate him he feels much better after eating, and will happily jump back into a fight after a good meal.  People need to appreciate food more.

Animals  Atrum is rather fond of most animals, when he was still growing up he was raised along side many wild animals and he admits to having a connection with them he doesn't fully understand.  He has a better grasp on how most animals think and it's easier for him to understand them than a lot of people.  Animals are more honest than people on certain levels, as such Atrum tends to admire the good qualities they have, however this doesn't go much beyond the fact that he likes other living creatures

Fighting:  Atrum has a battle lust that is not easily stated, for him battle is a form of expression a way of communication, this battle lust is a defense mechanism that he has grown to enjoy over time.  To him fighting is as important as breathing eating and sleeping is to any life form, fighting is living and one should respect and indulge in it often.  With that mentality Atrum will often throw himself into the most difficult battles available, if it was easy the battle wouldn't be worth fighting.  Atrum has trouble tearing himself away from a battle that has started the boiling of his blood, the challenge that excites is a fruit that easily tempts him.  Like many of the things he enjoys fighting is a form of expression that most people simply do not fully understand, in a fight you get a pure sense of your opponent even if it doesn't make complete sense at the time.

Weapons:  Weapons are an extension of oneself and Atrum has a fondness for weapons of all types.  There is something about a tool made to do it's job so efficiently but is neither good nor evil simply a part of it's wielders will, a part of their soul.  This appeals to him for reasons he does not fully understand, not that he feels the need to understand he likes weapons why should he need a reason?  Weapons are not simply a tool in his opinion sure they are a tool but to refer to a weapon as such is a disservce.  weapons are akin to music as they are pure expression of ones self, and to look at one as if it's something akin to a rock is just wrong.

"Challenge:  There's nothing quite like the feeling of being challenged, having your mettle tested and your abilities pushed to their limits... glorious!  Atrum doesn't do thing if he feels it is not not worth the effort, that said he will often put forth unneeded effort to test himself to see how strong or fast he has become, the idea that something difficult could increase his own power?  Definitely appealing the short cut is the route that always drops off in the end, strength inner or outer does not come cheap.  One must work hard in order to grow to evolve, to become more than what they were yesterday it takes effort.  Effort that Atrum will gladly put out.

Efficiency:  Efficiency is truly a godsend, making things that normally would be incredibly difficult or otherwise impossible achievable. While he does believe in good hard work he abhors wasted effort.  Efficiency is the antithesis of waste and Atrum despises waste, when things work like they should so you can get the most out of what you put in it puts a smile on his face.  Atrum was raised to be efficient regardless of what he was doing, hunting, fighting, killing, gathering, training, working, caring for others, all was done to maximize the most return from whatever was being done.  That stuck with him, and will continue to stick with him as long as he is.
Dislikes: Cowards:  Cowards will run and flee leaving their friends behind, they are not filled with fear but simply do not care about others regardless of how close they may be with them.  Atrum despises those who would retreat and leave their kin behind, they are not worth the effort to remove but keeping them around is more damaging than leaving them be.  There is a special place in hell for cowards, and life in general has a habit of punishing them.  If Atrum had his way people like this would be dragged out into the street and shot, there is no place in the world for cowards and traitors.  Atrum truly despises people that have no room in their hearts for anyone but themselves.

Arrogance:  Pride is fine in moderation but true arrogance is an annoyance.  Atrum utterly despises the arrogant those who hold themselves upon a pedestal are a horror to deal with, Atrum would much rather leave them to their own devices but can be 'motivated' to attempt to knock them off their pedestal.  Even if their arrogance is somehow warranted Atrum still has a hard time treating such people with respect or even giving them the time of day.  Arrogance has no good points to it, no saving graces.  The entire thing is ultimately worth of nothing more than the ire of people with a bit of sense in their heads.  That said Atrum has another reason for despising arrogant people, his own pride refuses to let them lord themselves about.

The Self-Entitled:  Like cowards there is a special place in hell for those who expect something from everyone and believes they owe everyone nothing.  Those that do nothing and yet expect the food and water of those who have worked hard.  They disgust Atrum and he will not sit idly by while they live in their delusional world, the self-entitled are the self absorbed parasites of the world and should be straightened out wherever they appear.  Atrum will go out of his way to serve people like this a slice of reality, maybe with enough effort he can make a decent person out of them and they can contribute to their species instead of feeding off of it.

Boredom:  Atrum hates to be bored, things stay the same and while he often enjoys relaxing and not being bothered.  However if he stays alone and nothing happens for too long he gets bored and immediately strikes out to find entertainment.  Stagnating and doing nothing bothers Atrum a lot and so if he's feeling bored he will definitely stir something up, he'd rather be angry or in trouble than bored out of his mind.  Instead of nothing happening it feels as if progress is being undone anything that he did rendered pointless in moments of boredom so he strives to be doing stuff and to avoid boredom when he can.  Why sit still when you can have fun anyways?

Self-Pitying:  Those who wallow in sadness anger Atrum, one should never be so self absorbed and filled with sorrow that all they can do is feel sorry for themselves.  It's pathetic, people who've been through worse managed to get back up on their feet so why can't you?  As far as Atrum is concerned no one has an excuse to do nothing but feel bad for themselves, depression already angers him he doesn't need someone acting pathetic on top of it.  People who act pathetic are a waste of space and useless to their fellows why have them around?  Useless and self pitying there isn't much of a point to these kind of people, Atrum wishes there was a way for them to get over themselves but in his experience there isn't much you can do with words of sense alone.

Letting others down:  Atrum does not like letting people down, for instance losing sucks and many people agree, Atrum subscribes to a different belief there is nothing wrong with losing specifically. However being defeated when people are counting on you is a blazing sin.  Atrum while he dislikes being beaten admits freely that it's better to lose to learn but refuses to be defeated when others are counting on him.  Letting people down if they are a member of your family is one of the worse things one can do and it honestly frightens Atrum.  If he lets his family down, what will happen to them?  Can they survive without him?  If he can help it he won't let those who depend on him down if it kills him.

Depression:  Depression is depressing and Atrum hates to feel depressed, hates it so much that he sort of skips depression and smashes into anger.  His own moments of depression are short lived and only come once in a blue moon.  It ticks him off that people are depressed, it ticks him off that he can also be depressed but normally it ticks him off that just about nothing he can say will cheer up the person.  He can't take crying, crying whether it's his or others its almost physically painful to watch a person cry.  Seeing others especially those close to him crying isn't something that he can deal with properly the most he can really do is "Punch whoever made them cry."
Motivations: Atrum wishes to get stronger in order to defeat His brother Ater in single combat.  To this end his goal is basically to become stronger and stronger.

His other motivation is rather simple he wants to have fun and enjoy his life.  Yes he has an plan for the end game but until then even when it comes to training he doesn't want to be bored.  
Fears: Solitude: while he enjoys being by himself he never wants to be truly alone.  Without those he cares for he is not sure what he'd do.  He enjoys being by himself yes but it's only a little while before he returns to those he knows feeling lonely. Things like others shunning him is also a part of this.  Losing the link with the ones he cares about frightens him deeply.  To have someone place a wall between themselves and you is incredibly hurtful.

Being forgotten:  Atrum enjoys the company of others but is terrified of being forgotten by others.  He holds his memories of others as precious and hops those who have memories of him will not forget them.  He does not mind being forgotten as long as he can be remembered.  It it the idea that he could basically not exist to someone he was friends with that terrifies him..

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Atrum's Father is an impossibly large man who acts as the head of the village Atrum's comes from, known as Fraide Furea.  His mother is Selena Furea, and his brother is Ater Furea.
Medical Conditions: Atrum doesn't have any outstanding medical conditions besides a need for more food than most.
Pets: None that are currently with him
Hometown:  Home is where the heart is but Atrum Hails from the Village of Shanraia Located in the Furan Forest.
Secrets: If asked directly Atrum will freely give out information, he doesn't keep secrets, and doesn't believe lies of omission either.

Atrum lived a difficult life, the freezing cold of the northern continent's near constant winters made surviving in a forest village hard and unforgiving.  His people worshiped the Entity know as Furea the mother of life.   Atrum was born here in the Forest Furan raised by his parents both powerful magic wielders in their own right who acted as the guardians of the village and to a lesser extent the forest they lived in.  Atrum was born along side his brother Ater, the brothers received a "True Name" that only their loved ones were supposed to know.  Atrum 's true name was Shaoraia, the name of a legend among their people, and Ater was named Nieman after the Nowhere man a figure both respected and feared.  The two grew up working to survive their winters lasted long and they felt no spring nor fall.  They hunted for food in the forest and gathered what edible plants they could, they learned the law of the wild and lived by it every day.  Their lives were hard but simple, you fought to feed your family not to mention the village itself but at least you knew what you were up against.  

Since Atrum and Ater grew up in a village built deep in a forest, they had little to no knowledge of what was occurring in the world outside the forest.  As such the thing they worried about most were the monsters that lurked in the forest outside of the village walls.  The worst of which was a large behemoth of a monster that was known as Yeago, a large creature resembling an ape that could blend in with his surroundings.  The large beast would attack hunters and gatherers taking food and killing men.  Atrum and Ater watched as their Father a man the size of two bears fought it to a stand still only being force to retreat because it could attack the other members of the village including Atrum and Ater.  After years of being tormented by this creature Ater the decidedly smarter of the twins brought his brother into a plan to get rid of the beast.  By the time they enacted the plan they had entered their teenaged years Atrum having begun learning his particular brand of fire magic, while Ater learned a strange magic that made it seem as if wasn't there at all.  There were not many magic users in the village so those that could use it were were trained even harder to make use of their abilities.

The two attacked Yeago when he went after a hunting party, Ater had taken time to discover before hand where the hunting party was planning on hunting and managed to find the beast before he could actually attack the hunters.  Atrum was the main attacker keeping the beasts attention while Ater snuck behind it for a kill shot. The fight was hard for Atrum, in the frozen forest his flames had trouble keeping alight, with his frustration mounting and feeling as if his entire village depended on him winning this fight Atrum lost control of himself for the first time and unleashed his magic no longer just a simple fire magic, the battle suddenly shifted in his favor for a short while.  However Atrum was still very weak compared to the beast and was knocked unconscious by it when he got too close.  Ater took this chance created by Atrum and killed the beast by cutting it's head off, before it could kill his twin brother.  When Atrum awoke he found Ater had killed the beast and tending to his wounds.

After Returning home the two were celebrated for being hero's and punished for being idiots, the village in general believing that it's really only stupid if it doesn't work.  After the battle Atrum noticed that Ater had changed, he didn't know what had changed exactly but there was something off about Ater from that point onwards.  It wasn't long after that day that the winter became even colder than normal, even the tress began to freeze solid and a blizzard settled over the forest and refused to lift.  Living in the forest became even more difficult, the plants the subsisted on were all dying under the sudden temperature drop and the animals had all vanished from the forest.  the strange part was that the other villagers began to talk about seeing figures moving about in the blizzard beyond the walls, shambling to and fro like they were on puppet strings.  Whispers of the "Winter's Dead"  Returning to the forest spread like wildfire in the village setting everyone on edge, things only got worse when Ater disappeared from the village.  He had simply gone without a trace, no one had seen him go and some people believed he had abandoned the village and that it was probably the best course of action.

Soon enough people began dying, there was almost no food and water left and not everyone was strong enough to withstand the hunger and thirst.  At first the dead were simply moved to the fields, however people began noticing that the corpses of the dead had disappeared.  confusion gave way to panic as from the blizzard came an army of the shambling figures, looking like frozen corpses they froze the entire area and killed anyone in their path.  Atrum and what was left of his family fled the forest after being left with no other option set fire to the village, and fled from the blizzard engulfed forest barely making it out with their lives.  when they finally were free from the forest They ran into Ater who was injured but otherwise fine.  Ater informed them he had left to see where the blizzard had originated from when he was attacked by those monsters, While their father was suspicious Atrum insisted they had bigger problems.  They fled as far away from their former home as they could, leaving their cursed land for a land that at the time they had believed to fared better than than own.  They were wrong.

The country they fled to was in it's last few years of a devastating war, and though not much a better situation than their own homeland.  Eventually Atrum joined a guild planning on eventually go back to his homeland and solving the issue, though seeing as how much of a lost cause it was it  there wasn't much motivation to do so.  Since then Atrum lost contact with the rest of his family, for reasons no one explained.  the last message from his family told him that his brother was determined to get their home back and was going underground to do so.  Now as an adult he still finds himself inadequate when compared to his brother, so he seeks to become stronger so that he can both defeat him and assist him though the latter wasn't really that important to him.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Golden Over his heart.

Magic: War Flame Magic
Caster or Holder: caster
Description: War Flame magic is an interesting magic that 'mimics the behaviors of other elemental magics, a fluid and adaptive magic War Flame magic excels in keeping opponents on their toes and combat in general.  Fire of this magic types takes different states of being, though while is mimics other elements it is not truly changing It is still a fire magic  The element it mimics is different depending on the user.  War Flame for Atrum behaves like normal fire or Lighting being able to fluid switch between slow fireballs or fast moving bolts of flame giving Atrum plenty of options for attacking.  His magic being offensive in nature does not have an actual defense.   To avoid damage counterattacks and preemptive strikes are employed when possible but otherwise the user is open for attack.  For Atrum his magic focus on overwhelming firepower, a combination of speed and power used to keep the enemy from attacking or if under pressure to strike out unexpectedly.  While the Magic may fall short in the areas of utility or defense, offensive capabilities are definitely not something that it lacks.  The magic works like one would expect produced from the body and used mostly in projectiles, but also able to compliment the users close combat ability.
Strengths:  War Flame Magic's strength lies in it's offensive prowess which is only enhanced by it's deceptive nature, a magic that values offense over anything else besides it own fluid form.  While most fire magic is powerful War Flame magic is about creating and advantage and pressing it, Users tend to be those who hold nothing back when fighting, going all out to defeat their opponents.  The changing shape and behavior of the fire makes it difficult to counter, bolts of flame from the sky are hard to douse with water.  So as long as the user can keep up the heat they are in a good position in just about any fight they may find themselves in.  This magic also takes advantage of the heat it produces when spells are cost to dissuade attackers and harm those who would venture too close, meaning that only those who can withstand great heat could easily get close when he's using spells.  It has a great overall combat usage regardless of distance, close quarters and long range.
Weaknesses: The thing about War Flame Magic is that it's only real defense is the extreme heat the spells produce, the user's only other means of protection are purely physical.  Standard weaknesses to flame such as water or wind while not normally as effective due to the fire being able to change behavior, still can be a hurdle for the fire magic.  Unfortunately even though the magic isn't plagues by range restrictions. it can be noted that a lot of it's close range spells are weaker overall when compared to their ranged counter parts.  A magic that potential lines in constant advancing and attacking, it is significantly more difficult to use it from behind cover or when pinned down.   Restricting the movement of the caster cuts the legs out from under the magic, as it's dependent on the casters limbs to be used at all.  Though the magic can still be used with fingers being tied up means that the caster gets little or no choice in the area he can use his spells.  At the end of the day Fire is still fire

RP Sample:
Atrum tilted his hat over his eyes as he looked into the sky, it was a beautiful day the sun was shining brightly.  He strolled about the garden admiring the flowers in bloom, his soft smile the only thing not cover by the shadow of his hat.  He pace was slow and leisurely as it always was, after all he was in no hurry taking time to enjoy himself was important as well.  It had been a while since he had a chance to appreciate a garden like this, he planned on enjoying this little detour to the fullest after all.  Atrum continued his slow path until it was suddenly interrupted by him running into someone, the impact wasn't large in fact he wouldn't have notice it if his hat hadn't jerked forwards.  Looking for the source of the impact he saw a young girl on the ground,  the surprised look leaving his face the smile returning and offered his hand to help the young girl to her feet.  She like a lot of people he had seen seemed to be in a hurry, the girl gave him a smile and brushed past him without a word causing him to snicker to himself.  'This was quite enjoyable afternoon.'  he thought to himself as he left the garden content with himself, as he continued back towards town.  

"The size of this town never ceases to amaze me, such beautiful buildings completely different than my old home."  He mused, walking in the direction of his new found home.  "It's a shame that I haven't had anything to do recently, hopefully there is a job I can take on the board"  He spoke aloud to himself trying to relieve his boredom, bowing his heads to the people he passed in the street by way of greeting.  The day had just begun for him and he was itching to do something, it was nice taking a break but he planned on getting to work sooner rather than later.  Suddenly Atrum stopped in his tracks a racket just to his left drawing his attention and it was clear in his eyes that this new development did not amuse him in the least.

"I thought I told you to keep out of these streets!"  The voice was deep and grating the voice of someone who had somehow damaged their lungs maybe from breathing in too much smoke,  Atrum to turn to observe what was going on.  A young man looking very distressed was being shouted at by the average punk.  Really this type of thing happened everywhere and happened way too often for his taste.  Atrum at first tried to ignore it, the punks rarely acted on their threats, he stopped and looked about to see if someone would help and saw no one even give it a second thought.  He decided to wait until the man began threatening him again, if he was going to go through with his threats.  "I believe I told you to stay out of our turf, looks like I'll have t-"

"You'll have to do what?"  Atrum asked stepping in front of him smiling down at the punk, if he was going to step in he was going to have fun with it.  There was a moment of silence as the ruffian registered Atrum's daunting presence and regained momentum.  

"Look this has nothing to do with you, just back off."  He growled, Atrum noticed that the man seemed a bit nervous now.  He took some satisfaction in that his height had an advantage, and his demeanor made people nervous.  "I'm not playing walk away before you get hurt."

"It seems, You, and I, are going to have words."  Atrum stated as the young man the punk was berating fled the scene.  "And by words, Geh heh Well I think a man of your intelligence can get what I'm hinting at."  Atrum chuckled pulling the man towards him and putting an arm over him as he walked him away.  Well, maybe work could wait a little bit.

Face Claim: Kazami Yuuka as drawn by chikage (kinokodou)

Desired starting level: Well 2 or 3 ideally but let's just see what happens.
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Atrum Furea
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