Cornelius Argon, Grand Councilman

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Cornelius Argon, Grand Councilman

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Cornelius Argon

Power ******
Agility ****
Toughness ****
Intelligence ****
Willpower ****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Cornelius Argon
Alias(es): Grand Councilman
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 187 lbs
Hair: Black (greying)
Eyes: Red

General Appearance: Cornelius is a regal-looking man, with a groomed beard and hair to match. His wrinkles show his age, but his muscular physique reveal that he has all of the ability of a much younger man. he often dresses in shiny, silver armor that has the Magic Council's logo upon it, and often carries a spear of some sort as well.

Personality: Cornelius Argon is a serious man with a cunning spark in his eyes. He is utterly serious, almost never smiling. In fact, the only emotion he ever seems to show to the public is either calm or anger, depending on what seems most appropriate to the situation. He is dedicated to the point of being labeled a workaholic. He spends most of his spare time trying to reign in the world around him and push the Magic Council to be better prepared to fight threats both magical and mundane. With the joint duties of king and councilman after the assassination of Fiore's royal family late in the war, he puts the highest emphasis on being responsible for himself and his people.

He doesn't lack a sense of humor, though he is not one to tell jokes himself. In private he still seems reserved, far more so than he did before his mission. He won't tell anyone - even his famliy - what it was he did or what he saw, merely saying that what he did was for the good of those he served. He doesn't seem to have an ego despite being the most famous person in Fiore's recent history. That said, he is a slightly prideful man, and any slight against him, the magic council, or his family will earn his ire.

Likes: Order, Peace, His family
Dislikes: Chaos, not getting work done, irresponsibility
Motivations: To reshape the Magic Council, and in fact all of Fiore for the better.
Fears: His family coming to harm, his daughter not learning proper responsibility.

The great Cornelius Argon began as a rank-and-file fire wizard in the Magic Council, just as many of the other wizards under their employ. Before long, however, his impressive skills proved to be worth becoming one of their elite agents, sent out do do the council's bidding. For nearly fifteen years, he worked for the council, rising in power and prestige within the order.

During that time, he married and had a family. He had two children - a son called Mordekai and a daughter named Charlotte. He had a third child - another daughter, though she reportedly died along with his wife when an evil wizard wanted revenge on Argon himself. As a result, he dedicated himself to his work even further and raised his children the best he could to become responsible wizards themselves.

He increasingly became more and more busy with his work, however, doing jobs that the Magic Council only seemed to trust him with. He never talked about his work, even with his children, insisting that what he was doing was for the good of the Council. Then, he was sent on a mission that he didn't return from for five long years doing what he claimed was his most important job yet.

He returned just in time to save the Magic Council from falling apart during the war, and over the last two years he has worked to strengthen it and Fiore into an even greater government than before.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council
Guild Tattoo: On left pectoral, blood red

Magic: Fire Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Cornelius's fire magic is an exceptionally powerful fire magic, due in part to long years of training and his own natural talent. His flames are said to burn with the intensity of ten fire mages, and his natural tactical ability makes him an exceptionally deadly opponent.
Strengths: Cornelius's fire magic is aggressive and powerful. He is easily able to wipe out multiple opponents with a single fireball, and can even surround his own body in flames, creating a powerful defense to anyone who would touch him.
Weaknesses: cornelius's fire magic is fairly standard as far as its use, overall, and water magic or wind magic has an edge against it. He has more offense than defense, and as a result has a hard time when not on the offensive. Luckily, he's almost never on defense due to his incredible power.

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