Mordekai "Kai" Argon

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Mordekai "Kai" Argon

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Mordekai Argon


[Basic Information]
Full Name: Moredekai Argon
Alias(es): Kai
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow

General Appearance: A ruggedly handsome man, Kai is often seen wearing dark clothing and wielding a large dark sword. When he is not trying to look official for his father's council meetings, he often wears a cocky grin and a look in his eyes that dares you to give him an excuse to use his power. He is lean and muscular, and to many considered a heartthrob. Often he wears a short shoulder-covering cloak and wrappings around his arms that match that of the wrappings around his sword's hilt. Despite his naturally unruly hair, he manages to look decently tidy when he needs to.

Personality: Kai is several things to several people. On the one hand, he is a highly competent and loyal servant of the Magic Council, wishing to do his father proud. On the other, he's a cocky, headstrong, and gung-ho individual, relishing a good fight. He has been known not to take fights seriously enough, but with his vast skill with a sword, he rarely has to to come out on top.

He is one of the Magic Council's most favored Paladins, and he knows it. He is a skilled leader of his team of wizards, and is famed for having personally led the assault on several of the former dark guilds.

Under the control of Artemis Tallison, Kai is a relentless crusader in every way, seeing "dark guilds" everywhere. He even believes the Loyalists are helping the group known as Shadow Heart, and seeks to destroy them as he did the other dark guilds. Though it pains him that his sister and father would fall to corruption, he carries on his duty as a Paladin with grim determination.

Likes: Fighting, winning, women
Dislikes: Losing, dishonerable conduct, disrespect
Motivations: To become strong, to serve the Magic Council
Fears: Losing his sister

After losing his mother and youngest sister at a very young age, Mordekai dedicated himself to becoming a powerful mage and warrior. As soon as he was allowed, he joined the magic council and rose in ranks using a combination of charm and his incredible talent. He now serves as the Paladin Captain in the Magic Council, leading his soldiers to exterminate dark guilds before they can bring harm upon his people.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council
Guild Tattoo: right side of his neck, dark blue

Magic: Demon Wind
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Demon Wind is Kai's extremely aggressive brand of wind magic. He can focus the wind to cut like a sword, or use it like a battering ram to bludgeon his foes, making his offense extremely versatile. He also has incredible agility due to his magic, and he is considered one of the fastest wind mages in Fiore.'
Strengths: Effective at both close and long ranges, Demon Wind is a truly effective offensive magic. It can be as sharp as a knife's edge or as solid as a hammer, and he can direct it around himself with a mere thought. As long as there is air, there is the potential for wind.
Weaknesses: Demon Wind lacks the same defense even other winds magics posses. While it is not completely defenseless, He must rely on his speed and intuition more than the magic itself to protect him.

Face Claim: Saizo Kirigakure, Brave Ten

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