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Kayoko Sasaki

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Kayoko Sasaki

Power - ***  
Agility -  ***    
Toughness - ***  
Intelligence - ***  
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kayoko Sasaki
Alias(es): Kayo
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 31 October
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 122 lbs
Hair: Peach/Pink blend that goes down to her shoulders
Eyes: Orange

General Appearance: Kayoko is a woman of average height with a curvy, hourglass-shaped body and she is well-endowed to boot. Her skin is pale, though it bears a hint of a tan from being outside. She is a little bit more buff than she appears. Muscles aren’t readily visible like some body builder, but she is stronger and faster than she looks. She likes to wear sweaters and skirts, typically, her favorites being a sleeveless sweater with unattached, matching sleeves and a short plaid skirt. She enjoys soft or cute colors, and rarely wears anything exceptionally bright or dark. Her hair is quite long, going down to her mid-back. The way Kayoko carries herself is in direct contrast with her shyness - for as long as she doesn't have to talk to people, she's a confident and friendly young lady. On her back is slung an oversized two-handed sword, the weapon known as Miracle. She carries it like it is only a few pounds, though anyone else who tries to lift it finds that it feels like it is made of an incredibly dense metal.

Personality: Shy – Kayoko is incredibly shy. She simply can’t get herself to talk properly with people she hasn’t gotten used to. With people she knows, she can carry on a proper conversation, making it easy to forget how shy she is if she is around those she is comfortable with a lot. But when she is addressed by someone she doesn’t know very well, she simply stammers and blushes, and rarely is able to look the person in the eyes. She can, however, still communicate, even if it’s awkward. Kayoko has been shy since she was a little girl, and only her family and close friend Cali seem to be able to pierce her crippling shyness with ease.

Kind – Kayoko is as gentle as a lamb and probably one of the nicest people one could ever meet. She never speaks ill of people, and would even try and save her worst enemy if given the opportunity. At least, that’s the feeling one gets from the way she acts. Kayoko has a heart of gold and can't leave anyone out on the street if they need help. Her best friend and younger sister-like figure Cali is her latest example.

Brave – Kayoko is far more brave in situations that don’t require social interaction. She would risk everything to keep someone safe from harm, and has done so before several times. She would never back down from protecting someone helpless, though she is far from bloodthirsty. She would hate to ever kill anyone, but she is more than willing to put her health and safety at risk to protect herself or others.  The biggest piece of evidence is a scar on the right side of her stomach that she acquired trying to rescue a child from a vicious animal when she was younger.

Gullible – Kayoko takes people at their word almost one hundred percent of the time. She believes that people are basically good creatures, and if someone says they’ll do something, or not do something, then she tends to believe them. Why she is so gullible, no one can actually tell. She's simply always been far more trusting than most people. She has even been known to give her trust to those who have lied to her in the past, if they seem sincere enough later.

Motherly - Kayoko feels the need to take care of others, even before herself. She has a generally protective personality that makes her enjoy doing even simple things, like cheering people up or cooking meals for others. She takes care of children especially, including her cat-like charge, Cali.
Cute things – Kayoko loves cute things, such as kittens, hearts, and other objects. She is often distracted by them, a fact that her friends just learn to accept.

Sweets – Kayoko goes crazy over sweets, practically shoveling a box of chocolates into her mouth when she has access to them, for instance.

Drawing - Kayoko Is a fantasitic artist, and often doodles things when the mood strikes her. She also appreciates anyone else’s art, and tends to support those whom she thinks could use encouragement.

Coffee  - Kayoko doesn’t like the taste of coffee, and no amount of creamer or flavoring allows her to get past the taste.

Violence – Kayoko doesn’t like to fight. While she was gifted with a powerful magic, she dislikes being made to use it, and doesn’t like to see anyone hurt.

Harsh language – Kayoko doesn’t like when people curse, and never does so herself. She’ll rarely get onto people for it, however.


Doing the right thing - Kayoko always tries to do what she thinks is right, even if she's incredibly uncomfortable doing it. Her conscience won't allow her to do otherwise. Kayoko can't say no to someone in need, and while she is easily roped into other people's problems, she always does her best to solve them.

Safety - Kayoko is motivated by a desire to feel safe, both keeping herself safe and making sure Calico is safe as well. Her incident with a man who peddled artifacts stolen from his victims instilled in her the need to be able to protect herself and others from bad people who would harm for fun and profit.

Adventure - Kayoko seeks adventure, though it is rarely on the grand scale of a more heroic type. Simple exploration of her home town can count for her. She has spent her whole life in the safety and care of her parents' estate, and occasionally gets the urge to see what else is out there around the next corner.


Reptiles – Kayoko has decided all reptiles are slimy or poisonous or both, and thus doesn’t want to touch them.

Crowds – Kayoko is afraid of being around too many people, and can panic if she gets too much attention placed on her.

Storms – Kayoko is afraid of storms, and will attempt to hide from them. This doesn’t apply to daytime storms, however, as the lightning and wind is not nearly as scary when she can see everything else around her.

Occupation: Rich girl
Family: Jered Sasaki (Father), Korra Sasaki (Mother), Calico (Adopted Sister)
Medical Conditions: None
Pets: None
Hometown: Clover Town
Secrets: Kayoko has been kidnapped more than once in her life due to her family’s status, though she doesn’t remember this. It is a big reason why strangers make her so uncomfortable.

Born to a wealthy family in the town of Clover, Kayo spent most of her young life in the lap of luxury in her family’s estate. Her family’s wealth and power never went to her head though, and the naturally shy little girl grew up to be rather sweet and meek. She was never one to speak ill of anyone, and always one to speak up even for the least deserving, so long as it wasn’t to strangers. Kayoko was well known among her family and their friends as an odd girl with a heart of gold. She never had a lot of friends due to her almost crippling shyness. Kayoko delt with her family and their servants primarily, and didn't have any friends her own age due to being unable to talk to them. Those who weren't in her family would occasionally mistake her for being rude or antisocial, a fact which she disliked, but could never bring herself to dispute.

Despite her shyness, she had a flair for finding adventure, and one day when she was about fourteen, she stumbled upon a shady magical artifact peddler who liked to peddle the magical items of his victims to others for profit. When Kayoko overheard his plans to create  even more business by killing some people, she panicked and tried to run. The man heard her, and his men gave chase. She ran through where he was keeping his stores, and while trying to scramble around a table with weapons spread all over it, she tripped, grabbing at the weapons and table to try and steady herself. Instead, she grabbed a rather large sword, which in her panic, she subconsciously imprinted her magical signature on, activating it. The sword took on the properties of her own innate magic, and she was able to fend off her attackers. None of them were killed, however.

Kayoko spent her time learning how to use her magical sword, finding that she could use it with relative ease, though others often claimed the sword was quite heavy if she let them hold it. She was too quiet and shy to join a guild, but she managed to develop her magic on her own regardless, due in no small part to the way her swords abilities came as naturally to her as breathing, though only a little at a time.

Kayoko was largely spared from the war, herself, though her family made a rather large profit selling things to the army for a hefty profit. They were talented businessmen, and knew how to turn a profit while looking good in the eyes of the people. Other than knowing who they were selling to, Kayoko was simply a shy girl with an oversized sword. Still, she felt better having it in case anything bad happened in town.

Clover town took damage in the war, as most towns did, but Kayoko at her family’s request had been hidden in a secret passage in their house along with their favored servant and Kayoko’s then primary caretaker. It was days before she got to emerge, and she was terrified the entire time, but when she did, she found her own home had not been touched, thankfully.

About a year passed and Kayoko, once again wandering the streets alone, discovered a young girl who seemed to be part cat. Both intrigued and worried about her, she took the girl home to take care of her. When it became apparent she had nowhere to go, Kyoko begged her parents to let the girl stay. She even promised to take care of her herself. They agreed, reluctantly, and for the past year, the pair have lived together. Kayo called the cat girl Cali, and the two developed a relationship that was somewhere between pet and owner, and sisters. While she didn't always understand Cali, she did identify with her apprehension around strangers, and the first part of their relationship involved an entirely too shy Kayoko failing to communicate with the cat girl she was trying to take care of. Eventually, she managed to get herself to speak to the girl, who in turn started to trust her unlike any other human. She now serves as a companion and self-imposed bodyguard for the shy teenager.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: None
Guild Tattoo: Blue, on the back of her left hand.

Magic: Pure Spirit
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Pure Spirit magic is an angelic form of light magic that is far more balanced than her giant sword suggests. A primarily short-ranged magic, The blade has a combination of powerful, decently quick attacks, and defensive powers that can fend off a wide variety of attacks. The blade is forged as an expression of Kayo’s own magical power. Though it is a holder-type weapon, it draws from her magical strength and purity, making it unusable as anything but an incredibly heavy sword by anyone else.  When using the magic, angelic wings made entirely of light seem to form on her back.
Strengths: Pure Spirit magic is primarily a balanced magic, able to take on a wide variety of magical and physical attacks. The blade, being magical, is able to cut through magical attacks of a power based on Kayoko’s own using spells.  In addition, it can produce a variety of other effects, so long as she is in contact with the blade, such as enhanced strength or greater resistance to damage. At higher levels, it can create limited but powerful ranged attacks. As light magic, it has an advantage against shadow magic.
Weaknesses: Pure Spirit magic is short-ranged, meaning she is at a disadvantage when she isn’t going toe-to-toe with her opponents. In addition, Shadow magic can also have an advantage against it when used correctly. Heaven’s defender is faster than it seems, but it is by no means the fastest type of magic there is. Those with high speed can dodge her attacks unless she times them correctly. Finally, if she somehow loses access to her blade, Kayoko can no longer use her magic at all, since it is a holder type.

RP Sample:
The sky was overcast above the streets of Clover as a cute-looking teenage girl with an alarmingly large sword slung across her back wandered aimlessly through the marketplace. Everyone was bustling about as they tried to get their shopping done before it started raining. Kayoko Sasaki, however, didn’t much care if she got a little wet. She was more than happy to seek shelter when the time came. As it was, she was enjoying walking the streets with her younger sister, of sorts - an eleven year old cat girl called Cali.

“Looks like its still crowded from the tournament,” Kayo commented offhandedly as she looked around at all of the unfamiliar faces. She occasionally got stares for carrying around her sword, but she was used to that. She would be good as long as she didn’t become the center of attention. She hadn’t paid much attention to the tournament. It was a bunch of wizards fighting to prove they were better, and she didn’t care for fighting, despite her large weapon.

“Hey Cali, what do you think? Should we get a snack while we’re out?” Of course, Kayo would happily pay for it, but she depended on Cali to buy the snacks. Kayo hated talking to new people. Well, hate was a strong word. She would have liked to if she didn’t turn into a bumbling mess every time she tried. It intimidated the poor noble girl a lot.

Cali walked along side her older sister in the overcast weather. Her ears twitched, taking in every sound around her. Her nose took in the scents around her, and her bright yellow eyes shifted around as she couldn't focus on any one thing.

“I think snacks would be a great idea, Calico says enthusiastically” She said happily as she as she hugged her little black cat bag to her chest, with her arms crossed so they were almost to her shoulders. Her white and red Kimono hung loosely off her tiny frame, and she had to walk faster just to keep up with Kayoko.

“What should we get? Asks Calico with excited curiosity, ” Cali said as her eyes lit up slightly. “We could get salmon... or... or... Tuna! Tuna would be good! Calico says as a veiled demand.”  

Kayo should have known her younger sister would want fish. She loved all sorts of things cats liked, which Kayo honestly found absolutely adorable. Just as adorable as the little kimono and cat bag she had. Really, to her, Calico was just plain adorable, even if she didn’t play well with most people. She smiled her gentle smile as her own orange eyes took in the cat girl. “If you want to talk to the fish man you can get yourself a fish,” she told Cali. Of course, she nearly always gave in. Especially since she didn’t have to worry about paying for everyday things as long as she lived with her parents.

“I think I’ll get something else though. I’m not quite as catty as you,” she said smiling some more. Outings were always fun when Cali was involved. “You can get a fish if you’ll get me some chocolate, deal?” Kayoko had bent down to be closer to Cali’s eye level when she said it in order to make sure she was listening to more than “Go buy fish.” She handed the girl her money pouch and then followed her toward where she knew the first destination would be. She idly shifted her large sword on her back. It wasn’t that heavy to her, but it was still somewhat cumbersome occasionally. Still, she felt much safer with it, especially knowing that somewhere out there was the man who had tried to kill her three years ago.

“Yay! Fish time fish time! Calico says in a sing song voice,” Cali said as she took the money. She quickly stuffed it into the black cat bag and then hugged it tight again as she began running ahead. She was on a first name basis with the fish man, and quickly had her fish. Then she was running again.

This time she stopped and picked up the chocolate Kayoko wanted. She liked chocolate too, but
she liked fish even more. But with her hands full she was forced to put the fish in her mouth. Then she came running back, chocolate in hand and fish in mouth, to Kayako.

Holding out the chocolate she let go of the fish, finally able to balance everything as she spoke again. “Nyah, here's your chocolate big sis. Calico says in a satisfied tone.”

“Thank you!” The older girl answered enthusiastically as well. Chocolate was her biggest weakness. She took it as greedily as the shy girl got, tearing open the candy bar and shoving most of it in her mouth rather quickly. She broke off a small piece first though, and held it out in case Calico wanted a piece with her fish. Even if she didn’t want it, she felt less like a pig for offering. “Now, how are we fixing that fish of yours?” she asked in a motherly tone as she put a hand on the cat girl’s head, scratching behind her ear slightly.

She turned to head back toward their manor so they could fix the fish, though if Cali didn’t want to fix it that was okay too. Cat’s didn’t cook things… and she was like half cat.   It was then that a merchant decided to try and sell her some jewelry. He told her she would look great in it, and knowing she was rich, of course offered only his best. But as usual Kayoko wasn’t good at dealing with people she didn’t know. “er… um… I…” she blushed, not making eye contact with the man. She stepped back uncomfortably, arms held out, but with her elbows to her sides in an effort to keep the man from overwhelming her. But it wouldn’t take that much, and Cali would know that. “…Please…”

Calico gave a small laugh as her big sister seemingly tried to eat the chocolate in one bite. For all the refinement and lady like tendencies she had, chocolate brought out the worst in her. As she popped the chocolate in her mouth, Kayoko started scratching her behind the ear. She let out a small purr as she leaned into her hand.

But that's when disaster struck. Someone tried to talk to Kayoko! And it made her stop scratching behind her ear... And now her big sister was on the defensive. People needed to learn that her sister wasn't good with people. So she slipped in between the two, fish still in hand.

“Big sister Kayoko doesn't need any jewelry. Calico stats matter of factly,” Cali said with closed eyes and a quick nod. Then she looked up at the man and gave him a mischievous smile as she
continued. “I'm sore some other not so good looking girl would like your wares. Calico states evenly.”

The man wasn’t sure how to deal with the younger cat girl when she insisted that her sister was entirely too good –looking for his wares. He blinked at her, then looked over at the still-cowering Kayoko, shrugged, and moved off shouting about his wares at a more socially adept woman. Meanwhile, Kayoko sighed, letting out the stress she felt when she had to talk to people. “Thanks, Cali.” She said with a relieved smile, reaching down and scratching her ear again. She squatted down. “For your help, I’ll let you get one more thing before we go back home, since you did such a good job helping your pitiful sister.”

Cali still had the money anyway, and Kayo trusted her with it. Not that it especially mattered if something happened to the small sum she kept on her, but it was enough it would be a bit stressful to lose. “So  if you’d like, you can get whatever you want.” She probably spoiled the smaller girl. She wasn’t exactly her mother anyway. And she was hardly a leader or teacher. She was best at making sure people were happy. And treats usually worked rather well on children.

She stood back up, stretching. She raised her arm, resting her hand on her blade’s handle in a way that it would be easy to draw it if she wanted to. But the girl didn’t draw her sword unless she needed to or was practicing. She was doing neither, and wasn’t that fond of either anyway. She simply rested her arm like that occasionally, making her feel secure. Especially after an encounter with people. Maybe Calico was right, and she was meant to be a cat girl too.

“You're welcome. Calico says w- ahh...” She couldn't finish as the back of her ear was assaulted again. This time her foot began to tap slightly involuntarily. When Kayoko stopped though, Cali's face lit up. “Oooh! Then I want to get some milk! Calico says excitedly.”

She was quickly off and disappeared into the crowd this time. But it didn't take her long to return. Though now the cat bag hung off her side like a purse so she could hold the fish and the milk. She hummed a little when she came right up next to Kayoko.

“Nyah they actually had sweet cream this time. Calico says with a slightly surprised tone,” Cali said as she started walking back to the manor. She wasn't sure how she wanted the fish prepared, but she would figure it out by the time she got back. “We should get back before it rains. Calico says with disdain.”

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Kayoko Sasaki
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