Creating A Character

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Creating A Character

Post by PatriotArrow on Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:04 pm

Here's a quick guide to creating a character for Fairy Tail Revolution

1. Fill out the biography. This means everything on the template, including the attributes which are explained in another sticky here.

2. Choose what rank you want to start at. This should be faithful to your character, and is subject to what the staff see as appropriate for your character when they approve them. When you bump your character for approval, make a note of what rank you'd like to start at, from 1 to 3. 3 will not usually be approved, except in special circumstances, usually involving plot-important characters. If a staff member checking your character agrees, they'll adjust your character info accordingly.

3. Create magic. Look through the magic creation rules and create five spells as seen on the magic creation rules. Check the approved magics to see good examples and work with staff members if you have a hard time creating the spell you want.

4. Create a Wizard's Journal. When you're all approved, design yourself a journal. It can have any format you want, but you should try and keep track of known spells, completed missions, and what threads you've been in (and their order). Plus anything else that's important to you. Trust me, it helps a lot with keeping track of your RP.

5. Roleplay! Yep, you've got everything you need to have done... done. So get out there and enjoy Fairy Tail Revolution! Just make sure to always be nice and check with other people if you're doing anything that could affect their characters in a way they might not like.

Here are some useful links for ease of use!

1. Character biography template
2. Attribute guidelines
3. Dragon Slayer Magic, Takeover Magic, Requip Magic, and Celestial Wizard magic
4. Face Claim List

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