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Levi Duncan

Post by Kyoto Yoshida on Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:39 pm


[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - 5
Agility - 5  
Toughness - 1
Intelligence - 4  
Willpower - 3

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Levi Duncan
Alias(es): The Darkness
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthday: 09/04
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Blue

General Appearance: Levi is a very dark skinned man whos eyes are very sharp and his eye brows, thin and arched in an angry manner. His facial hair is dark blue, to match his short blue hair. His chin his sharp and muscular. A very smooth face, almost as a baby.

He stands at 6'2 and 190 lbs. He is greatly build and some can consider him "sexy". He usually sports a style that says I dont care. Thus sporting some sweat pants, a white t shirt and a jacket. He wears some sneakers that are Jordans. The white and black 6's.

Personality: Levi is some what cocky and stuck up. He cares nothing about people he sees under him. He is somewhat cold to people he doesn't like and tends to push away from meeting new people, unless you are a girl. He considers himself a ladies man as he treats them very well. Normally Levi is sleep and is very lazy when it comes to everything but his trap. Short tempered and will become very hostile to those he doesn't like. Which is a lot of people. Levi also have a tendency  drink and smoke. ALOT. Through normal standards his body should be destroyed but he seems to be fine. He has a habit of hitting on girls, especially the ones who act "hard to get" he sees it as a challenge. Even when they are taken or not, he'll shoot for it. Procrastination  is what he is know for. He procrastinate with everything unless its work, cause work is what keeps the lights on. Hes "hard". Not literally, but as in hes acts tough, even when he really is in his feeling and will listen to his drake CD during this time of need.. Which is alot.

- Girls.
- Sleeping.
- Smoking
- Drinking.
- Darkness, or Night-time.

- Loud people.
- Weak people.
- Magic Council.
- Distractions.

- Become a high rank.
- Find a wife.

- Heights
- Small places

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Athest the Shadow Dragon.
Medical Conditions: N/a
Pets: Dog, Pitbull.
Hometown: Shirotsume Town
Secrets: Dragon Slayer.

Levi was young when he was in the streets along with his now deceased brother, Lucus. At about the age of 3, and his brother was about 7 both of his parents was put into prison for reason he couldn't understand at the time, and this is what got him into the foster home where his life becomes better and where he would start his life. Durning his time in the foster home,  Levi's brother, Lucus died from messing up on his trap, smoking the supples and got delt with by his supplier. And thats where he met Athest the shadow dragon. Whom taught him magic everyday. At this orphanage is where he met his brothers(not blood) Andre, Adam, and Tyrone.  These are the dudes he is ride and die with. His best friends and his boys. It all started with Andre becoming friends with him and James Masters. Later on, Tyrone gave Levi 100 bricks to get his trap on. The bricks was that of magical crack. The crack was a hug hit and from that point on Tyrone put him on the game. The type of crack he was selling was some flight that have the users crazy and wanting for more. He made this his occupation and there he became a trapper. As they grew older they stayed tight with each other, but they kept the trap alive. They became decently known entities and where even considered to be an up and rising gang within Shirotsume Town, though they lived in a impoverished district. They keep their connects to a small number, but they do have goons to do small work for them. Tyrone, Adam, and Levi sold powder through the world, they also ran the weed trade. They worked so hard, and they created the largest cartel.  The used magic spells to keep control of the cartel. At the same time, Tyrone and Andre robbed people, so money was coming in one way or the other. As the crew inevitably made their presence known as one of the roughest in Shirotsume lower district, Levi was more into his trap and thats what he continued to do.He forever messed with the  foster homies of his, while somewhat doing his own thing. All he did was trap and with the trap, will bring him riches. Levi also made another homie whom he calls Jack. Jack is also a ride or die homie and follows the swankism and is around James a lot

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Shadow Heart
Guild Tattoo: Right Palm. Blue.

Magic: Shadow Dragon Slayer
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: A Magic which allows Levi to transform his body into that of a Shadow Dragon, turning his body into a shadow that cannot be touched by normal means.  With this Magic, Levi is also able to fade himself into shadows to move swiftly, dodging efficiently and making surprise attacks.
Strengths: The strengths of this magic are abundant. Levi is able to become intangible to attacks. It also allows him to move quickly in the shadows, which offers as a very reliable spying or escape mechanism. Even better, to fight. The biggest asset to this magic is the potential surprise attacks that Levi can dish out. This in all is a great magic for all purposes. The shadows produced by the magic are able to be utilized in many ways. The shadows are able to be released in freeform, as condensed, or even molded into the shape of a weapon.

Weaknesses: The weakness to this magic is its counterpart, Light. With light, this magic is proven useless as the light deprives Wayne access to shadows. With the light killing the shadows Wayne has no way to combat against his foes and once that happens, can be easily beaten. If Levi is caught while in a tangible form, or by another person in shadow form, he will then be vulnerable to attacks.

RP Sample:
Kyoto was walking around the park after seeing a group of about 8 Jounin ranked Sealing ninja walking with a young girl. Who was about eight years of age. Kyotao wonders why 8 Jounin would be escorting a young girl like that. Was she a princess? A SS-Rank escort mission?? What could it be? Kyoto ponders to himself. In truth , it could have been any of those things. And Kyoto's sense of adventure and curiosity got the best of him. "I'm sooo going to follow them" Kyoto told himself as he had nothing else to do. He had all the time today and with that he set off on the journey that they all would take. He begin to follow he Jouinin and the young girl from a good distance, so he can't be seen. They all were walking, so he assumes that the girl isn't a ninja otherwise they would be running or jumping in the trees for faster travel. The girl was wearing robes and scarfs. She look very royal like. Plenty of jewelry and everything else look very nice and expensive. "Yeahhh shes a princess or something" He says quietly to himself, so he wont alert any of the Jounin ninja. Kyoto thought he was so awesome because he wasn't found out yet even against the Jounin.

Jounin 1: "Should we tell him to go back?" He ask because he was concern. This Jounin was very concerned about everything...A little too concerned which may serve as his only weakness. But in all, like the other Jounin, he was strong

Jounin 2: "Not yet. We are nowhere near the place. Why not let him walk awhile just to prove a point. Don't follow people without their say so." Jounin number two was sort of a mean character. He was mean but was very careful and on the battlefield he could prove his rank.

The Jounin begins to laugh loudly. Kyoto would hear this laughter and gets jealous. "Crap. I wanna laugh! What could be sooo funny???" He ask himself while they all continue to walk. The girl looked very sadden. She looks back, pass the Jounin who were surrounding her, and straight towards Kyoto. Then She lets out a sigh.

Jounin 5: "Whats wrong little princess? Is everything okay sweetheart?" This Jounin was...well...kinda creepy. He said certain things to girls even Kyoto wouldn't say. And that right there is telling you quite a bit.

Girl: "No..Its just what if something happens now? If it does, he would be in a lot of danger..He could get very injured and if not he might could die.." The girl cared about everything. Flies, insects, animals, trees, and even more so, humans. She cared about everything like she was the mother of all things. In a way she was like
Kyoto. They both would give their life up to protect something they care about. "I think we should send him back.."

Jounin 3: "Well he shouldn't have come in the first place. And besides, their is a eighty-five percent chance that if he'd go back now, he could get attacked while hes alone. And that would ultimately be more unsafe then to keep up with us. Or so my calculations would lead me to such conclusion. If you really care about him, you'll let him continue following us." This Jounin was the smarts of the bunch. He was technical with everything and calculated every step before taking the next one. He had no sense of humor because he over thought things out all the time.

The Girl would let out another sigh before nodding. When Glasses or Jounin 3 talk nine times out of ten he was right about something. So while walking for awhile they Jounin decided it was time to take a break.

Girl: "Why are we stopping??" She asked curiously before stopping in front of Jounin 3

Jounin 6: This Jounin was too cool for school. He makes everything too dramatic and when ever he does, the scenery would match it all the time. At this moment, he was leaning on a tree, his head slightly tilted down so his hair could cover his face while the sunshine glared onto his head, causing a shadow to form around his nose. Anyone shorter than him would slightly be blinded by this awesomeness but at the same height or taller, the scenery wouldn't help him much. But none the less was still pretty cool. "We need to rest up. We've been walking for awhile now. Its ok to stop. Especially if you are worried about him." He pointed to Kyoto who was seen to be on the floor crawling. The day was hot and he didn't bring no water.

The Girl try to rush over to Kyoto but Jounin 6 put his arm in front of her, stopping her in her tracks. And with a flip of his hair, his face was reviled. Sunglasses was covering most of his features and was the most distinguish thing. The only one worth noting. Now showing his face to the girl.

Jounin 6: "It's Ok. We are resting for him. Besides, there is a clean lake right next to the road. And he should notice it in Three...Two...One.."

As the sixth Jounin predicted, Kyoto jumps up after hearing some streaming water. And rushing over there to take a drink.

Jounin 6: "See? Hes a smart one. Well the truth is, he remind me of my younger self. Thats something I would do..Being curious and following others because of it..? Thats totally me" Once said the "cool" Jounin 6 begins to laugh.

Jounin 7: "Spare the child of your foolish storys about your past, Ichi." This Jounin called the seventh one "Ichi", showing that they know each other. "Now is she wishes to hear a story, then my wonderful stories are the ones she shall be hearing!" Jounin 7 was a huge Shakespeare rip off. His story telling was very good, just Shakespeareish. "Once upon a time, it was 8 young boys. Kaze, Ichi, Shigo, Haruchi, Akisame, Ryo, Tetsu, And last but not least, yours truly...Gen-" He gets cut off by Jounin 6

Jounin 6: "Stop! We all hate this story! Too long!!" The Jounin continues, facing the girl. "Long story short, Kaze, which is him." He says pointing at Jounin 1. "Shigo," Nodding his head to Jounin 2. "Haruchi" Looking towards Jounin 3. "Akisame" Pointing at Jounin 8. "The dummy, Genku" He said sticking his tongue out at Jounin 7. "Me, Ichi." He says with a large smile pointing a thumb towards himself. "And lastly, the leaders of this operation, and the two brothers, Tetsu and Ryo" He turns to Jounin 4 and 5. Now looking back down to the girl. "We were all in the same group as Genin and Chuunin. Also graduated from the academy together. We all were together until Ryo and Tetsu got to Jounin rank faster than the rest of us. And thats the short version. We are all friends who has been together for a very long time."

The girl simply giggles and smile before replying. "You guys are best friends. Thats nice.." All of the Jounin begins to laugh except for Jounin 3, Haruchi and Jounin 4, Ryo. The girl looks at him Ryo. She knows why Haruchi didn't laugh, but not Ryo. Before she could ask why don't you laugh? Or haven't talked yet? Akisame, Jounin 8 puts a hand on her shoulder shaking his head.

Akisame: "He doesn't like to talk or anything, beca- and well, lets just leave it at that, shall we?" Akisame was the calm one. The most normal of the group of Jounin. But after he told her that Ryo nodded, letting him know it was ok to tell her. "Alrighty then, One night we was on a mission, we were all Chunnin at the time, and an ambush happened, and he got cut on his throat. It wasn't deep enough to kill him, and thanks to Medical Ninjutsu he got healed. But the damage on his vocals wasn't and for some reason, couldn't. So far what we know." He says not holding anything back. But then realized, shes a very young girl, shouldn't be hearing something soo depressing. "..Well for all we know he just don't want to talk anymore"

He begins to laugh, in attempt to lighten the mood up. Then all the other Jounin starts to laugh, even Haruchi, seeing Akisame's attempt. But the girl's face becomes sad. Slightly teary eyed as she looks up to Ryo.

Girl: "I'm soo sorry to hear that." She starts before wiping the tears of her face.

Then Tetsu pats her on her head while looking at his brother Ryo, who had a embarrassed face on.

Tetsu: Its ok Sweety, He doesn't mind at all. Really" He says giving her a smile, following all of the other Jounin. Reassuring her, then she begins to smile.

Kyoto is seen by Haruchi, who was pondering, probably doing some kind of calculations of things that has to do with Kyoto. Kyoto is walking up from the lake and back onto the road where he thought he wasn't in eyes view. In reality he was about 50 yards away.

Haruchi: "Just like I calculated...He ready to go on now. Are we?" He ask to all of them.

With a nod form them all, they begin to set off onto their journey and so does Kyoto.

"Ugh! How long have we been at this?? I'm too far along to go back now!" Kyoto said while putting his hands behind his head and begins to shuts his eyes. "This is totally boring, and I haven't eaten anything!" His stomach begins to growl as he continues to walk and then he bumps into something. "What is this..?" Opening one eye, he sees Shigo, Jounin 2 who was donning a very irritated facial expression. And with a gasp Kyoto pretends to not see him and turns around and begins to walk back towards the village, back into to his hand behind head and eyes closed walk. He now bumps into something else. Once he opens his eyes he now sees another Jounin. Haruchi, who was smiling maniacally with his glasses reflecting the sunlight, so you aren't able to see his eyes. "Wow.." Kyoto says, terrified about what they would now do to him.

Haruchi: "Now, I hope you know if you go back now, you'll end up dead. Right?" Haruchi looks down at Kyoto, now seeing one eye, as the other is still glaring with the suns reflection.

Shigo: With a nod of his head Shigo goes on. "Thats right! So you'll be coming with us from now on." He picks Kyoto up from his collar with one hand and begins to walk towards the Jounin and the girl. While on the walk they stayed mostly quiet. But almost getting to the group, Shigo says "That was stupid of you kid. Very gutsy but stupid..You'll make a great ninja one day" He begins to laugh as he told Kyoto he would be a great ninja.

Kyoto couldn't help but smile and then laugh while being carried to the group. "Yo guys! I'm Kyoto Yoshida! Nice to meet ya!" He tells everyone in the group with a smile. With this, they all introduced themselves.

Jounin: "Shigo!, Tetsu and Ryo!, Haruchi..,Akisame, Kaze!, Ichi. And lastly, the greatest of all, Genku!!" They all say one after the other of course with the exception of Ryo, who Tetsu answers for.

Girl: "...And I'm Kanae" This is the first any of them heard her name. Up until now they knew her as the "Package" but now they knew who she was.

With everyone in slight shock they all reply, saying "HI KANAE!!" The whole group erupts into laughter. The sun starts to set. They were a day away from the Leaf district and was too late and too dangerous for Kyoto to go alone, and they needed all of the eight Jounin for their mission, so as they set up the camp by the road, they all agree to take Kyoto with them. They were strong enough to do this alone and with Kyoto, although they don't think they'd need his help, was sure to get this mission successful. After they finished the camp they started to eat. They ate a lot and got full before going to sleep. Late at night, Kyoto couldn't sleep. He was wondering what was going to happen tomorrow. What kind of mission were they on? That requires 8 Jounin?? All this thinking made Kyoto need to use the bathroom. So he got up and went to some bushes to use the bathroom but before he could, Akisame comes out of nowhere.

Akisame: "You know why there are eight of us on this one mission? With this young girl?" He asked Kyoto looking very serious. Like what he was about to say was a huge deal. "She is going to be the Jinchuriki of Isobu..The 3 tailed beast"

Kyoto widen his eyes in shock. "What why???? Does she knows that???" Kyoto asked loudly and furiously. Akisame then looks at him and nod and puts his index finger in front of his lips signaling him to be quiet.

Akisame: "We aren't to let anyone know the mission. Please be more quiet." He looks behind him towards the camp and checks if anyone has awaken, which nobody did. "Yes she knows, she volunteered to do it"

Kyoto was shocked once again. This eight year old girl volunteered to seal a Bijuu within her?? He simply couldn't believe it. "Well could one of you take it?? Why her!?!? Shes just too young for a responsibility like that!" Kyoto says in a loud whisper.

Akismae: He shakes his head. "We need the eight of us to seal it inside her..Its an eight sealed jutsu. You need eight people to do and unseal it. So she could be safe from harm."

With that Kyoto nods and walk back towards the camp to sleep. Tomorrow he would witness the sealing of Isobu, the 3 Tailed Beast. Akisame follows as he have a long day ahead of him tomorrow also. With the sunrise waking them up, they all prepare to set off after packing up their camp. "So todays the day huh? Didn't even get to know her that well..as a person" Kyoto quietly says to himself. They all begin to walk, back onto the road. It was a very silent walk. Nobody wanted to say anything. And well..It wasn't much to say. About 30 minuets of complete silence, they all stop in front a big body of water as Haruchi begins to speak.

Haruchi: "This is the location. We should start the seal." With that, him and all the other Jounin bite their thumbs and draw some symbols one the ground in blood.

The symbols are all around Kanae. They start up a combo of hand signs. Starting with Tiger they then move Serpent, Dog, then lastly Dragon. With the hand signs done they all put their hands together like a clap. But is holding it. They then focus their chakra towards the middle, Kanae. But then the ground shakes. Then a huge eruption from the water body splashes upward. The Bijuu, Isobu surfaces. Being surfaced and with one fell swoop, the Bijuu has struck Kanae in the chest with a very powerful water blast. She wasn't dead but close to it. The sealing was almost complete as everyone but one seal had change and condensed into a smaller seal. Kyoto rushes to Kanae as the Jounin who had finished their seals went to attack Isobu. The last seal was being done by Ryo, and this one took the longest of all. The Tailed beast was making do with the Jounin until they all did a strong combination attack which made the Bijuu fall. The Jounin start to do some more hand signs. Ones which Kyoto can't see. But then Kanae touches Kyoto's shoulder and tells him. "Go stop them..please.." Kanae then shuts her eyes and goes limp. She died in Kyotos arms. He puts her own slowly and with teary eyes he rushes in front of the Jounin that was about to strike down Isobu and landing in front of Isobu's face with his arms extended, protecting the beast. He begins to talk with his head down. "It was Kanae's will to protect Isobu, and she passed that will to me.." Kyoto raises his head for the Jounin to see, his Sharingan is now activated. "I wont let you hurt Isobu!" The Bijuu looks at Kyoto and calms down. It wasn't going to attack no more. Kyoto then looks up to Isobu and touches his face and smiled. The other Jounin settled down and told Kyoto to go into the circle. Kyoto did so and once there the last seal locked on the ground. "Whats this feeling??" Kyoto asked himself with a blinding light the seal moves onto Kyotos stomach which he could describe as being warm. Once the light fade Isobu disappeared and Kyoto's stomach was smoking. All he noticed was that the Jounin were laid out. "Hey! Are you guys ok?" Kyoto yells as he try to run to them but falls to his knees.

A Mysterious Voice: "Leave them be. They are dead..It was the Eight Sealing Technique. It uses the persons soul to seal the object away, killing them in the process."

"Who are you??" Kyoto asks while looking around "Where are you at?? Come out!"

Mysterious Voice: "I'm inside you boy. I've accepted you as my Jinchuriki..I am Isobu."

Kyoto deactivate his Sharingan and closes his eyes. "I see..Well if they gave their lives to seal you in Kanae, who have passed her will onto me, I'll be responsible and and take care, of the one she asked me to!"

Isobu laughed and said "Thank you. We shall be good partners. Kyoto.."

With a nod Kyoto walks back towards the Leaf, with his new partner, Isobu.
Was from another site I'm on.

Face Claim: Aomine Daiki. Kuroko no Basuke
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Re: Levi Duncan

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Mines got buried pretty quick huh?

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Re: Levi Duncan

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Unfortunatly, this app cannot be graded at this time. Please note this rule located in the Limited Magic List. More specificially, the top paragraph in there that states the following:

EDIT: 10/26/13 - Effective now, limited magics may not be created until you have rp'ed actively for at least one month on FTR, in order to prevent creating a limited magic then abandoning them and causing problems with site cannon.

It does not HAVE to be RPing, but just generally being active and showing you're not going to make a character important to what's going on and then ditching on us.

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Re: Levi Duncan

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