Learning New Magic

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Learning New Magic

Post by PatriotArrow on Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:11 pm

Every wizard worth their salt is going to want to learn a few spells as they grow in power. As you grow in level, you'll get some free ones. Otherwise, you'll have to learn some new ones the good old fashioned way.

You can have a maximum of twenty spells at any given time. If you need more, you can train spells to replace an old one, or you can train old spells and upgrade them to better versions of themselves.

Leveling Up

When you gain a level, you gain a free spell of your new rank or lower. This means that starting off you might start a higher rank, but you'll get less free spells in the long run. That's a trade off you'll want to consider when applying for a certain character rank.

Holder mages don't gain new lacrima for gaining a level.


A new spell can be learned by purchasing it from the shop, if you want to save time. This will take some of your hard-earned jewels, but you can train faster that way. Alternatively, you can train them for free for an amount of words depending on the spell level. You can make a thread with the [training] tag on it and put a word count at the bottom of each post. If you are training alone, you have to wait at least 30 minutes between each post if you split it up between posts. You can train more than one spell at once, but you have to list what they are, and add the total number of words together.

1 - 500 words
2 - 1000 words
3 - 1500 words
4 - 2000 words
5 - 2500 words
6 - 3000 words
7 - 3500 words
8 - 4000 words
9 - 4500 words
10 - 5000 words


Alternatively, you can purchase any spell for the amount in the shop. If you have the money, it could save you a decent amount of time.


When you upgrade a spell, you only have to write the word difference between the levels of a spell. For example, learning a level 3 spell is 1500 words. Upgrading your level 1 spell to a level 3 spell is 1500 words - 500 words for learning a level 1 spell, making you need a total of only 1000 words instead. That means upgrading your spells a level at a time really isn't that bad

A word of caution though. If you upgrade all of your spells too fast... you may find yourself without some useful low mana cost spells to help you turn around a fight.

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