Clans of the Wild

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Clans of the Wild

Post by Goldenheart on Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:57 pm

Clans of the Wild- An anthropomorphic Warrior Cats RPG.

In a world where humans never existed live the five clans. However, these are clans unlike those you know. They walk on two legs and use weapons. And they live in a harsh world, where around every corner there are dangers. A world where giant beasts still walk the land. A primitive and wild world. And if that danger were not enough, recently there have been stories of strange cats coming down from the mountains, and no one knows what they want, or if they're connected to a string of deaths haunting the clans.

What we have
Several plot lines
Multiple high-ranking positions open
Anthropomorphic cats
Danger and fun
Insane Admins
An awesome C-box
Point System to buy cool things
And a sweet lookin' purple skin

What we need

Clans of The Wild


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