Zion Vyce [Done]

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Zion Vyce [Done]

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:03 pm

Zion Vyce

Power -  ***
Agility -  **    
Toughness -  **
Intelligence -   *****
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Zion Vyce
Alias(es): None
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: 13th of August
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 182cm
Weight: 80kg
Hair: Greyish white
Eyes: Grey

General Appearance: Zion has short white hair that seem to have a mind of their own. Often sporting glasses and seen reading a book on magic, his face looks serious and concentrated but is generally cheerful when spoken to. Standing slightly above average height with with muscular yet quite slim build, Zion would be considered handsome by most. Almost all the time Zion wears a long white coat that supposedly can magically change color. Overall he tends to stick to plain colors for his cloths but can be seen in more colorful accouterments on certain occasions.

Personality: To almost everyone Zion seems clumsy and cheerful. He is always reading a book even while eating, exercising and even walking, often causing chaos by bumping into people, things, people holding things, people on things... you get the picture. But Zion will always apologize for problems he caused and do his best to fix things. He always does his best to help others like his father taught him but sometimes Zion's efforts can cause more trouble than they solve.

However this goofy side is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Zion is above all very intelligent, all his life he has been consuming knowledge from all sorts of books making him somewhat of a walking encyclopedia. That is how most of the people who know him personally view the man. A nice goofy guy that will answer your questions on practically any subject if you ask him nicely.

And yet that is not all. Zion as yet another side rarely seen by anybody. If for some reason he is forced into a fight he must take seriously, which can be identified by Zion taking off his glasses he becomes a completely different person. Under such circumstances he becomes extremely serious, calm, collected and will not stop fighting until the enemy is taken down. But such things rarely happen since Zion only really goes on a mission when he's out of book money but by trading some of his collection he generally avoids it. As a result only a handful of people actually know Zion's magic even is. A lot of people wrongly assume it has something to do with books or memory.

One other quirk of this mage is his pretty extraordinary appetite. Zion eats a lot, more than someone his built should in fact, but never seems to gain weight. He has love for all forms of spicy foods. The more it burns your tongue, the better. Whether it's meat, fish, vegetable, pasta or anything else, as long as it's burning hot it will disappear inside him.

Likes: Books, Spicy Food, Very Spicy food and traveling.
Dislikes: Violence, arrogance and cowardice
Motivations: Learning all there is to know about magic and completing his own.
Fears: Zion has always been paranoid about forgetting things and will often check that something is in his pocket several times before leaving anywhere. He also always had a fear of crawling insects, not so much a paralyzing fear, but a profound disgust he just can't get over and will go roundabout ways to avoid such things.

Occupation: Mage/ Book collector
Family: Grandfather, Parents (Missing or Dead)
Medical Conditions: None
Pets: None
Hometown: Magnolia
Secrets: Zion has a Maid Fetish he keeps well hidden.

Zion's parents were both powerful mages that traveled Fiore helping people whilst looking for no rewards. His father, Djin Vyce, was a master of Elemental Shift magic and had control of a dozen different forms, whose name was known throughout the land as one of the most powerful mages in the country. Yet Djin never accepted any honor or recognition for his deeds, always remaining humble. Djin's wife, Seira was not quite as extraordinary as her husband but still a gifted mage specializing in runes. She gave her son his love for books as well as his looks. Indeed, Djin was strong man with long jet black hair and blue eyes while Seira was slender with white hair and grey eyes.

The couple traveled the land with their son for the first few years of Zion's life. When the boy was but tender age of eight he had already begun to show skills in the magic his was taught him. These are the times most cherished by Zion, when he was with his parents traveling and learning from his father. But sadly it was not to last. One day the happy family went to Magnolia town to visit Seira's father, Maurice, an old bookshop keeper who also dabbled in magic from time to time. To Zion it just seemed like any other visit at first. He would be happily reading books in the back while his parents and grandfather talked. But after a couple of days of normality Zion woke up one morning to find his parents all packed up and waiting by the front door. At first the young bot did not understand why he couldn't go with them but eventually his parents got him to calm down and listen. They told him that they were going somewhere very dangerous and that it would better if he stayed with his grandfather for while. So the young mage nodded as his father patted his son's head and walked out the door along with his wife. This would be the last time Zion saw his parents.

For the first few weeks Zion would wait by the window all day, everyday hoping to see his parents return, eventually he would only check periodically only to finally understand, after almost a year, that they were not coming back. So the boy delved deeper in the kingdom of books. He would spend all his time reading, as a way to keep his mind away from his parents. He also diligently practiced his magic everyday like his father always told him to. Just because they were gone did not mean that he should forget what they taught him. And so that routine went on for a couple more years.

At age twelve Zion was still spending all his time reading and practicing, interacting with just about nobody other than the bare minimum with his grandfather. The old man, not being able to stand watching his grandson, who was now the only family he had left, wasting away his youth like that, dragged the boy out by force one day. Maurice pulled his grandson by the ear all the way to the local mage guild, Fairy Tail. The old Bookstore owner had no love for the guild, as he viewed them as noisy troublemakers, but noise and lively people might have very well been what Zion needed to get over his parent's disappearance. So he told the boy's story and asked him to let Zion join the guild.

At first Zion would not open up to the other members but very slowly, the general attitude of the guild began to chip away had the armor Zion built around his heart. And so the years went by and Zion slowly transformed from the gloomy young boy to the cheerful bookworm he is now. Regardless of catastrophes and wars Zion continued to travel around Fiore helping people. Unlike his parents however he was not traveling all the time, in fact most of the time he stayed in Magnolia with the guild and helped his grandfather. For nine years he has been a member, for nine years Zion Vyce has be happy like he thought he never would be again.    

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Right Shoulder

Magic: Elemental Shift
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Elemental Shift allows Zion to to change the element of his spells as well as the resistances and weaknesses of his whichever element he is using. To do this the user creates a layer of elemental magic over his body. While using it Zion's hair, eyes and coat change to match the element he's currently using and give somewhat of an aura of said element. The various forms are called "Modes" and are activated by calling out the name of the Mode Zion wishes to use.

Strengths: The Strengths of Elemental Shift is the ability to change the elemental affinity of the user to gain the advantage as well as possessing a large variety of both long range and melee spells. Technically the applications of Elemental Shift are only limited by the user's imagination whilst using elemental magic. At higher levels of mastery of this magic, users can even create double layered forms. Those would at first only be of the one element but a true master of Elemental Shift is said to be able to combine two elements together.

Weaknesses: Elemental Shifts's main weakness is mainly the rarity of the spells making it practically impossible to acquire forms. In fact all of Zion's current forms were passed on by his father, Zion himself has never obtained one himself. Other than that Elemental obviously has the weaknesses of whatever element he is using and thus must be very careful about what form to use so as to not give the enemy the advantage. Elemental Shift is also quite costly since to use any kind of spells a "Mode" must first be activated and sustained.

RP Sample:
It was a day like any other in Fairy Tail, people were being merry and made a lot of noise. Outside the guild hall the streets were busy like they would be on any spring day upon which the sun shined brightly. Zion Vyce was simply sitting at a table in the guild hall, eating Super Tabasco Spaghetti whilst reading a book called "A theoretical approach on Dragon biology" it was quite interesting as very few people knew anything about Dragons, although the entire book was really just an amalgamated mess of educated guesses, it was better than nothing on the subject.

After a few more bites to finish his fiery meal, the mage dressed in white stood up, without stopping his reading, and walked in the general direction of the main doors. His grandfather had an appointment with the doctor and asked Zion to watch the shop while he was gone. However, something went wrong, as usual, Zion being more focused on his reading than on where he was going, stumbled over a groups table, spilling all the food and drinks on the floor and himself. To Zion's great relief this book was, relatively, undamaged by the beer and meat juice.

As this was Fairy Tail, the almost common accident resulted in a eruption of laughter from just about everyone, except one of members whose meal was now mostly upon Zion's coat. The young man profusely bowed and apologized and tapping the annoyed member's shoulder with his right hand saying "Don't worry, I'll pay you back for you meal." But when pulling his hand away Zion noticed he made a huge stain on the man's white shirt and so apologized some more before running out the guild hall, after realized he was late and thus forgetting to pay back the for the wasted food.

Just another lively day in Fairy Tail.

Face Claim: Ian Siegert from Magia Mystica

Desired starting level: I want to say 3 since Zion is quite gifted. But if you think that's inappropriate 2 would be okay as well.

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Re: Zion Vyce [Done]

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:52 pm

Just bumping this so people know it's done.


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Re: Zion Vyce [Done]

Post by Maxus on Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:25 pm

Unfortunatly, this app cannot be graded at this time. Please note this rule located in the Limited Magic List. More specificially, the top paragraph in there that states the following:

EDIT: 10/26/13 - Effective now, limited magics may not be created until you have rp'ed actively for at least one month on FTR, in order to prevent creating a limited magic then abandoning them and causing problems with site cannon.

It does not HAVE to be RPing, but just generally being active and showing you're not going to make a character important to what's going on and then ditching on us.

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Re: Zion Vyce [Done]

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:06 am

Changed things up a bit. Made magic somewhat different so that it isn't limited magic anymore. I hope it works this way.


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Re: Zion Vyce [Done]

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:39 am

So you do not have a limited magic anymore eh? I will take on this app then. Let's get this thing cracked open shall we?

You are short in your word count on your General Appearance. Please fix. Thanks.

Your personality, minus the grammatical issues, is pretty good. I will overlook these grammar issues for  now though, even the every so bothersome starting a sentence with 'and'.

Your likes... amusing, but Very Spicy Food, and Spicy Food >.> one in the same last I checked. Thankfully you had that other like. So all is well there, though I would like to see more descriptions.
Same true with the dislikes and motivations....

Your history isn't bad wish there was more. In your placement of your guild tattoo, you are also supposed to state the color of the tattoo.

Now the magic. I personally dislike work arounds, but lets see what ya got.... Please take out the word forms from your magic completely. Nothing about your character can literally change when you use the mode spell to switch between elements just so you know. Otherwise you will be A. too close to Requip, or B. too close to Take Over.You acquiring new forms will not be a weakness, for you do not have forms in the first place.

Finally, characters here never start out above three. If you want to start high, please put more effort into the app. Go into details, be descriptive. Currently once all corrections are made, I would grade the approved at level 1.

Bump when edits are made~


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Re: Zion Vyce [Done]

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