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Power - 3 
Agility -  4   
Toughness - 2 
Intelligence - 3 
Willpower - 3

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Sammey
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 05/19
Sexuality: bise

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair: Light blue/white up in two pony tail gos down to lower back
Eyes: Light blue

General Appearance: A youth pale woman whit Light blue eyes and hair up in two pony tails going down to her lower back that are a greenish blue. She wares a light blue tank top whit a white sleeveless button down shirt what a light blue line on the bottom of her shirt. She also wares matching white sleeves that go on her arms starting form about three inches form her shoulder's to her her wrist. She has a light blue skirt that stops two inches form her knees. Than she has her headphones on her ears whit a blue light on the headphones.

Personality: Is really shy at 1st but ones she get to know the person she has a smile on her face and giggle most of the time win feeling save. She loyal to her family, friends and guild mates as well. She is a lot more shyer around Boys/Man more than Girls/Woman and stays back a little bit more form the Boys/Man than the Girls/Woman. She doesn't like to be the center of attention so she really do a lot of big special things because she tends to be shy during these things. She does more little thing that most people don't even see or knows about it. Just like every girl/woman ones mad than she well go after you even if she knows she well lose. She most of the time people don't even see her even thou she has light blue hair her size puts her under some times and it doesn't help she hid's behind others. Ones she ones up she is loving and show more of her personality. She talk in a soft voice and even win she yells it come out soft. She sometimes over thinks things making her walk/run into wall, doors, etc and sometimes into other people.

Likes: ~snow~ She loves the snow growing up in it and for her Ice magic.
~reading~ She loves a good books/mangas win she has some free she always has a book/manga on her it seems.
~music~ She seem to aways have her music playing on her headphones win ever she awake.
Dislikes: ~people missing whit her headphones/hair~ she don't like win people go up to her and miss up her hair or headphones makes her feel disrespected.
~High lvs of Heat~She don't like really going to really hot places it makes it harder if not impossible to use her magic.
~being the center of attention~ She doesn't like to have every one looking at her makes her over thinks what shes is trying to do and than miss up.
Motivations: ~Proving everyone wrong~ people think sine she is small and a girl she can't become a great wizard like guys can.
~father~ Her father dead trying to keep her and her mother save and the last thing he sayed "I wasn't powerful enough but i know you can be 10 x as powerful as me".
~get over her shyness~ She whats to go out a make friend and get over her shyness so she can become more powerful.
Fears: ~being alone~ She fears she may lose everything she has and loves and have nothing or no one by her side.
~dieing~ She know becoming a wizard she may die and she doesn't what to die and lave her friend behind.
~black magic~ She fears it may one day kill everything and everyone.

Occupation:  Mage
Family: Mom
Medical Conditions: N/A
Pets: N/A
Hometown: a little village
Secrets: N/A

On a cold weather night high on top of a mountain lay'ed a little village a loving family had a baby girl. The people of the village was what'ed to know what the newest member of the village was going to be a tall man walked out of the room holding something. He than say'ed "her name is Sammey" than walked back into the room giving the new to a snow white woman. Than a older man and woman walked in and asked "Sam my son why did you name her baby girl sammey?". Than the mom say'ed we what'ed a one of a kind name for a one of a kind girl".

As a kid Sammey was the shyest and smallest out of the most kids her age. Her dad named Sam worked as a woods man cutting trees and hutting food for the village. Her mom named Faith just stays home doing house work and tacks care or the kid. One night win the family was going to eat the dad looked over at Sammey and seen her hair was like a light blue/white color now. The next day people in the village was asking "why is her hair like that?". Over time it dead down the villagers just moved on life in the village was back to way it was. One Sammey was seven years old her dad showed her how to use ice make magic.

Six years later Sammey was able to do some magic her dad showed her. Her and her mom was heading back to the hut to start fixing dinner. Ones they got home Sammey seen her dad and a other man at the hut. She ran up to her dad "Sammey go in the house NOW! you and your mom" not whating to disobey she ran in side the hut. She looked out the window to see her dad and the other man start fighting. Sammey mom than pulled her away form the window and drop to the floor and covered her head. Five minutes later her dad comes frying through the window. She run to her dad crying out "DAD!!" her mom is looking in fear that he was dead. The other guy walks in the hut Sammey than looks up and jumps in fort of the man to stop him. He starts laughing at the little kid "look at that she what to try and save here little daddy HAHAHAH!!". As he grab Sammey by the throat and picks her up "Well? were you not going to stop me?" in a evil voice. Her mom than started to run to save her girl ones the man seen her coming he through Sammey at her making her fall back. Her mom looked at her as Sammey lay'd passed out ones Sammey was awake she seen her mom crying over her dads blood covered body.

Five years later Sammey told her mom she was laving her mom looked at her "if this is what you really what dear than its ok whit me". She looked at her mom and side "i'm going to join Fairy tail and become a wizard like dad use to be". She than started to pack and before laving the village the hole village had a little party for Sammy. Ones it was over she than started her long journey to become a wizard.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Right Arm

Magic: Ice make
Caster or Holder: caster
Description: She uses ice make magic to make items and other static constructs.  She has heard of dynamic ice make magic, but isn't interested in learning it because she doesn't like the idea of creating essentially living things and in a way playing god. Having her look like a dark wizard and making the guild look bad.
Strengths: Her ice make is mostly defensive and supplementary as well as offensive, being as likely to conjure a weapon as a bridge. The one thing she isn't very experienced with yet is holding her contracts for an extended amount of time, no more than around twenty minutes at best if pushed she can hold it for forty minutes. She practices every few days to keep up her magic at a okay level to be able to help if needed.
Weaknesses:  The weakness to her magic is pretty much, fire. A fire spell would overrule an ice spell most of the time, granted it would depend on the strength of the ice and fire spells being used, but if someone sees a fire mage and ice mage fighting, most people would go towards the fire mage. If she casts her magic in a hot place, such as a desert, then the effectiveness of the spell will be significantly diminished.

RP Sample:
It was a long ways to be able to get to Fairy tail but she was most of the way here. the day was starting to come to a end as the sun slowly maked it way down. She was thinking she should make up camp for the night. As she got some wood the started a fire and set up her little bed roll. She make her something to eat than ten minutes she lead down. She was looking up at the night sky for a bit before falling asleep.

The next day she packed everything up and started on her way ones again. She walked for about ten minutes than she seen a town. She looked at it "Is this Magnolia?". She than walked to the town ones she make it in to town. she seen it the guild hall of Fairy tail "Yes i'm here" as she ran to the gates of Fairy tail.

Face Claim:  vocaloid snow Hatsune Miku
Desired starting level: 2


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Re: Sammey

Post by Maxus on Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:13 am

Well, you had this app up fast... I'll be the one handling your character this time.

The first thing I notice is that your grammer and even sometimes your sentence structure is a little... odd. It's not a huge thing, but it might make it difficult for other RPers to understand your writing in the future.

However, I do see two problems. Both are fairly minor, but I can't pass your app until you fix them.

First, is your magic. Specifically in the strengths. Anyone who knows of Fairy Tail knows of Ice Make Magic most likely. But what I'd like to see is a description of what she excells at with it. Things like "She's good at making shields," Or "her attacks take animal forms". Something like "She trains to make it better" Is better left to personality and history.

The second issue is the RP sample. It needs to be 200 words minimum. You currently have 157 words.

Fix those and bump the thread. I'll give my full verdict then.

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