The Future of Our World -- Post Potter set in 2024 -- new!

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The Future of Our World -- Post Potter set in 2024 -- new!

Post by TFoOW Admin on Sun Feb 09, 2014 6:44 pm

In 1998, the Second Wizarding War ended. But, was that really the end of everything? Now, in the year 2024, things have seemingly gotten worse for the Wizarding World, and it's because of their own doing. Magic was leaked into the muggle world, and while the Death Eaters and Order of the Phoenix are far gone, a new threat lurks in the background. The Muggles for Witchcraft community -- also known as the MFW, lead by a muggle named Aaron Gagnon -- has started up a protest. They take away magical creatures such as Wizards and Witches, Goblins and part-Trolls and all other magical beings, and they just... disappear.

But not everyone is with the MFW community. There's a strong opposition with wizards and muggles alike to keep the two worlds separate. There are even activists who have created the Muggles Against Witchcraft community (MAW), and are trying to actively find out what the MFW is doing.

The only questions that you can answer are who will you play, what side will you choose, and how will this change the course of the magical world?


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