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Zed (WIP)

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[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ***
Agility - **
Toughness - ****
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Zed
Alias(es): The Rising Wind
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: 11th January
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 186cm (6'1.5)
Weight: 180lb
Hair: Icy blue
Eyes: Blue

General Appearance: Standing at an intimidating 186cm, Zed is generally looking down on most people he meets, both physically and mentally. And if his size wasn't bad enough, the scowl or cocky grin that he's generally wears on his face is more than enough to make someone dislike him. He is the kind of person that you'd cross the road just to avoid or the guy that you definitely don't want to make eye contact with.

While he doesn't look it, Zed actually has quite a built body, capable of taking some serious damage. He likes keeping his hair spiked up, as it can get in his way during fights. Zed, according to the people who have spoken to him at length, has only three facial expressions. He's either cockily grinning away to himself, scowling angrily or when he's really angry, he goes almost expressionless, as if he isn't able to express his rage in a facial manner.

While he could be described as good looking, Zed cares little about his personal appearance. When it comes to choosing clothes, he goes for comfort rather than aesthetics. As a result, he sometimes comes across as a very sloppy dresser.

Personality: Who is your character as a person? Describe them! At least 200 words.
Likes: What sorts of things make your character happy? You need 3 or more of these.
Dislikes: What makes your character unhappy? Or at least less happy than they were? You need 3.
Motivations: What drives your character? Give at least 2 motivations.
Fears: What is it that scares your character? Phobias or things your character is paranoid about are legitimate examples. You need two of these as well.

Occupation: What is your character's job? For most of you, it will be Guild Mage or Magic Council Paladin. But even Fairy Tail has more mundane jobs, if that's your thing.
Family: Does your character have parents or siblings?
Medical Conditions: Does your character have any outstanding medical conditions? Are they Anemic or clinically depressed? anything like that works here.
Pets: Does your character have a dog or a cat or a bird, or some other mundane pet?
Hometown: Where does your character consider home?
Secrets: Is there anything your character doesn't want people to know? List them here! A good roleplayer won't act on this knowledge unless it happens to come up in-character.

What was your character's life like before play began? Describe it in as much detail as you can manage. We'd like at least 400 words for this, since it's so important

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: What guild are you a part of – Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, Shadow Heart, Guildless? Or maybe a Paladin of the Magic Council. Note that the Magic Council members must be 15+ years old to be accepted as a trainee, or 18+ to be a full-fledged Paladin, Seeker, or other member.
Guild Tattoo: Where is your tattoo located. Even if you're guildless, please put a location for future references.

Magic: What is the name of your magic?
Caster or Holder: Is it a caster or holder type of magic.
Description: Describe your magic. Remember to be detailed.
Strengths: What are the strengths of your magic. It has to be at least 75 words.
Weaknesses: What are the weaknesses of your magic. It has to be at least 75 words.

RP Sample:
How do you normally roleplay? Give us an example! At least 200 words are needed here. If you already have a character on the site, you may reuse your sample.

Face Claim: What is your character's picture from? Give their name and the title of their game or show, or simply say OC if you drew it yourself.

Desired starting level: Usually 1-3. Pick it based on your concept please, and we'll see if we agree when we read your app.

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