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Last Resort [LB]

Post by LR Admin on Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:12 pm

   an established AU Harry Potter RPG looking for players like you!
Looking for an RP to call home? Look no further than Last Resort! We are an established community of writers who are always looking for new people to add to our family.

   LR is an AU Harry Potter-based RPG. We only allow original characters due to past events that make us drastically different from the Harry Potter RPGs you know. In our 'verse, the Death Eaters have taken over and things are about to get even more chaotic.

   Join us for these exciting site-wide plots:

    - Time for Terror: a murder mystery at Hogwarts.    - Exposure: How will muggles react when the Statute of Secrecy is broken?

We're looking for a variety of character types:

    - Muggles (and MI5: Paranormal Division workers)    - Imperium Guards (Our version of aurors)    - Resistance members (Isis, Syndicate)    and more!

Our close-knit community has many unique features: a 200-word posting minimum; a character development board; plotting opportunities; dynamic interaction between staff and members; and are looking to begin a mentor/mentee program where members, old and new alike, can form close friendships and encourage each other to be more active in the community while helping each other overcome hurdles in writing.

   Come check us out!

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