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Post by PatriotArrow on Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:52 pm

The Story So Far…

Two years ago, Fiore ended a brutal war with the desert nation of Valland, a rapidly growing empire that has been taking other countries and making them part of their own. Fiore managed to beat them back, but not without heavy losses – including both the entire royal family, and the previous head of the Magic Council. The Magic Council’s new head, the hero who was said to have turned around the course of the war with Valland - a man named Cornelius Argon, responded by rapidly restructuring both the Magic Council in Fiore, as well as making them the ruling body of the country. This move was surprisingly well-received, as the people felt the need for protection should the country come under attack once again.

Now, Fiore faces yet another new threat – rebels and terrorists who don’t like having the Magic Council as their ruling body, and who believe they should stick only to their original duties as the police of the wizarding world. As what seems to be a knee-jerk reaction, the council members voted to make it illegal to be a wizard who isn’t registered in a guild, so that the Council could keep better track of those who wield magic.

While some wizards wish to stay on the correct side of the law and join the guilds in greater numbers than they have perhaps ever seen, many of them try to hide their guildlessness, or simply stay out of sight of the Council’s Paladins. Fiore once again has a feeling of imminent danger. The war with Valland seems to have come to a close, but now Fiore faces many problems from within its own borders as terrorists attack openly, and a new Dark Guild known as Shadow Heart slowly tightens its grasp from the shadows. Fiore is in a fragile state. Will you save it from collapsing? Or will you work to bring change to the land by force?

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