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Valandrea Caelynna

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Valandrea Caelynna



[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - *****
Agility - ****     
Toughness - *
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Valandrea Caelynna
Alias(es): Val, Fuzzy Knight, That Annoying Fox Girl
Gender: Female
Age: 100 (Kitsunes age differently than people. Val is effectively 20 for a Kitsune)
Birthday: April, 9
Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 3' 10" in sealed state, 5' 10" in unsealed state
Weight: 100 lbs in sealed state, 130 lbs in unsealed state
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Green

General Appearance: While sealing her powers. Val looks like a young nine tailed kitsune. In this form she can be very easily mistaken for a girl by anyone that casually looks at her. But the way she carries herself and looks at things indicates her true maturity. When unsealed Val becomes a much more adult looking version of herself. As this is her actual true form she had before she left on her journey.

No matter what form she wears Val is rarely seen outside of her formal kimono, a symbol of her status as knight. Uncharacteristic of normal kimonos, it actually comes in a top and a bottom. The top is white with a red inside lining. The edges of the top around her neck and the bottom of the top are black. A flap, or rather an extension of the top, runs down the front and back of the outfit. Covering both Val's front and part of her tails when they are not raised up. At each corner of these extensions is a blue gem that is attached to a red string that comes out of each corner of the flap. The sleeves of the flap are wide and billowy, far larger than the slim arms they contain. The edges of these sleeves have gold patterns that run along the entire opening of the sleeve where her wrists come out. The obi of the kimono is purple, and is not tied around the back, but the front. The ends of the obi poke out of the top and bottom of it on her right side. The top end has a golden sigil on it that looks not unlike a six pointed star. Three of the points of the star curl up in on themselves into a spiral. The bottom end of the obi hangs down to her knees. Various golden arrowhead shapes cut across the purple obi at various intervals. Finally terminating at the bottom end of the obi where it hangs by her knees. Val normally wears this top with the shoulders pushed outwards. Exposing her collar, shoulders, and some of her cleavage.

The bottom half of the kimono is a massive two legged skirt. It can't really be considered pants due to the sheer width of the bottom. Billowing out like a skirt. It is purple in color and is rather ruffly. Hanging all the way down to her ankles. With this outfit Val wears the traditional two toed ankle high socks. Commonly seen parts of the world with an eastern influence in them. She also finishes the outfit with a pair of black wooden sandals. Held onto her feet by a cord each. Each sandal has two lengths of wood that extend width ways across the sandal that extend down a couple inches. These lengths of wood are what Val stands on while wearing them and are positioned where the heel and the arch of the foot would be.

When not wearing the formal Kimono Val tends to wear clothing that emphasizes comfort or practicality over looks. Including Tee shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, hiking boots, even leather dusters. Though to see Val in these outfits is a rare sight indeed.

Val has green eyes with slitted pupils. A characteristic of many animalistic humanoids. A red tribal tattoo lies on her collarbone under her neck, parts of it even extend halfway up the back of her neck and curve around the sides of it. This tattoo is a symbol of her heritage, and proof that she is a descendant of the royal line. She also wears a red cord in her hair, tied into a bow just underneath her right fox ear. Val's body tends to look delicate and fragile in either of her appearances. Her skin even being described as very soft and smooth to the touch, like silk. This appearance is very deceiving though, as Val is quite strong. Not only magically, but physically as well.

Val likes to take care of her strawberry blonde hair. And as such it is quite soft and silky to the touch as well. She almost always tends to wear it down, and it extends down her back to her tails. Her bangs are parted twice, revealing her eyebrows and not covering her eyes while a central triangle hangs down to the bridge of her nose. Hiding the two birthmarks on her forehead that look like two teardrops.

Val is a nine tailed kitsune, and her tails are the same color as her hair. Each one of them terminates in a white tip though. Being the source of her pride, and her magic. Val tends to take extremely good care of her tails. Because of this they are soft and fluffy to the touch, and many a person has been delighted just to touch them.

Personality: Valandrea is a cheerful and carefree person on the surface. Being quite energetic of a person and really just doing whatever she wants. Despite this, Val has a clear goal. She stepped down from the throne of her people in order to personally forge a relationship with her people and the rest of the world. As they can no longer be an excursionist society. Val takes this job VERY seriously.

Val is a fan of music and parties, and will usually be the first you'll see dancing once a catchy tune starts playing. She is also a healer and a diplomat at heart, but is not afraid of defending herself or others if it comes to it. And she has received extensive combat training on the path of becoming a knight and even more training when she ascended to the throne. As a weak ruler would be bad for her people.

As her magic is naturally weak against fire she dislikes it, tending to shy away from any open flame. Having been a ruler herself, Val knows the value of being benevolent to those beneath you. And naturally dislikes people who think they are better than anyone else.

Val sympathizes with many sentient humanoid species including harpies, lamias, centaurs, mermaids, ect. And gets really upset when they are treated wrongly because they are different from humans.

Before she set out on her journey Val put a seal on her powers. Making her look like nothing more than a child while preventing access to her more powerful abilities. When Val gets serious though, she can remove this seal, releasing her full power and showing her actual form. Regaining access to her strong spells.

Val is naturally curious about humanity and the world, having lived in a sheltered society. She doesn't know what to make of them, as she has never met one in person before recently. She has heard tales that they are unusually cruel to the other humanoid species, which makes her wary of them. But she is letting humanity speak for itself before she determines how her people are supposed to approach them. Either peacefully, or with war in their hearts. Val naturally doesn't want it to come to the latter. But she will do what is necessary to protect her people.

  • Fried Tofu, it is her favorite food after all, she can't get enough of it.
  • People who are kind, each kind person she encounters is one more step away from potential war with her people and humanity.
  • Fuzzy things, as her magic deals with fur, and she is a fluffy creature herself, Val is quite comforted by fuzzy objects or animals.
  • Music, who doesn't like music? When a good song comes on Val can't help but sing or dance along to the music.
  • Parties, with parties comes music and alcohol. Plus they are usually never held with ill intent in mind.
  • Alcohol, a good stiff drink every once in a while can heal the soul, or protect it from damage. Or so Val believes.
  • Tending the wounded, as she doesn't like to see unnecessary death, Val enjoys healing those who need it. Her magic can be used in that way after all, it's one of the more benevolent natures of her magic.
  • Fighting those who do wrong to Kitsunes. Naturally she is the queen, and has to protect her people. If someone proves a threat to her people, Val will not even hesitate to deal with them. And even if she regrets having to bring them to harm, she won't shed a tear over it.
  • Kitsunes, they're her people, she's their queen. She loves all of her subject and feels like a motherly figure to them.
  • Playing Pranks, admittedly, this is only surfaced once Val sealed most of her power. As she likes to play pranks on people she likes. These pranks are usually lighthearted in nature, and almost never have the potential to cause harm. Just a little embarrassment.


  • Fire, as it is her natural weakness, and can burn away her precious fur. Val doesn't just dislike fire, she's terrified of it.
  • Haughty people. Val is a monarch herself, and has a kingdom she's ruled herself. So she understands what it is like to have power over others. She doesn't think it's right when people think they are morally superior because of it, or abuse their rank.
  • Bad hair days. They are so FRUSTRATING. Especially because a Kitsune's bad hair day, doesn't just extend to the hair on their head. A bad hair day indicates weak magic for that day.
  • People who do wrong to Kitsunes or other sentient humanoid species. As the Kitsunes have a close relationship with most humanoid species. Val gets offended when someone treats them badly. Hell, she even treats her pet harpy like a person, as Papi thinks, feels, and behaves like one. So they should get the same basic respect as anyone else.
  • Slimy things, slime ruins fur. And it is just plain gross, and wrong. Val can't stand being near something that is slimy, and will try to avoid them as much as possible.


  • Promoting cooperation between Kitsunes and the rest of Fiore. She is their queen after all. She HAS to figure out how their society is going to integrate into the rest of the world.
  • Seeing the world. All Val ever knew was Arkham. To say that she is excited to get out and explore all the corners of the world would be greatly underestimating how she feels.


  • Fire, it's hot, it's uncomfortable. It ruins her fur. It counters her magic. If Val could live in a world without fire she would change the world in a heartbeat.
  • Heights, whenever Val can see over the edge of a high place her legs start to feel like jelly and she gets nauseous. It almost feels like the ledge is sucking on her like a vacuum, trying to pull her off the edge to her death.
  • Death, who doesn't fear death? It is the end all be all for every existence. Yes she may live a longer natural life than humans. But she is afraid of what may lie for her on the other side once her time has come. And she definitely doesn't want to rush that final scene in her life.
  • Slimy things, once again, she feels like slime is just wrong. How can something that ruins fur be right? Like fire, a world without slime would be a paradise for Val.

Occupation: Knight, Diplomat, and Adviser of the Kitsune people. True Queen of the Kitsunes.
Family: A mother and several sisters. Her mother is the retired queen of the Kitsune people. And all but one of her sisters are Kitsune Knights. Her other sister is temporary queen while Val is out traveling the world and being the diplomat of her people.
Medical Conditions: No outstanding medical conditions.
Pets: Val has a pet Harpy with blue hair and feathers (Mundane to her people) named Papi. She's been declawed and is harmless, and with Val being afraid of heights she is useless in a combat situation. She has a petite frame as it is more aerodynamic for flight, and easier to carry around. Val is visibly more comfortable in Papi's presence, and to lose her would be utterly devastating to Val.
Hometown: Arkham, City of the Kitsunes.
Secrets: She is the true queen of her people. Her people's religion's ultimate goal is to bring alien gods into the world. These deities are generally uncaring on a cosmic scale. But to bring them to the world could potentially cause the death of all life on the planet, or worse, destroy it outright. Val is unaware of this possibility though.

Valandrea is one of the daughters of the previous Queen of the Kitsune people. They are generally known as an excursionist society. Not bothering with the matters of the rest of Fiore at large. As such, it is quite rare to see a Kitsune outside of Arkham, the city of the Kitsune. The nationally accepted religion of the Kitsune people is worship of the Elder Gods. A race of alien beings that now reside far far away from Fiore in a separate dimension. Despite their belief, these beings are generally uncaring of things on a worldly scale, as they think in more cosmic terms. They believe that the Elder Gods created their people, alongside the other humanoid species that the humans generally consider monsters. As such they do their best to hold good relations with these species, as they are all siblings on the cosmic scale.

Val was picked to be the next queen of her people, and raised to be as such. Every queen of the Kitsune people must go through extensive combat training first, honing their natural magical ability for combat. So they first must become a knight. This training Val underwent with the rest of her sisters. It was certainly the most time she got to spend with her siblings, and they all became very close due to their shared hardships. All things must end though, and Val excelled in her training to become a knight. Thus she became a Knight. Though that was not the end of her training.

A queen must excel in combat compared to the rest of her people. As a society they believe they need a strong leader in order to prosper. Thus Val learned more advanced combat tactics and abilities. Going under even harsher training than the training involved in becoming a knight. On top of that she had to uphold her duties as a knight as well, protecting the city and upholding the law. It was quite exhaustive work, and Val sometimes didn't get a wink of sleep for days. She came out strong though. And when she reached the age of 75, she became the queen of the Kitsune.

When she ascended to rule a new problem started to face the Kitsune. Reports of strange disappearances kept showing up. Val mobilized the Kitsune Knights but despite all their investigations, no solution was found. It took nearly two and a half decades before it was found. The Human Magic council had infiltrated their city, and was taking Kitsunes for experiments and recruiting them into their guilds. Suddenly, and harshly, the Kitsune people were dragged into the affairs of the human world. The humans were kidnapping their people for their own benefit. The Kitsune people were obviously unhappy. Yes they were an exclusionist society, but if the Humans bothered to ask, rather than take their people like some common animal. Surely some would join them. A solution needed to be found.

After several months of deliberation, Val and her advisers came to a conclusion. They needed to involve themselves in the human world. Not just for the sake of the Kitsune people, but for all of the other humanoids as well. As such, they needed to send a diplomat. The problem was, no one would volunteer for the job. Their society was quite sheltered and many were afraid of the prospect of leaving it. Always having been curious of the outside world, and no one else stepping up to the plate. Val volunteered to be the diplomat for her people. Arrangements were made, her younger sister taking the throne while she was gone. Val would head out into the human world and try to determine whether their relationship with the humans should be friendly, or hostile.

Val took a week to seal her massive powers away, getting into the form of a younger kitsune. After all, she couldn't be threatening to the humans, not yet anyways. If it was necessary though, Val could unseal herself if she deemed it absolutely necessary. Gathering plenty of provisions, Val finally set off into the human world. Leaving Arkham behind, she set off into the human world to determine their worth.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Right Palm

Magic: Kitsune Arts (Basically Fur Make)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Kitsune Arts is a special magic that is the natural magic of the Kitsune people. As they are inherently magical creatures all Kitsunes have this magic, though they may not be adept at it. This does not prevent them from learning other magics though, and some are quite adept at other magics. Kitsune Arts involves growing a mass amount of magical fur from their tails and manipulating it for their purposes. Thus why it is known that Kitsunes with more tails are more powerful, as they are able to generate more magic fur faster. Since this fur is magical it can be used for a variety of purposes, including offense, defense, and even some healing power by channeling pure magic through the strands of fur. As it is nearly exclusive to the Kitsune people this kind of magic is rare. As most people won't see a Kitsune Art user in their lifetime.
Strengths: As it is technically a maker magic. Val can do anything her imagination desires with her fur. Including many defensive, offensive, and supplementary uses. As such it is extremely versatile what Val can do with her magic. She can also heal wounds with this magic by channeling pure magic directly though her fur. Kitsune Arts are very effective against water magics, and have been known to suck up water spells entirely, nullifying them. When you are facing a Kitsune Arts user, the only thing you can be sure of is the "Element" of her attacks.
Weaknesses: Kitsune Arts are weak against fire. As fur burns quite easily. And while this magic can absorb water, any thicker liquid substances don't absorb as well as thinner liquids. Bogging down the speed of the fur. Kitsunes with fewer tails also can produce a smaller amount of fur. Thus cementing the knowledge of kitsune power being judged by their tails. As this fur is generated from their tails as well, if someone can restrain the method of production, they could possibly restrain the magic as well.

RP Sample:
Val walked through the woods towards the Human city called Oak. A simple name that was for sure. It just so happened that this city is the closest one to her home city of Arkham. She heard from passing humans that this was the city that their Magic Council resided. Well, if one is to deal with this problem she might as well try going for the source first. Though the underlying problem of her people being seen as less than a person would still remain. She had a long road ahead of her that was for sure. She absently wondered how many decades her mission would take. Val just hoped her sister could be a good ruler in her absence.

She hated to admit it, but Val was already homesick. She did grow up in a sheltered society after all. Of course it would be extremely difficult to leave home. She was happy she could take Papi at least. Who was quietly walking behind her. So far during the trip neither of them said a word. Perhaps the harpy was homesick as well. Val would make sure to give her a treat for being a good girl once they reached Oak. She only hoped that the place would accept nun humans. Or if all humans were close minded. Certainly Humanity as a species provided an enigma to the kitsune woman. Eventually the walls of the buildings loomed in the distance. The city was in sight. With a grin she smiled and went into a steady run. Determined to close the distance with the city before night fell. Soon, soon she would start observations on the Humans. After all, the first step of building a relationship with the humans is finding out what they are like.

Face Claim: Tamamo - (Monster Girl Quest)

Desired starting level: 3 (As she is the first member of her species to leave their civilization. And is the diplomat trying to connect the Kitsune people with the rest of the world. It also helps that she is technically the queen of her people, and is quite trained in combat. Hopefully that is justification enough.)

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This app looks very good, and was a fun read. You've done more than enough work to qualify for level 3. Congrats!

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