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[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power -   ***
Agility -      *****
Toughness -   **
Intelligence -   *****
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kurokami, Endolf
Alias(es): "Black God" Endolf
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: 9/9
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Turquoise

General Appearance: Endolf is fairly tall man, standing at a total height of six feet three inches, with a fairly athletic build. His long silver hair reaches down to his knees in spikes. His most outstanding features happen to be his ears and his teeth. His ears stand pointed and extend a little farther back than most people’s while his teeth are sharper with two fangs on the top row and two fangs on the bottom similar to fangs in a dragon’s mouth. Traits he obtained from his father teaching him his Dragon Slayer magic. His regular attire consists of a black shirt that puffs out at the shoulders and forearms. His muscular chest is left on display under a mesh shirt that fills up the opening in the front of his top. A black and red spiked belt rings his waist in addition to several black cords, extending out from under these is his top to create a skirt like effect which travels down past his feet in the back. Black jeans cover his legs with more of the same black cords wrapping around his calves and two red leather belts wrapped around his left thigh.

Black boots adorn his feet and another spiked red leather band rests wrapped around each of his upper arms just above his elbows with more black cords wrapped around his biceps up to his shoulders. His neck and lower face from the nose down is covered by a black mask that hides his fangs. Above this is a red, slightly torn cloth scarf wrapped around his neck. Three black piercings decorate his left eyebrow and left ear.

Personality: A lot of Endolf’s personality stems from his time being raised by his adoptive father Athest. Like his father he has a strong dislike for humans, specifically Dragon Slayers. The thing he hates more than anything are Dragon Slayers that haven’t actually been taught their magic by real dragons and instead are able to use it through the use of a lacrima in their bodies. Due to growing up as the child of a Shadow Dragon Endolf is particularly fond of dark places, mostly due to his upbringing and partially due to that it helps his magic. He loves reading by candlelight as well. In addition to his dissatisfaction with humans Endolf is also annoyed by bright places, often getting a headache from being in too bright of a place for too long, and romance due to his solidary childhood.

So some reason Endolf finds himself with a sever case of motion sickness when traveling on moving vehicles and because of that now actually fears any form of transportation involving a vehicle. Additionally he finds himself afraid of finding himself in romantic situations. Because he does in fact like women it makes his dislike of romance all the more awkward for him.


  • Dark places
  • Reading by candle-light
  • His father Athest


  • People
  • Bright places
  • Romance


  • Finding his father
  • Eliminating any other Dragon Slayers that he deems unfit for the magic


  • Moving vehicles
  • Something bad having happened to his father
  • Romantic situations with women

Occupation: Mage
Family: Athest the Shadow Dragon (Adopted Father)
Medical Conditions: N/A
Pets: N/A
Hometown: Era
Secrets: Is a secret romantic, he hopes to find a girl worth his time but is secretly afraid to show it despite his outward appearance.

Endolf’s history is one shrouded in much mystery. The farthest back he can remember is his childhood being raised by his father, Athest the Shadow Dragon. Because of his father’s distaste in humans Endolf wasn’t a very social child and often kept away from any other children he would ever come across. He never complained about it though, he was a happy enough child to have had an actual dragon as his father. Once or twice did it ever come up in his mind as to ask where Athest found him and who his real parents were. But he never did, having never seen a good enough reason to. Having learned to read and write, and walk and talk, his father deemed it a good enough time for him to start learning to use magic. As he would have expected the style of magic his father began teaching him was one involving the use of shadows, something his father was obviously known far and wide for.

It was only a couple of years into his training that the basic uses of manipulating, and even eating, shadows began to grow into what he would later be horrified to learn was the art of slaying shadow dragons. It raised many questions in Endolf’s mind, specifically one that he did actually ask Athest. Why was he being taught magic that would be able to kill his own father, from his father? Athest never answered him with more than a scoff before actually lashing out to attack his adoptive son and resume his training. Several days later his father actually spoke to him about the magic he was teaching Endolf and explained that he wasn’t the only dragon out there, much less one with a human child under their wing (so to speak). Each dragon was teaching their human a lost art of magic known as Dragon Slaying and as it would make sense each dragon would teach the art in their own element for simplicity’s sake.

Of course Athest explained that the elements didn’t limit what kind of dragons could be slain by much. Endolf took this information and, after processing it in combination with the anti-human mentality his father had passed down to him, came to the conclusion that the other Dragon Slayers being raised were in need of a test. To see if they were worthy of the magics they have been taught or if they were just overly glorified humans that the dragons had grown soft towards. Upon the day his father vanished he put his plan into motion and decided to go around Earthland and hunt the other Dragon Slayers.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Base of the back of his neck, Silver

Magic: Shadow Dragon Slayer
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Shadow Dragon Slayer magic allows for the user to turn their physiology into that of a Shadow Dragon, true to the name. It's actually considered a lost magic considering how most users have to actually be taught the art or have an extremely rare lacrima implanted in them that contains the magic. Shadow Dragon Slayers are able to actually eat natural shadows as a way of recovering, much like most Dragon Slayers eat the element of their magic.
Strengths: The strengths of Shadow Dragon Slayer magic consist mainly of the user’s ability to turn his physical body into actual shadows. In this state the user is unable to be touched by normal means. The user is also able to use natural shadows to travel much more swiftly, dodge more efficiently and allow for better use of surprise attacks. The shadows produced by Shadow Dragon Slayer magic can be used in a number of ways that promote high adaptability, ranging from freeform to condensed and even molded into the shape of a weapon that takes on that shape’s properties.

Weaknesses: The primary weaknesses of Shadow Dragon Slayer magic is it’s weakness to light attribute magics. As one would expect. Another weakness of Shadow Dragon Slayer magic is that when it’s caught while in a tangible form, or by another person in shadow form, they’re left in a highly vulnerable state. A generic weakness of Dragon Slayer magic is the inability to eat the user’s own element. In Endolf’s case this means he’s unable to eat any shadows he himself creates.

RP Sample:
The smell of the night air was a welcomed and pleasant thing to Endolf as he sat in the moonlight of his home. His home, which he had recently claimed for himself, was what at one time the former location of the Magic Council before a ferocious battle broke out all through Era. While the rest of Era was busy rebuilding and recovering from the battle Endolf had snuck in and created a home for himself out of the ruins of a nearby building close to the former Magic Council’s base of operations. Walls were broken in certain places, holes allowing the cool air to flow through the foundation. None of this bothered the young Dragon Slayer though, but rather reminded him of his childhood with his father. Of the cool nights they’d train in and the cave they’d live in that filtered only so much light.

He sat, plotting. He made a decision when he left his childhood home that he would find the other humans that had been trained by dragons and test their worth. His problem now was that despite having set out on this journey he had no destination. He didn’t know where the other Dragon Slayers could be found nor where their dragon parents resided. Instead he’d need to use the humans’ network of information, their magazines and their news, to try and find clues he supposed.

Face Claim: Darkrai Gajinka OC

Desired starting level: 2


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Re: Endolf

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Alrighty! I'm gonna grade your app today because I say so. *shoves the other people trying to grade the app out of the way* First off, I think the app looks very good. The only thing is that currently there are no known lacrima-based dragon slayers, though I'm going to let that one slide as it will make sense when we get a little further down the plot.

In other words... have fun!

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