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Post by Kade Lazarus on Wed Mar 26, 2014 4:32 pm


Kade Lazarus AilsCDR

Power - ***
Agility - **
Toughness - *****
Intelligence - *****
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kade Demtri Lazarus
Alias(es): Kade. Flashlight.
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: December 11t
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Deep blue
Eyes: Pale blue

General Appearance: Kade doesn’t really believe in wearing the same thing every day. He wears what is best for the occasion, but he does usually have a necklace with a vial attached. His hair is a very saturated blue color. At certain times of day the lighting makes it appear a more gray blue color, but in others the rich color shows through. His skin is very fair, not tanning much at all, despite how much time he likes to spend in the sun. This may be due to him wearing long sleeves fairly often. His eyes are very pale blue. Sometimes they border on a gray as well, but they are definitely blue. He isn’t extremely tall, but he is thin so it appears that he is taller than he is just by his body type. Any weight he has is muscle, but not so much that it shows. This makes him sturdy, but not big. He does often also have a bow on his back, without any arrows.

Personality: Kade is a fairly friendly guy. He’s happy and interested in people’s lives. His life hasn’t been especially easy, but he doesn’t use that as a crutch. He won’t really judge you if you do. He doesn’t exactly want the attention of a whole room, but he might have befriended everyone in the room. He likes people, and if he can get to know you, he will. He wants to know your history, your culture, your personality, and your needs. When he sees someone in need he definitely wants to help them out.

He has a bit of a collector quirk. This comes into play with his stories, but also with people and things. He collects friends, although he wouldn’t word it that way. He doesn’t really think of it that way, but it would be a good way or wording it. When he sees someone without friends, he wants to make friends with them. They are a friend without a home, and he thinks everyone deserves a home. He is always in the mood to sit and talk with someone. Sometimes he seems oblivious to social cues though. He isn’t oblivious, he ignores them. When someone doesn’t want to talk to them, if they have a good reason, he will leave them be, but if they don’t, he will probably keep talking. In part this is because he thinks if people reject him without a good reason, it may be a front. He has seen it many times.

He also collects things. If he sees a trinket on the ground he will probably pick it up especially if it is a book. He loves books. They tell stories, he can keep them as long as he likes, that are good at stopping knives, and they carry information even long after the people who wrote them have gone. He also has a bit of a bias toward them since when he was orphaned he hid with books. If he finds someone that owns a trinket he has collected he will begrudgingly give it back, but if not he will put it in his collection.

When Kade gets angry he doesn’t like to be around people. Honestly it is hard to make him angry. He used to be a much angrier man, taking to fits of rage after he lost his family, but he was taught how to control that. The best solution to his anger is to go somewhere alone, preferably up high, and calm himself. When he is angry and has to be around people he will usually bite his tongue, but when pushed far enough, he can fly off the handle. Few things make him angry. Needless killing of anything, bullying, general unfair things make him unhappy, but it takes a big event to make him really noticeably angry.

Kade gets sad more than he gets angry. He doesn’t like to be sad, of course, but this is another way to make him quiet. He gets fairly contemplative when he is sad. Remembering his family, or seeing people alone or hurting makes him sad. Usually some good conversation, or just seeing someone care about him can cheer him up. He is not a pacifist at all, but he doesn’t like needless fighting. He can get behind sparing, but just hitting someone in a rage is pretty stupid. He hates it all the more when he is the one who did it. He does enjoy fighting, it is more the hurting of others he doesn’t like.

He has an odd relationship with wildlife. He learned to hunt and fend for himself when he was young, so he doesn’t exactly keep pets. He knows the difference between a pet and food, but he can act oddly. Mostly this is due to knowing that he has killed a lot of animals to survive, and he doesn’t know if people with their pets would actually want him around their animal if they knew that. Not that he would ever harm a pet. He rarely hunts anymore anyway, as he lives primarily off of fruit and vegetables. He does hunt for his protein when necessary, but often times he will just buy the food. Hunting taught him that nothing should be wasted, and if life must be taken, it should serve to sustain the life of something else.
Likes: People smiling, sunny days, warmth, sweaters, Celtor, hugs, heights, books, music, fruit(especially apples), Lamia Scale, making friends, blue, vests, and reading to people.
Dislikes: Death, darkness, eclipses, Shadow Heart, bloodshed, and the cold.
Motivations: To find Celtor again. He misses his adoptive father and he feels he was able to grow and learn more with him around. Where he went is a mystery to Kade, but he wants to someday find out. His second motivation is to find out who killed his family and why. He tries not to want revenge, but sometimes the desire bubbles up inside him. An additional motivation is to help others. He really likes to help people, helpless or capable as they may be, he just enjoys helping out and being involved.
Fears: That he will never find Celtor again, that he will lose control and lash out at someone he cares about. He has a mild fear of spiders. It isn’t a huge thing, but if he sees one he is probably going to twitch a bit and try to kill it or get away from it, depending on the circumstances. He is also afraid that if he ever finds out who killed his family, he will feel the need to hunt them down and kill them.

Occupation: Guild wizard in Lamia Scale. Light Dragon Slayer.
Family: Moira and Katsu were his parents, they are dead now, unfortunately. He was raised by Celtor after that.
Medical Conditions: Nope
Pets:Not so much.
Hometown: Hosenka Town in South Fiore. He currently lives at Lamia Scale though.
Secrets: He doesn’t have any strict secrets he can think of. He prefers people not to know he has had issues with his temper. He doesn’t like to talk about his parent’s death, and for the most part he doesn’t talk about his time with Celtor, although his magic is a pretty big giveaway. These are not secrets, but he doesn’t get into them much.

Kade was a very happy child until around age five. His parents were well off and very attentive. Moira was a polite and pleasant housewife. She was popular in their neighborhood and was often in her garden growing flowers, fruits, and herbs. Kade was often in the garden with her learning. When she was busy with something she sent him inside to read, or let him explore the library. She did spent a great deal of time with him though. In addition to Moira there was her husband Katsu. He was a doctor who worked primarily with organic medicine that his wife helped with. They were a good family, but they helped a few too many people.

Apparently someone wanted the family killed. One night five year old Kade was with his parents, heading to the library, when a dark figure approached them. Kade was too young, and it was too dark, to tell what happened, but he saw blood, and his father fell to the ground. Moira and Kade immediately ran. They were very close to the library and Kade made it inside. Moira seemed to trip, but when Kade looked back, he again only saw the blood. He grabbed a book and backed himself into a corner. He doesn’t remember what exactly happened, but he looked up and saw a red separated heart tattoo. Then there was yelling, and the person was gone. Apparently a Lamia Scale guild member had been nearby, as this was what they currently considered their area, and intervened. Kade looked at the book and saw what appeared to be a knife. He dropped the book and went to hide as deep in the library as he could.

He knew the library fairly well by then, and felt at least some mild comfort being there. When morning came he ran. He ran home, but his house was smoldering and destroyed. He didn’t know what he should do, so he ran again, far from Hosenka Town. He was cold and alone. He wandered into an abandoned house when he found one. There were some old looking objects there that Kade really didn’t understand, but while he was examining them he heard someone talking to him. Outside was a large sand-toned dragon. Kade was terrified, somehow worried that this was all part of the attack from earlier. He had been alone for a week by now, but he lived in constant fear. Fortunately the dragon, Celtor, didn’t wish him any harm. If Kade brought the objects from the house to Celtor, Kade could come with him. This was more than enough incentive, and Kade was quick to comply.

Celtor took Kade to his home, hidden on its own island. It appeared to be an ancient castle and Kade was easily intimidated by the vast structure. Celtor calmed the boy though, often telling him that size was not the most important thing. Knowledge was far more important, and if Kade learned the halls of this building, he wouldn’t be scared anymore. Kade took that to heart and explored often. Within a year he knew the castle in and out. Most of the island was that castle, and its courtyard, so when Kade needed food they either had to fish, garden, or leave the island. Celtor taught Kade how to make a raft to go out farther and fish, but when it came to heading inland he usually rode with Celtor.

Kade was trained in Light Dragon Slayer magic, and he took to it easily. The training was not easy, but he loved to learn, and his relationship with the dragon only made that love of learning grow. However as Kade grew in strength he started to remember the death of his parents. His power seemed less important as a defense and more important to get revenge. Celtor saw the young boy growing darker and darker, and her intervened. Becoming fueled by revenge and what Kade now knew of as the Shadow Heart guild was a waste of his potential. Kade learned to go meditate or be alone when he got to his angriest. He had always enjoyed climbing to the highest towers of the castle, but as he got older he could climb atop those towers and sit in the sun and calm himself.

Unfortunately one day when Kade was fifteen he went walking through the castle and never found Celtor. He wasn’t near the highest towers, wasn’t in the collection rooms, wasn’t in the library, wasn’t in the courtyard with the garden, wasn’t out by the beach. Kade found it odd, but he supposed Celtor did travel a lot, so he let it go. The next week went from curiosity to anxiety. Kade spent a month at the castle before he decided he needed to leave. He was getting sick of fish and fruit exclusively. He reluctantly got on his raft, unable to bring anything besides his one set of clothing, and traveled inland. It was harsh trip that took him two full days at sea. He was ill, and completely alone. He found himself on Akane Resort Island, and was at a loss for how to deal with these people.

Kade had spent the last ten years interacting exclusively with a dragon. He was unprepared for all these people and their wastefulness. Waste of time, waste of energy, waste of knowledge, and just plain waste. He steeled himself to disliking them all, but while he was idly collecting seashells to calm his mind, his mind was changed. He came across a few children making a sand castle, and he suggested, cautiously, that his seashells might make good adornments. They agreed, and the spent the rest of the afternoon playing with them. Maybe these people weren’t so bad after all. He settled into the area for a few weeks, making friends with tourists, and asking if any of them had seen his dragon. Unfortunately they had not.

In a few months Kade made it back to Hosenka town. He didn’t know anyone anymore, and they didn’t recognize him, so he didn’t care to tell them. He did find his parents, and his, grave. He still didn’t bother to correct any of them, but when he asked about it, he felt ill to hear that none of the bodies(not just his) had been recovered. He got angry again, but he went out of town, kept to himself, and calmed down. He needed something to do, some way to live, people to be around, and he wanted to know about his parent’s death. He knew it was Lamia Scale that had helped save his life, so he hoped they would know something. They didn’t, and the man who had intervened had since died. However, they did offer him a place amongst their ranks. It was good to have a home and feel secure, at least until he was nineteen and the war started.

The Refusal War was nothing pretty. Kade found himself taking all sorts of jobs. He needed to help people whose families were at war. He needed to guard against stray enemies. He needed to help, and that was what he did. A year into the war he had to stop looking into Celtor’s disappearance as the war got worse. Kade worried that his temper would get the best of him, and he would go back to what he had once been, so stayed clear of the main war zones. Luckily by the time Kade was twenty-two the war was finished. Reparations are still being made, he knows, but Kade can finally settle back into his search for knowledge, especially the knowledge that pertains to him.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Lamia Scale.
Guild Tattoo: The middle of his upper arm on his right side.

Magic: Light Dragon Slayer
Caster or Holder: Caster.
Description: Light Dragon Slayer magic utilizes the light for power. The sunlight itself recharges the user like a sort of photosynthesis. The user can become a force of light, both blinding and in a sense burning. Achieving a pure light stance is possible, generating no heat, but without great focus there tends to be a warming effect, which in direct contact is similar to touching a laser. Users can also take any other light magic into their body as a recharge. The magic can be sent as either a sort of aura around the user, a blast, a beam, or shaped to seem like an object, either piercing or smashing into its target on contact.
Strengths: A strength is that there is usually some force of light nearby to be consumed. Even at night the magic can still be utilized. Although it is not at full force in the dark, light magic can be used to see and still to attack. Seeing as light travels very quickly this is a fast type of magic. Another strength of this sort of magic is that it can be both physical and blinding at the same time.
Weaknesses: Although the user can maintain power at night or in the dark, it is weaker, and drains away faster. This makes nighttime the worst possible time for a light magic user, and shadows aren’t ideal either. When attacking in the dark the attack is highly visible, lacking in stealth that it could have achieved in daylight. Light itself offers no shielding properties, so when deflecting or blocking an attack with light magic it is entirely up to the strength of the magic itself as it has no tangible physical properties.

RP Sample:
Hey Ren, having a good day today?” Kade asked that afternoon. He was feeling sociable as usual. The girl in front of him looking entirely unhappy to see him. He wasn’t sure if he scared her, or just made her uncomfortable. Maybe she really just hated people, but he doubted that. She genuinely just seemed awkward. Unfortunately she seemed awkward in just about all aspects of her life. Such as taking jobs. She never took jobs. She had done a task for him at least. Sure she’d brought home a guideless wizard and her cat, but that was fine. A guideless dragon slayer at that.

Kade kept track of who was around. No, he wasn’t keeping tabs on Ren just because she’d met another dragon slayer. In fact, he didn’t really keep track of her at all, but he noticed her slinking around from time to time. She knew that he was a dragon slayer, but from what he could tell, she hadn’t actually told her new little friend. Probably for the best. He didn’t want conflict with such a well known wizard. What he did want was to know how the blonde in front of him was doing. It her body language was any indication, it wasn’t good. She seemed to be willing herself to shrink even farther inside her hoodie, without risking actual movement. They spoke for a few minutes, he told her about a job, and then a friend of his got his attention and came over.

When Kade looked back, Ren was gone. He let out a sigh. Always evaded by the little shadow… I suppose that’s fate.

Face Claim: Minato Arisato from Persona 3.

Desired starting level: 3.
Kade Lazarus
Kade Lazarus
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I think he suits level 3 based on his background. That is why I put it. If you absolutely disagree, alright.

Kade Lazarus
Kade Lazarus
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Level 3 it is!
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