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Sharaku Narita HyElb76

Power - ***  
Agility - ***    
Toughness -   ***
Intelligence - ***  
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Sharaku Narita
Alias(es): None
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: July 28
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair: Obsidian black
Eyes: Sapphire blue

General Appearance: Sharaku is more often than not described as a pretty boy. He has long ebony hair that he keeps in a fancy-looking ponytail using golden hoops, and golden hoop earrings that while many would say were feminine, seem to work for him. His skin is light, but tanned from time outside. His eyes are a shade of sapphire blue, and they sparkle with intelligence. Sharaku tends to wear black clothing, highlighted with yellows or blues to break up the solid color, though he doesn’t wear anything particularly fancy if it isn’t on his head. He often wears shirts with sleeves that go down just past his elbows, and cargo pants with straps that run down both sides. On his feet are a set of black hiking boots. He isn’t known for smiling, usually wearing a frown on his face until something amuses him. On the back of his left leg is a long white scar that runs horizontally not far above his ankle.

In cold weather, Sharaku tends to wear very similar clothing to warm weather, partially out of stubbornness, though he will wear warmer clothing if he intends to spend more time outside, such as when traveling. His clothes are usually still of a dark color. He owns a black cargo jacket for winter weather that when combined with his cargo pants mean he is rarely short on pockets to store things in.

Sharaku's body is toned and muscular from time spent training physically. He has to be in good shape to be able to get in close to enemies and touch them to absorb their magic, after all. He doesn't look especially buff when in his baggy shirt and pants, but it becomes more apparent if he takes his shirt off.

Sharaku has a somewhat deep voice, though it is of a pitch that only enhances the natural charm he has.  It is nearly always serious, matching his general personality and appearance.

Personality: Sharaku is a serious young man. He doesn’t go out of his way to socialize, but he doesn’t go out of his way to keep to himself either. He seems neutral to having company most of the time, unless they are someone he considers a friend. He can actually be fairly friendly, though he isn’t what you could call affectionate. Touching isn’t really his thing, and that can be a bit of a problem when he sometimes has women he doesn’t even want clinging to him. Not that they seem to listen when they get that way.

For all of his ability to get along with the more superficial women without even trying, he isn’t so good at talking to the ones who see past his good looks. He can be nervous, and say things that accidentally hurt them, to which he usually apologizes profusely. He isn’t good at coping with emotional people either, which doesn’t always help his relationships. Still, he would be happy to call anyone who deserved it a friend.

Sharaku isn’t rude to people outright, but if he doesn’t know you, he probably has very little to say. He likes kids quite well, because he has an easier time around kids than women. Elderly are fine, and he’ll show them respect if he finds they deserve it.

Against true authority, Sharaku can hold his tongue and play the part of a good citizen, but in truth he hates the Magic Council as a whole. Individual members could worm their way into his heart, but the organization itself he sees as corrupt and violent, hiding under the guise of law and order.

Around his own guild, his general demeanor varies wildly. If they are someone he likes and trusts, he can be decently friendly. If they are the more thuggish types, he can be cold and standoffish. He is known for getting into fights with more unruly and ‘evil’ members in the guild.

In combat, Sharaku is cool and collected, using his intelligence to win rather than brute strength. He’s neither especially sneaky nor especially straightforward, using whatever seems like it will work well at the time.

Corners: - Sharaku likes corners because when he sits in them, he as a good view of the surrounding area without being able to be snuck up upon, himself.
Justice: - Sharaku sees the world as an unjust place, and enjoys any time he is surprised by seeing true justice served.
Fruits: - Sharaku enjoys the sweet taste of fresh fruits. He’ll spend his hard-earned jewels on it before he would any kind of sweets.

Open Spaces: - Sharaku dislikes open spaces for the same reason he likes Corner spaces. It’s easy to come up behind someone in the open, and you have to look more directions, making it tactically unsound.
Needless cruelty: - Cruelty for cruelty’s sake angers Sharaku more than anything. Whether from his own guild or any other source, he will stand up against sadistic fools who would harm others without good reason.
Drunkenness: - Sharaku doesn’t mind a drink now and then, but he finds drunk people, or the thought of dulling his mind and being drunk, highly offputting.

Revenge: -Sharaku’s father was killed a few years ago by the newly reestablished Magic Council. He wishes to find the one responsible for his father’s death, and exact revenge upon them. Unfortunately, he has no idea who it was, other than someone higher up.
Excitement: - He doesn’t seem like the most exciting guy, but he desires excitement in his life. Sharaku is a sucker for the promise of adventure.

Losing loved ones: -Sharaku fears losing more of his loved ones. He doesn’t wish to see his mother or sister hurt, and as a result ran away from them before he joined Shadow Heart. He doesnt want to lose family or friends to death as long as he can help it.
dolls: - Not all dolls scare Sharaku, but the more life-like porcelain dolls certainly do. He is highly unsettled by any doll that tries to mimic life rather than look cute and plushy.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Hitomi (mother), Mizuko (Sister)
Medical Conditions: None
Pets: None
Hometown: Crocus
Secrets: His family (He refuses to talk about them), his true reason for joining Shadow Heart, his guild (to outsiders)

Sharaku was born to a family that faithfully served the Magic Council as a family tradition. His father was a Seeker, and his mother was a secretary who worked in the main offices. They met in-between assignments, and over time his father came to love his mother, and they were married. Sharaku's older sister was born a year later, and two years after that, Sharaku was as well. He grew up learning all about the magical world, its laws, and the people the Magic Council served. Sharaku spent most of his childhood playing "Paladins and Villains" with his sister, who was always tomboyish and didn't act like 'girls' did.  As a result, normal girls flustered him greatly even at a young age.

At thirteen, the war started with Valland. Sharaku's father served the Council in the war, going off to fight and defend their home. Sharaku went through a lot during the war, just like anyone else who lived around Era. When the council fell the first time, he moved along with the remnants of the Magic Council to Oak town, where his mother continued to serve as their secretary. Eventually, his father returned safely as the war ended, and the family was reunited.

Things were not to be, however, as the newly restructured Council under the watch of High Councilor Argon started hunting down the dark guilds in an attempt to bring all of Fiore after one banner. A united nation was the only chance they would have to succeed if the war restarted, or so Argon had said, and the whole country started working to complete that goal. this included Sharaku's family, and especially his father. His father resumed his duties as a Seeker, scouting out and infiltrating dark guilds to gather information the Paladins could use when they assaulted the dark guilds themselves.

One infiltration mission went bad, however, and Sharaku's father was sold out. Rumor had it that a Councilor had had dealings with the dark guilds, and had him killed to cover it up when too much was discovered. The young Sharaku attempted to follow up on the rumors, finding out that these rumors were true, though there was no information on who the councilor was. Sharaku only knew that the Council needed to be held accountable for allowing a corrupt man to run things, even if it wasn't Argon himself. The Councilor himself (or herself) needed to be taught a lesson as well. And since no one would investigate the rumors properly, Sharaku decided that one day he would be the one to do it.

He left home one day, cutting ties to his family so that they wouldn't be hurt by his actions. He wasn't going to lose anyone else in his quest for revenge. Shar tried his best to accomplish his goals on his own, practicing his fighting skills, his magic, and his book smarts. Unfortunately though, he soon learned he would never accomplish what he needed to on his own.

One day, he was approached by a man in a mask. The man offered him a new family - an organization that could give him what he needed to have his revenge against the tyrannical Magic council. In exchange, he would serve them and be a loyal member. They needed more members like him, after all. Those with principles and knowledge. Those who could be more than mere lackeys. Sharaku agreed, and he became an official member of the biggest and most powerful dark guild Fiore had ever seen: The guild known as Shadow Heart.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Shadow Heart
Guild Tattoo: On his upper back in the middle, blood red.

Magic: Mimicry Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Mimicry magic is a rare magic that allows the user to copy the spells of a touched ally or opponent. The user is able to gain full access to spells they are powerful enough to mimic, though the effect is temporary, and abilities that aren’t spells can’t be copied.
Strengths:Sharaku's greatest strength is the versatility his magic brings. With a single touch, he can absorb one or more spells, making him able to cast any spell the target could cast and his current magical ability can handle.  Sharaku can borrow a wide variety of spells, including takeover forms, though due to the forms not being designed to him, they lower their power by one level, to a minimum of one. Lastly, while not truly a strength of his magic, Sharaku's dependence on touching opponents lends to giving him strong athletic abilities to augment his own powers.
Weaknesses: The most obvious weakness is that unless Sharaku has recently touched someone with the ability to cast spells, he is basically a normal, if rather in-shape, eighteen year-old boy, relying on any equipment or natural abilities he has available. The next most obvious is that he has to touch his target in order to absorb the spell or spells he intends to use, and if he can't, he's back to the first problem. Sharaku cannot copy unique abilities, such as a dragon slayer's 'Eat' ability, and he cannot absorb magic from holder items. Lastly, Sharaku can't copy spells that he is not yet powerful enough to use safely.

RP Sample:
"Give up now," Sharaku told the brutish man in front of him. It was a typical day at Shadow Heart for the boy, who had once again decided that some of his guild mates were being rather forward with a young lady, also a member of Shadow Heart. "Just apologize and go away and no one has to look any more foolish than they already do." It was a vain attempt. He did this pretty often. People were pretty stubborn around here, but that also included him.

"Shut up, kid!" the older, more muscular man told him. "I was just talking to the nice lady when *you* Interrupted me." Typical. These drunken idiots always seemed to think that the woman appreciated their attention when they were stumbling over themselves.  "Now I'll teach you a lesson!" the man roared, fire appearing in his hand. He intended to use a spell against a guildmate? Sharaku didn't approve of this either. It was time to teach the man a lesson.

The man's arm crashed down, attempting to smash Sharaku with a fiery punch. Sharaku dodged out of the way, his hand reaching out and touching the man's arm for a fraction of a second. Now the man would pay. Sharaku had copied one of the man's more powerful spells, and as he inhaled, the man's eyes widened as he realized it was one of his more powerful spells. The ebon-haired boy spat fire, blasting the guy and making him stumble backwards, suffering humiliating burns from his own signature attack. He screamed in pain and fell over, and his pals issued threats and grabbed him, dragging him off for medical treatment.

"That'll teach him," Shar nodded, clapping his hands together to get the dirt off of them. He nearly turned around to walk away when the woman stopped him. "Thank you!" she told him, thanking him with a hug. Of course it was a hug. Shar couldn't handle hugs! The woman pulled away, grinning at him from ear to ear. "He bothers me every day. Maybe now he'll stop!"

Sharaku's face turned a crimson red, not knowing what to do. "I uh... Y-you're welcome," was all he could manage. His own arms dropped down to the side in defeat. He'd gained another fan he didn't need. Great.

Face Claim: Human version of an Umbreon

Desired starting level:3

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You fail. For no other reason, then because I said so.

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Nah man, I couldn't keep a straight face. You have done a... Sharaku Narita 650985950

Sharaku Narita, Welcome to the REVOLUTION!

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